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Love Hides Behind Every Corner

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

As a result of an amusement park visit getting ruined by a sudden thunderstorm,both Eric Forman and Jackie Burkhart step inside his house to get out of the rain...and into something else.

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It had happened in the small town of Point Place,Wisconsin in the late 1970s.You see,the local amusement park known as Funland was in the process of throwing one of those open all night anniversary type of shin digs,only to have a sudden thunderstorm force the customers and park employees to either scramble for some cover or head straight for home.

Speaking of which,it was after two of those party goers whose names happen to be Eric Forman and Jackie Burkhart had stepped into his house in order to get out of the rain before he had looked around the house to make sure that his parents Red and Kitty were not home yet.And after he had let out a sigh of relief,Eric had looked at one of the rooms in the Pinciotti residence with a light on and said,"Good.Donna made it home."

That was before Eric and Jackie had gone into his bedroom in order to get out of those wet clothes and into some dry ones.But as soon as they had removed the wet clothes,they had accidentally looked at each other and noticed what fantastic naked bods they had on them which had made Jackie pump her fingers into her pussy while Eric jerks off on his cock right in front of her.

Then,after they had given each other a large kiss on the lips and laid down on the bed,Eric had placed his hands on Jackie's tits and sucked on her pussy.That was before he had laid himself on top of Donna's best friend and poked his finger straight into Jackie's asshole while she sucks his dick.

And then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her tits and shoving that huge cock of his,Jackie had laid her hands on Eric's bare back and let out one totally loud scream before they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath.

And when he had looked at the clock and noticed that it was Midnight,Eric had laughed a little bit and said,"I'm sorry about this,Jackie.I know I'm suppossed to love only Donna.",only to have Jackie place her hand on Eric's lips and say,"No,Eric.You don't have to apologize.After all,love hides behind every corner.It's just that we had found sex instead."

But as soon as a curious Eric had scratched the back of his head and asked,"Does it mean that you're in love with Michael Kelso?",a smiling Jackie had giggled and answered,"Trust me,Eric.After what he had done at the reservoir the last time,the jury is still out on that.",just before they had snuggled up to each other and fallen asleep on his bed while it had continued to rain right outside the house.



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