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His Beloved Dolphin Reborn

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After he had buried his wife and son,Tempest swims around the oceans of the world and finds himself at the California beach house of a Playboy Playmate named Cher Butler,who does resemble a striking resemblance to Dolphin.

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Before he had allowed himself to join Robin and Kid Flash in forming the Teen Titans,young Garth had been abandoned by the Idylists--who were a group of pacifists living in self-exile from Atlantis in the Hidden Valley for over 4,000 years with only peace and serenity as their way of life--because they had believed that his purple eyes were a bad omen.Miraculously,Garth had survived and thrived.

Yes,it is true that Garth had grown up in the undersea and lived alone for over ten years until he had befriended the one superhero known as Aquaman and became his junior partner in crime-fighting.Anyway,after the three future Teen Titans had stopped the menacing Mister Twister from enslaving the children of Hatton Corners and joined Speedy and Wonder Girl in saving their mentors from an evil entity known as the Antithesis,Garth had continued to have many more heroic adventures with both Aquaman and the Titans.

That was before Garth had abandoned his Aqualad identity and adopted a new one.Now,he performs many heroic feats as Tempest and had gained new powers to make water become either boiling hot or freezing ice.And on top of that,Garth had also found true love in the form of a beautiful platinum-blonde maiden known as Dolphin,who had given birth to a little baby boy that they had named Cerdian.

But alas,the lives of both mother and son had been cut short when Garth had found the bodies of his beloved Dolphin and Cerdian dead within the ruins of Atlantis.And after he had buried them,Garth had decided to take some time off from his heroic duties and swim the many vast oceans of the world to do some soul-searching and figure out what he should do with his life next.

That was before he had came out of the water and perched himself on a California shore to give his muscles a rest from all of that swimming,only to have him listen to some music coming from somewhere nearby.And it had made Garth become so curious that he had decided to follow that music to its source which happens to be the most wonderful beach house that he had ever laid his eyes on.

And just as he was about to ask,"Is there anybody home?",Garth had stared with wide eyes at a beautiful blonde maiden who happens to bear a striking resemblance to his deceased bride and suddenly became convinced that she must be his beloved Dolphin reborn.That was before he had watched the blonde beauty strip off her bikini,get into a jacuzzi and soak herself in it which had made Garth remove his Tempest uniform and stroke his stiff cock.

Of course,that had forced him to quickly dive himself into the swimming pool next to the jacuzzi to keep himself from suffering from dehydration which had caused the suddenly-startled blonde babe to turn her head towards the pool and ask,"Who's there?"And sure enough,the answer to that question had came in the form of a bare ass naked Garth bringing himself back up to the surface,looking at the beautiful stranger and saying,"I really am sorry about that!I mean you no harm!It's just that you happen to remind me of someone that I still have a special place in my heart!Someone I had loved...and lost!"

And as soon as she had realized that he actually was not going to harm her,the female stranger had raised up a finger and asked,"Can I ask you some questions?Number one,who are you?And number two,who is this someone that you're talking about?",before Garth had let out a sigh and answered,"My name is Garth.And the name of my lost love was Dolphin...the one that you happen to resemble right in front of me."

Then,after he had explained himself and his relationship with Dolphin to her,the blonde maiden had smiled,placed a gentle hand on Garth's arm and said,"Well,Garth.I really am sorry for your loss.And if you want to know who I am,let me take a wild guess.You never had the chance to peek through a whole lot of copies of a certain magazine known as Playboy,right?",which had made Garth nod his head in response before she had looked at him straight in the eyes and said,"Well,Garth.Congratulations on meeting your first Playboy Playmate."

And after she had introduced herself as Cher Butler and told Garth that she was Playboy's August 1985 Playmate Of The Month,he had shrugged his shoulders and asked,"So,what do you think we should do now?"That had made a smiling Cher place another hand on Garth's second arm and ask,"Why don't you come over here...and let me show you?",before he had moved himself out of the pool and into the jacuzzi and they had kissed each other ever so deeply on the lips.

That was before Cher had pumped her fingers into her wet pussy,slowly licked her lips and said,"Come on,Garth!What are you waiting for?Get your ass over here and fuck me!",which--in turn--had made Garth lift Cher out of the jacuzzi,place her on the edge and suck on her moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts.And after she had placed her hands on the back of his head and said,"Aaaahhhh!Aaaahhhh!Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss,Garth!Yeeeessss!Suck my pussy!Suck every last drop of juice out of it!Do it noooorrrrgggghhhh,God!",Garth had climbed out of the jacuzzi,placed himself on top of Cher and poked his finger in and out of her asshole while she was sucking on his Kong sized dick.

And then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her stiff mounds and thrusting his giant cock deep into her wet twat,Cher had laid her hands on Garth's bare back and let out a scream of intense sexual pleasure that was so loud that even all of the inhabitants of the city of Atlantis would be able to hear it before they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath.

And after a curious Cher had placed her hand on Garth's cheek and asked,"Do you still believe that I really am your lost love Dolphin reborn,Garth?",he had planted one more deep kiss on her lips,looked at her with a smile and asked,"Does that answer your question?",before they had shared a good laugh between them and fallen asleep with their naked arms wrapped around them.

Just then,on the very next day,Garth had gone to the graves of both Dolphin and Cerdian for one last visit.He had placed each of his hands on the tombstones and said,"I had came to say 'goodbye' to you one last time.I know that I still love you and will miss you every much.But I had decided that I really do need to get on with my life.And as luck would have it,I had found the right companion to go on that new journey with me.So,you don't have to worry about me,Dolphin.I'll be fine.Hears to hoping that we'll see each other in our dreams.Goodbye.",before he had shot himself up to the surface and onto a boat where Cher was waiting for him with a smile and a hug.



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