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Been Having That Sex Dream

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After Zack and Kelly's wedding,Slater decides to change his life by permanetly moving to Las Vegas,only to have him catch a look at a female bodybuilder named Spice Williams-Crosby and start having sex dreams of her.

Submitted:Apr 26, 2011    Reads: 560    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

It was after the rest of the gang from their Bayside High School days had said 'goodbye' to Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski after their wedding and before they had gone on their honeymoon that their friend A.C. Slater had noticed that both Jessie Spano and Alex Taber had broken up with him because he had been a total jerk to both of them in spite of the fact that he had tried his best not to be.

Of course,that was when he had realized that he was in need of a change in his life which had made him drop out of college and move himself to the city of Las Vegas to stay.And after he had gotten himself settled into his new place,Slater had decided to go check out the new gym in the hotel where he had gotten a job at.

And while he was trying out each and every piece of exercise equipment in the whole place,a big smile had appeared on Slater's face because he had found the one place where he was able to fit in.That was before he had looked to his right and noticed that a muscle-bound yet beautiful babe was trying out the equipment as well.

And as soon as he had realized that the babe was none other than Spice Williams-Crosby and she was in Vegas for some bodybuilding championship thing,the one thing that had popped into Slater's mind was that she was off limits because she was still married to Bing Crosby's grandson Gregory and they had a son together.

But even though he had decided to keep his distance away from the beautiful actress and stuntwoman and leave her alone,it was after he had stepped into one of the many showers in the mens locker room where he had closed his eyes,pictured Spice in his mind and began jerking off on his dick.

That was before the shower door had opened and an also-naked Spice had stepped inside and placed her gentle hand on an unsuspecting Slater's bare chest which had made him open his eyes and see Spice standing next to him with her fingers inside her pussy and saying,"Mister Albert Clifford Slater,I persume.And I bet that you want to fuck me,right?"

"Well,yeah.I do want to fuck you.But I really don't think that...I mean...your husband...!",that was the answer that a reluctant Slater had given to Spice,only to have her put the tips of her fingers on his lips and say,"He would not give a shit.Trust me.I know what I'm talking about.Now just relax...and fuck me!"

And after he had cleared his throat and asked,"Are you sure?I mean,I was doing okay by myself and...!",Spice had laughed for a little bit and said,"Look,A.C.!I really do know what happens when a little alone time turns sexy.But if I'm not mistaken,this great bod of yours really does need something more than mere mastrabation.Don't you agree?"

Then,after she had planted a huge kiss on his lips and he had realized that what it was true about what she had said about his own body,Slater had pinned Spice against a wall,kneeled down and started sucking on her soaking wet cunt with his hands on her huge tits which had made Spice place her hands on Slater's arms,slowly lick her lips and say,"Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss!That's it,A.C.!You really do know how to fuck a babe!Now,let me suck your cock!"

And then,after they had laid themselves down on the floor of the shower with the water still running and Spice had began sucking on Slater's Kong-sized cock,he had poked his finger in and out of her asshole while he was sucking some more juice out of her moist snatch.That was before Slater had taken his colossal dick out of Spice's mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her mounds and drilling that stiff cock of his deep into her wet twat.

And after she had laid her hands and legs on his bare back and let out a scream of wonderous sexual delight,both Slater and Spice had finally came and fallen asleep on the shower floor,only to have someone knock on the door of the shower and say,"Come on,Slater!Hurry up in there!No one's that dirty!",which had made Slater wake up and notice that he was the only one in there.

"Hurry it up,Slater!There's someone in the gym who wants to meet you!",that was what the voice from behind the shower door had said to Slater before he had gotten up and said,"Okay,Mario!I'll be out there in a minute!"And after he had finally dried himself off and put some clean clothes on,Slater had stepped out of the locker room just in time for his newfound friends to introduce him to the one muscular female that he had been having that sex dream with.

"Hi.You must be Albert Clifford Slater.I'm Spice Williams-Crosby.Your friends had told me so much about you.",that was what a smiling Spice had said to a nervous Slater,only to have him raise his hands and say,"Look,I really am sorry about that sex dream of you that I had in the shower and hope that your husband does not give a shit."



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