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I'm New In The Neighborhood

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After he says 'goodbye' to his family and moves himself to New York City,Charlie meets his new neighbor,who finds what he is hiding in his bedroom closet.

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You know,as soon as Tom Baker had told his family that he had some great news to share with them,they had all figured that both he and his wife Kate were finally afford to have the whole family spend the Summer at an Indiana beach house.But when he had told them that he had been offered a job which means moving the entire family out of Midland,Tom and Kate's kids had all thought that it was a bad idea.

But in spite of the objections from their own children,Tom and Kate had moved the whole family to a new house in a suburb of Chicago,Illinois where they all had some problems with getting used to living in a new neighborhood and all of that other stuff.But thankfully enough,it had taken one little family emergency to help the whole Baker clan come to their senses and the kids to realize that maybe living in a new place might be so bad after all.

Well,so much for the old news.Now is the time for something new to come into the lives of the Baker family.Tom and Kate's older son Charlie had finally graduated high school and--like his sister Nora--gotten the chance to be one the 12 Baker kids to go to college.And the college that Charlie had selected to attend happens to be New York University which his parents happen to agree on after the chaos that their poor son had gone thorugh.

Anyway,after he had gotten his stuff packed and given each member of his family a 'goodbye' hug and kiss,Charlie had left the Baker house and headed straight for New York City where he had gotten himself enrolled into NYU and moved himself into a new apartment within a Greenwich Village complex which was where he had met his first new neighbor,an African-American beauty who was checking her mail at the time.

"Hi,I'm new in the neighborhood.I'm Charlie Baker,one of NYU's newest students.",that was what a friendly Charlie had said to his new neighbor just before she had laughed a little bit,given him a friendly handshake and said,"I'm sorry,Charlie.It really is nice to meet you.I'm Keisha Hunter.And I also am one of the students at NYU."

"Oh,really?What's your major?",that was the question that a smiling Charlie had asked Keisha,who had rolled her eyes and answered,"Well,Charlie.As it so happens,I am taking some Drama courses right now.I mean,I know that my parents are still hoping that I should come to my senses and start working at 'a real job'.But I had figured that as soon as I had made up my own mind,there's no way that I'm going to change it no matter anybody says."

And after Charlie had helped Keisha get some more mail out of her mailbox and said,"Well,Keisha.If you were to ask me,I really am glad that you had decided to stick with your guns.If you want,we could go check out Times Square after put some boxes into my new place.",she had tossed her mail on the sofa in her living room,closed and locked her apartment door and said,"Sounds great,Charlie.I'll help you with those boxes."

Then,after he had said 'sure' and allowed his new neighbor to lift up a box or two,both Charlie and Keisha had gone up the stairs and into the apartment that he had moved himself into."You know,Charlie.I bet that you could get a good view of the Manhattan skyline from up here.",that was what an impressed Keisha had said to Charlie before he had taken a deep breath and said,"Look,Keisha.I'll just take a quick shower before we go check out Times Square,okay?"

And after she had nodded her head and he had gone into the bathroom to take his shower,Keisha had decided to take some of Charlie's stuf out of the boxes and put them away for him.But as soon as she had opened the closet door in the bedroom,Keisha had suddenly spotted a box way in the back of that closet.

The sudden discovery of that box had made Keisha became curious enough to pull it out of the closet,open it and discover that it had contained many issues of the one magazine entitled Playboy.And when she had picked up the December 2006 issue and opened it,Keisha had discovered that she was the spitting image of that issue's Playmate Of The Month Kia Drayton.

Just then,after Charlie had finished taking his shower and said,"Okay,Keisha!Just let me put some dry clothes on and we'll go to Times Square,okay?",he had wrapped the towel around his bottom half and stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where he had discovered Keisha laying bare ass naked on the bed and saying,"Actually,Charlie.I had found something that had given me a better idea."

And as soon as he had noticed that his box of Playboys was out of the closet,a suddenly embarressed Charlie had said,"Look,Keisha.I really am sorry about this.I'm not a perv or anything.It's just that I had used to hide those Playboys in my closet back in my old bedroom because I didn't want everyone--especially my own family--to know about them.You don't have to tease me,Keisha."

"You're wrong,Charlie.I'm not teasing you.And as for why you have those Playboys hidden in your closet,I just do not give a shit.You see,when I had looked at you back downstairs,I had found myself becoming so sexually attracted to you.",that was Keisha had said after she had gotten off the bed and moved herself closer to Charlie and before she had looked down at the sudden bulge poping out of his towel."And as I could see,you're becoming attracted to me as well."

And after they had kissed each other so long and deep on the lips,Keisha had placed herself back on the bed,pumped her fingers into her wet pussy and asked,"Well,Charlie?What are you waiting for?Just get your ass over here...and fuck me!"That had made Charlie drop his towel and jerk off on his stiff cock before he had laid himself down on the bed and started sucking on her moist cunt with his hands on her firm breasts.

Then,after she had placed her hands on his head,slowly licked her lips and said,"Aaaahhhh!Hmmmmpppphhhh!Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!Suck my pussy,Charlie!Suck every last drop of juice out of my wet pussy!Do it naaaahhhh!",Charlie had laid himself on top of Keisha and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his giant dick.

That was before he had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her massive tits and shoving his Godzilla sized cock deep into her soaking wet twat which had forced Keisha to lay her hands on Charlie's bare back and yell at the top of her lungs,"OOOOHHHH!URRRRGGGGHHHH!AAAAHHHH,JESUS!OOOOHHHH,GOD!YEEEESSSS,CHARLIE!YEEEESSSS!SLAM IT INTO ME!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF MY WET PUSSY!MAKE ME WANNA CAAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH,FUCKING SHIT!"

And after they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath,Keisha had looked at the view from outside the bedroom window,let out a sigh and said,"I was right,Charlie.You really could see the Manhattan skyline from up here.",before Charlie had placed his gentle hand on her shoulder,looked at the view and said,"It sure looks like it.Doesn't it?"

Then,after Keisha had rolled herself over,looked at Charlie and said,"Look,Charlie.I really do understand why you have a box of Playboys hidden in your closet.But you are not living with your brothers and sisters anymore,Babe.You are your own man now.You just can't let that fear run your life for you.",he had closed his eyes,let out a sigh and said,"I know,Keisha.It's just that I don't know what to do with a whole box of Playboy Magazines."

That was when Keisha had rolled her eyes,let out a smile and said,"I think I have a good idea on what to do with them,Charlie."And sure enough,they were able to sell the entire box of Playboys--including the Kia Drayton issue--for a nice chunk of change.As for how Tom and Kate would be able to handle the fact that their own son is dating a Playboy Playmate lookalike now,I'm sure that Charlie will tell them...when the time is right.



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