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A New Type Of Sex

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

After a distraught Julia cries herself to sleep over what she had seen Sean do with a sex doll,she wakes up and sees a naked Kimber standing in front of her.

Submitted:Feb 17, 2011    Reads: 4,984    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

It was about Midnight when a distraught Julia McNamara had stepped into the motel room that she happens to be staying at,plop herself down on the bed and started crying her eyes out because she had spotted her estranged husband,a plastic surgeon named Doctor Sean McNamara having hot and steamy sex with a sex doll that had looked exactly like a certain successful porn star whose name happens to be Kimber Henry and who had gone to both Sean and Christian Troy because she was unhappy with the way the doll's vagina had been made.

Anyway,it was after she had finally cried herself to sleep that someone had placed a gentle hand on Julia's cheek which had forced her to open her eyes and discover Kimber standing bare ass naked in front of her.And when she had also noticed that Kimber was pumping her fingers into her wet pussy,a reluctant Julia was about to ask Kimber to leave,only to have her shockingly discover that she was also naked and had a penis where the vagina was suppossed to be.

And just as she was about to ask the porn star about what was going on,Kimber had placed the tips of her fingers on Julia's lips and said,"Come on,Julia!I know that you want to fuck me just like Sean was fucking my doll!Well,Julia?What are you waiting for?Let's practice a new type of sex!",before she had planted a deep kiss on Julia's lips and began sucking on the estranged Mrs. McNamara's newly grown dick with her hands on Julia's tits which had caused Julia to place her hands on Kimber's arms and say,"Please,Kimber!Don't do this!I want to wake up now!Stop!Aaaahhhh!Please,Kimber!Don't stop!Yeeeessss!Suck my dick!Keep sucking it dry!Oooorrrrgggghhhh!"

Then,after Kimber had placed herself on top of Julia and poked her finger in and out of her new fuck buddy's asshole and Julia had sucked every last drop of juice out of Kimber's moist snatch,Julia had taken her stiff cock out of Kimber's mouth,placed her hands on her new lesbian lover's shoulders and started sucking on Kimber's firm breasts and slamming her Kong sized dick deep into the porn star's wet twat which had made Kimber put her hands on Julia's bare back and scream so loud before they had came and fallen asleep on that very bed.

That was before Julia had woken up the next morning and discovered that she was the only woman in the room and still had a vagina instead of a penis.And after she had let out a sigh of relief,Julia had picked up the phone,called Sean and asked him to take her back because she had finally realized that Sean is only human and she would never be able to live without him in spite of the fact that Christian's his partner.



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