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Behind The Ketchup Bottle

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After she arrives in the 20th Century for a vacation in the insistance of her fellow LSH members,Shrinking Violet goes skinny-dipping,misplaces her clothes and hides in a picnic basket.

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It was within the headquarters of the Legion Of Super-Heroes in the latter half of the 30th Century that a dark-haired beauty from the planet Imsk whose LSH codename happens to be Shrinking Violet had started moping around the place and wondering where she had gone wrong with her relationship with one of the Heroes Of Lallor known as Duplicate Boy.

I mean,she had figured that since Saturn Girl,Duo Damsel and Shadow Lass have their own soulmates,there was no reason why a blue-eyed maiden whose name actually was Salu Digby could have one as well.Anyway,that was before her birthday which was when the three forementioned Legionaires had decided to give their depressed friend the perfect birthday gift.

And so,after they had talked a curious Salu to meet with them inside the time chamber,Duo Damsel and Shadow Lass were making preperations on the time cube while Saturn Girl was looking at her fellow LSH member with concern in her eyes and saying,"Look,Salu.We understand what you're going through right now and agree that what you need is a little change of scenery.So,we had decided to send you on a little vacation in the 20th Century as our birthday gift to you."

But before she was about to say something in objection to that idea,the blonde Legionaire whose actual name happens to be Imra Ardeen Ranzz had pointed at Salu's flight ring and said,"Now remember,Salu.All you have to do is tap on this three times and we will bring you home,okay?",which had made Salu realize that her friends had actually wanted her to go on her little vacation to enjoy herself and get over her breakup.

And after she had let out a sigh and nodded her head in response to Imra's question,a smiling Salu had given all three of her good friends a nice hug before she had stepped into the time cube and teleported herself from the LSH HQ in the 30th Century and into some national park in the 20th Century.

And of course,she could've pressed her flight ring three times to get home because her friends might had made a mistake in preparing the time cube.But that was before she had spotted a large lake and realized that she was sweating from the summertime heat which had made her roll her eyes and say to herself,"Oh,what the hell!When in Rome...!",before she had removed every bit of clothing including her flight ring,placed them under a large tree and placed herself inside the cool and refreshing water.

But while she was swimming and splashing around in the water and enjoying herself,the 5'2" vacationing Legionaire had climbed herself out of the lake,only to discover that all of the trees in the park had looked exactly the same and she was unable to find her clothes and flight ring which had made her bare-ass naked and stranded in another era of time.

That was before she had suddenly heard the sound of 20th Century heavy metal rock music coming from a distance.And when she had followed the sound of that music to its source and discovered that a group of young college students were camping out and enjoying themselves,Salu had figured that if she were to use her powers to shrink herself down and make sure that they would not see her,she would be able to get some food and keep from starving to death.

Well,she had shrunk herself down and streaked across the college students' camp towards the picnic basket.But as soon as she had entered that basket,Salu had suddenly heard the footsteps of someone heading towards her which had given the trapped Legionaire no choice but to hide somewhere in that basket.

That was before someone had opened the basket in order to get something,cleared his throat and said,"Excuse me for asking this.But what the hell are you doing behind the ketchup bottle?"And when she had slowly came out of her hiding place and noticed that she actually was behind a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup,an embarressed Salu had looked up to apologize her mistake and explain herself.

But just as she was about to do that,the former native from the planet Imsk had noticed that she had gazed her eyes upon a handsome giant with dark brown hair and a magnificent smile.That was before he had lifted Salu out of the basket and said,"I think that I better find something to cover you up with before my friends see you and get the wrong idea."

And after he had carried the pint-sized LSH member into a tent and carefully placed her on a rolled-up sleeping bag,he had opened his backpack and said,"By the way,my name is Brian Novick.My friends and I happen to be students at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea,Ohio.May I ask what you name is?",before he had discovered that the sleeping bag had been unrolled and opened and the little female stranger had used her powers to grow back up to normal size.

"My name is Salu Digby.I had came from the 30th Century to be on vacation.And you might say that this is my way of thanking you for helping me.",that was the answer that Salu had given Brian while she was pumping her fingers into her wet pussy and slowly licking her lips.And after he had made sure that none of his friends were coming towards the tent,Brian had taken his clothes off and jerked off on his stiff cock before he had kneeled down,placed his hands on her bare back and sucked on her soaking wet cunt.

Then,after Salu had put her hands on Brian's head and said,"Aaaahhhh!Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!Yeeeessss,Brian!Suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy!Suck it dry!Aaaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!Suck it dry!",they had laid themselves down on the sleeping bag just in time for Brian to place himself on top of his newfound fuck buddy and poked his finger straight into her asshole while she was sucking on his Kong-sized rod.

That was before he had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her tits and shoving his huge dick deep into her hot snatch which had resulted in Salu laying her hands on Brian's bare back and let out one hell of a loud scream before they had finally came and stopped to catch their breath.

And when she had placed her hand on Brian's shoulder and her head on his chest and told him about what had brought her to the 20th Century and what had happened to her after her arrival,Brian had looked at Salu with a smile and asked,"Salu,do you believe in fate?",only to have her look at him with confusion in her eyes.

"I'm serious,Salu.I really do believe that you had misplaced your clothes and bus ride home because you want to give yourself a second chance at life outside the 30th Century.Now,I know that your fellow Legion members might frown on the whole idea.But if you were to ask me,I would say that you had just found it.Don't you agree?",that was what Brian had asked Salu after he had placed a gentle hand on her cheek and before she had nodded her head and kissed him so deeply on the lips.

Meanwhile,back in the 30th Century,the other Legionaires were all confused at the sight of a chimpunk among Salu's costume and flight ring which the munk had slammed an acorn on in order to get that nut open.And while they were wondering about what had happened to their lost comrade,the truth just happens to be that she is now living a whole new life as Sally Dunbar--the newest Baldwin-Wallace student and newfound roommate to Brian Novick--and could never be any more happier.



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