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Gotten Lost Inside That Holodeck

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

Jadzia Dax steps inside Quark's holodeck and discovers something that she had not witnessed before.

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After Lieutenant Jadzia Dax had stepped into Quark's holodeck,a sudden burst of bright light had forced her to close her eyes and try to figure out where it came from.

That was before she had finally opened her eyes and noticed that she was totally out of uniform which made an embarressed Jadzia to walk down the street of a city on Earth in the Twentith Century and look for something to cover her bare naked body up with.

But as soon as she had reached the town square and watched everyone enjoying hot and steamy sex with each other,something inside Jadzia had caused her to slowly lick her lips and pump her fingers into her pussy just before a blonde male stud placed his hands on her tits and pushed his dick straight into her asshole while a beautiful African American maiden had kissed Jadzia on the lips,kneeled down and started sucking every last drop of juice out of her moist snatch.

Then,after the second female had placed her hands on the male stud's butt and naked thighs,Jadzia moved one of her hands up to his cheek and allowed him to blow his hot breath on the nape of her bare neck before the other babe stood up and stroked a large penis where a vagina was suppossed to be.

And while Jadzia was enjoying the wonders of her first interacial bisexual experience,the same bright light reappeared and engulfed the entire scene.

That was before Jadzia opened her eyes and discovered that she had been taken out of the holodeck and placed the sick bay of the space station Deep Space Nine with Captain Benjamin Sisko sitting next to her and saying,"You're finally awake.That's good.We were all worried.Quark told us that you had gotten lost inside that holodeck of his."

And when she had remembered the experience of sexual pleasure that she had inside that holodeck,Jadzia looked at Sisko,placed her hand on top of his and said,"Maybe I have been,Benjamin.Maybe I have been."


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