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Uhura wakes up and discovers that she is not aboard the Enterprise and with no clothes on...and that's just for starters.

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It was when Lieutenant Nyota Uhura had opened her eyes and noticed that a digital clock next to her had said that it was Noon instead of Midnight and that she had been sleeping totally naked on a strange bed that she had gotten out of that bed and started looking around for her Starfleet uniform while trying to figure out why she was inside that place instead of back aboard the starship USS Enterprise.

That was before she heard the sound of birds chirping which made her look through a screen door and shockingly notice that she had somehow been transplanted on Twentieth Century Earth.

And while she was rubbing her eyes and trying to figure out how she came to be there,someone had placed a hand on her bare shoulder and caused Uhura to turn her head around and let out a sigh at the sight of Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

But before she was about to turn her body around,another stranger had placed a pair of hands on her arms and made Uhura turn her head and notice that Yeoman Janice Rand was standing naked in front of her.

Of course,she wanted to ask her two fellow Enterprise officers about what was going on but she was unable to do that because Rand had already kneeled down and began sucking on Uhura's pussy with a pair of hands on her tits while Kirk placed his hands on Uhura's belly and started thrusting his large dick straight into her asshole.

And while they were doing that to her,Uhura had came to realize that the sudden wave of pure sexual pleasure was way too strong for her to resist for much longer and she wanted both Kirk and Rand to keep on fucking the living shit out of her.

That was before they had laid themselves down on the living room sofa just in time for Kirk to suck every last drop of juice out of Rand's moist snatch and drill that huge cock of his deeper and deeper into Uhura's soaking wet pussy while Rand was sucking on Uhura's huge tits.

Then,after Uhura had let out a scream at the top of her lungs and the three newfound fuck buddies allowed gallons of cum to gush right out of them,Kirk,Uhura and Rand had collapsed and fallen asleep on that very sofa.

That was before a long beeping sound forced Uhura to open her eyes and see that actually was in her quarters aboard the Enterprise before she heard a voice from the ship's intercom say,"Uhura,I know that you're in the process of recovering from last night's New Year's Eve party!But you're wanted on the bridge right now!",which had made Uhura sit up,put her hand on her forehead and say,"I'm on my way up,Jim!"

"Excuse me?",that was what Kirk's confused voice said,forcing an embarressed Uhura to turn and say,"CAPTAIN!I MEAN 'CAPTAIN'!"


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