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Inside That One Holodeck

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After she goes to sleep in her quarters,some mysterious force makes Deanna get out of bed,step inside a holodeck and witness Will having hot sex with Stephanie Larimore.

Submitted:Apr 20, 2011    Reads: 927    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

It was after the one starship known as the USS Enterprise had just completed yet another successful mission on behalf of Starfleet Command and the United Federation Of Planets that the ship's counsellor Deanna Troi had suddenly started falling asleep on the bridge which had caused the commanding officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard to give Deanna a tap on her shoulder and say,"I do believe that now would be a good enough time for you to go get some much needed sleep.Don't you agree,Counsellor?"

That was when she had placed her hand on her forehead and said,"Yes,Captain.I really do agree that it is about time for me to do exactly that.",before she had gotten up from her seat,left the bridge via the turbolift and gone right into her quarters where she had changed into her nightgown,climbed into bed and gone right to sleep.

But strangely enough,some unexplained force had caused Deanna to wake up,get out of bed and take her clothes off before that mysterious force had made Deanna step out of her quarters and walk straight over to one of the ship's holodecks.And when she had stepped inside that one holodeck and into a 21st Century house,a mind-controlled Deanna had gone up the stairs and into the master bedroom where she had discovered her fellow Enterprise officer Commander William Riker sucking on the wet pussy of Stephanie Larimore--Playboy Magazine's June 2006 Playmate Of The Month--with his hands on her firm breasts.

Now of course,such a scene would normally snap Deanna right out of her trance and let her use her mental powers to force the alien posing as Stephanie to release Will and allow the both of them to leave the holodeck.But since the force that was still in control of Deanna's mind was way too strong,she had no choice but to suck on two of her fingers,place them in-between her legs and pump those fingers into her soaking wet twat.

That was before Stephanie had looked at Deanna,let out a smile and said,"Well,I see that someone had noticed that April 20th is Look Alike Day!Would you like to join us for a sensational fuck,Clone of mine?"And after Deanna placed her hands on Will's shoulder and moved him out of the way,she had gotten into bed,placed herself on top of Stephanie and started sucking on the beautiful Playmate's moist snatch and poking her finger in and out of Stephanie's asshole.

That had made Stephanie do the same thing to Deanna while Will was jerking off on his own stiff cock.Then,after Will had placed himself on the bed and started licking every last drop of juice out of Deanna's moist pussy and driving his galactic sized dick deep into Stephanie's totally damp cunt,both the ship's counsellor and the Playboy Playmate had planted one hell of a deep kiss on each other's lips.

And after that had made Deanna observe what she was doing with wide eyes and mentally say to herself,"Wholly fucking shit!I really do not believe that I am doing this!I can't believe I'm kissing a woman who is my exact duplicate...and I'm unable to stop myself!",she had put her hands on Stephanie's bare back and started sucking on her huge tits which had made the Playmate lay her hands on Deanna's bare buttocks,slowly lick her tongue and let out a scream that was so loud that it would had been heard throughout the entire starship.

That was before Stephanie and the two Enterprise officers had finally came and fallen asleep on that very bed,only to be unaware of the fact that someone else had just entered the holodeck and placed a gentle hand on Deanna's cheek.And when that had made a shocked Deanna open her wide eyes,sit up and yell out the word,"SHIT!!",she had looked around and noticed that she was still in her quarters.

And as soon as she had placed her hand on her chest and let out a sigh of relief,Deanna had turned to the left and discovered that Will was sitting on the edge of the bed and saying,"Sorry,Deanna.I really didn't mean to shock you like that.It's just that I had came in to see how you are doing.Are you okay?",which had caused a smiling Deanna to laugh and say,"I'll be fine,Will.But let's not go into a holodeck just yet,okay?"



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