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But Which Ship,Jean-Luc?

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After she goes into her quarters and starts getting ready for bed,a sharp pain in her head forces Beverly Crusher to drop to the floor and wake up in bondage aboard a Romulan cruiser.

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From the personal log of Beverly Crusher,Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise--It was exactly Midnight that I had let out a huge yawn which had caused me to say good night to Nurse Alyssa Ogawa,left the sick bay and stepped into the quarters that I had once shared with my son Wesley before he had became a cadet at Starfleet Academy.Anyway,after I had removed my uniform,I was about to put on my nightgown,only to have a sudden sharp pain in my head force me to drop down to the floor and go right to sleep.

That was before the smell of some strange incense had made me open my eyes and discover that I had somehow been placed on board a Romulan ship and tightly bound to their own version of a Saint Andrew's Cross.And after I had unsuccessfully tried to free myself from my bondage,a half human half Romulan hybrid named Sela had stood bare ass naked in front of me with a sinister smile on her lips and her fingers in her pussy.

"Now is the time for you to become my concubine,Human Bitch!",that was what Sela had said to me before I had spat in her face and told her to go straight to fucking hell which had caused that Romulan hag to use what might had looked like a bullwhip on me nine times.And let me tell you right now,it had really hurt like a son of a bitch!But that was nothing compared to what she had done to me next.

After she had tossed the whip aside and placed one end of a double dildo into her snatch,Sela had grabbed my hair and shoved the other end of that dildo deep into my ass which had forced me to let out a scream of such intense pain.And after she had placed a ball gag in my mouth,Sela had pulled on my hair and slammed her body right into mine which had forced the dildo to shove itself so deep into my asshole that I had no choice but to let out a stream of tears and let her continue to violate me.

Then,after she had finally stopped herself,placed her lips close to my ear and said in a soft voice,"Now,Beverly Crusher!This Romulan hag owns your body...and your mind!",Sela had slowly licked my cheek,laughed her head off and left me alone in that room before someone had placed a gentle hand on my forehead.And after that had forced me to wake up and scream bloody murder before I had discovered that I was in the Enterprise sick bay with a concerned Captain Jean-Luc Picard standing next to me and saying,"You're safe,Beverly.You are still aboard the ship.",only to have me cry in front of him and ask,"But which ship,Jean-Luc?Please tell me!"



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