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Falling In Love With Your Roommate

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After she gets accepted into a college in California and finds herself a place to stay,Maggie Sheffield goes with her new roommate Brad Taylor to check out a local beach unaware that it actually is a nude beach.

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You know,I really am so glad that Fran had came over to our house and tried to sell cosmetics to my dad.Otherwise,she would never be our nanny and a second mother to me and my two siblings Brighton and Gracie.But of course,there had came a time for Maxwell Sheffield's sweet little angel to finally leave the nest in New York City and go off to college which our own butler Niles had known for certain.

And so,after I had given them all a 'goodbye' hug and kiss and told them that I will miss them,I had gotten into a cab which had taken me to LaGuardia Airport where I had caught a flight to the state of California.Then,after I had crossed the fantastic Golden Gate Bridge,I had stepped into the administration office of San Francisco University and gotten myself accepted into that school which had left one last thing for me to do and that was to find myself a place to stay.

Now,I know that it might not be a good thing to be falling in love with your roommate but that was exactly what had happened.He happens to be a student from Detroit,Michigan named Bradley Michael Taylor.And when he had offered to let me stay at his place as his new roommate,I had shrugged my shoulders and said 'okay' before we had gone over to his place in order to see where I would be staying.

Then,after he had helped me get settled in and I had gleefully announced that Miss Margaret Sheffield had finally found herself a new home,both Brad and I had decided to check out this one beach that everyone else had been talking about known as Baker Beach.But as soon as we had reached that beach and noticed that all of the other beachcombers were not wearing any clothing at all.

In short,we had discovered that it was a nude beach and my first thought was for us to get ourselves out of there.But as soon as I had turned towards Brad and noticed that he had already taken his clothes off and was standing there totally naked,he had looked at me,shrugged his houlders and said,"Well,Maggie.As long as we're here..!",before I had let out a sigh and realized that he had a point.

And after I had stripped off my clothes and joined him on that same beach,Brad and I had laid ourselves down on a large Detroit Lions beach towel and started rubbing some Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion on our bodies.That was before I had looked at his magnificent bod and started pumping my fingers into my wet pussy.

And when Brad had looked and noticed what I was doing,he had started jerking off on his stiff cock just before we had kissed each other on the lips and he had sucked on my juicy cunt with his hands on my firm breasts which had made me put my hands on his head,slowly lick my lips and beg him to keep giving me the hard fuck with that tongue of his.

That was before he had placed himself on top of me and poked his finger in and out of my asshole while I was sucking on his Godzilla sized dick.Then,after he had taken it out of my mouth,puthis hands on my shoulders and began sucking my stiffmounds and thrusting that Kong sized cock of his deepinto my soaking wet twat,I had laid my handson Brad's bare back and let out one hell ofa loud scream before we had finally came.

And Brad and I had known that we were good because the other nude beachcombers had gathered around and let out a round of cheers and applause before we had taken our bow and Brad had looked into my eyes and said,"I love you,Maggie."And after I had smiled and said,"I love you too,Brad.",we had planted one more kiss on the lips and continued enjoying the day of relaxing and soaking up some sun.

Now,I really do understand how reluctant Brad is about telling his father Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor,his mother Jill and his two brothers Randy and Mark about us living together because I happen to feel the very same way.That was before we were each having The Famous Melburger,some twisty fries and a Coca Cola that we had decided to just keep our mouths shut about it and wait until the time is right to tell them.

Whoa,shit!Look at the time!I'm suppossed to get ready to go with Brad to check out Fisherman's Wharf today!I just hope that we don't snack on something that would get us instantly horny while we're there!What an embarressment that would be!Oh!And Fran,if you happen to be reading this blog by accident,would you please do me a favor and don't tell my dad about my living with Brad here in San Francisco because I'm afraid that he would freak out if he were to find out.You might also want to duck tape Brighton's big mouth shut!I really do not want that little troll to blab it all over the old neighborhood and have Dad find out that way!Well,I better go meet Brad at Fisherman's Wharf.Here's to catching you later.'Bye.



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