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A Dream Of Sexual Pleasure(for Yoshie Akira's Lead Me into Your Mind (Fantasy Contest))

Short story By: hyperforce
Fan fiction

As he takes a shower in his own house,a young comic book fan suddenly finds himself placed inside the Baxter Building and face-to-face with the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four.

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It was inside this one comic book store that a teenage kid named David Gade was going through the various titles that the store had in stock and came across the one issue of the Fantastic Four that had Susan Storm Richards--also known as the Invisible Woman--wearing a black skimpy outfit complete with mask and cape and calling herself 'Malice' while she was under the influence of the super-powered villain known as Psycho-Man.

That was before David's best friend Noah Balk had noticed that David was gawking at that picture with a slight hint of drool coming from out of his mouth which had caused Noah to give David a hard smack on the back of the head and say,"Sorry to do that to you,David.But I had to do something to snap you out of it before Adam sees you embarress yourself in front of the other customers.",just before he had taken an issue of the one mini-series entitled 'Marvels' out of a box and said,"Look,David.You and I have been best buds for as long as each of us could remember.So,I hope that you don't get sore when I tell you these three simple facts.One,she's older than you are."

And as soon as he had opened that comic to the one panel of the Invisible Woman in the process of marrying her husband Reed Richards and pointed to the one member of the Fantastic Four whose codename happens to be Mister Fantastic,Noah had looked at David and said,"Two,she's already married to this guy.And three,she is not real!Now,will you please do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and stay in the real world?"

Then,after they had paid for their purchases and left the store,David had let out a sigh,looked at Noah and said,"I'm sorry about what happened in there,Noah.It's just that ever since Jessica had dumped me for Bruce,I guess that my life has started to turn upside down on me.",which had made an understanding Noah put his hand on his best friend's shoulder and say,"I mean it,David.You really do need to get over the fact that you're not going to see her anymore and get on with your own life,okay?"

And after David had looked and smiled at Noah and said 'okay' to him,an equally-smiling Noah had looked at David straight in the eye and said,"Good.And I mean it,David.I'm not going to tell you again.",before David had said,"I know.",and both he and Noah had taken a transit bus home.

But after David and his family had finished eating their dinner of take-out that his father had gotten from Taco Bell,he had gone up the stairs and into his bedroom,looked at that one issue of the Fantastic Four that he had bought at the comic book store and thought to himself,*I really do wish that you are real right now.*,before he had stripped off his clothes and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

And as soon as he had stepped into the shower and turned the water on,David had placed his hands and forehead on a wall and closed his eyes while the warm water was raining down on his own skin,only to have someone knock on a door and say,"I'm telling you right now,Reed!There better be enough hot water for the both of us when I get in there!"

But just as a confused David was about to ask that mysterious person,"What the fucking hell are you talking about,Lady?",the shower door had opened and a beautiful blonde maiden had stood bare-ass naked and stared at him just before she had let out a scream of bloody murder,quickly wrapped a large towel around herself and yelled,"WHO ARE YOU?!AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HUSBAND?!"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME,LADY?!WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!",that was what a shocked David had asked the blonde female stranger,only to have her laugh a little bit and say,"Yeah,right!Since when do you let yourself live in the Baxter Building,you dumbass prick?"

And when he had heard what she had said to him,David had turned the water off,looked at the Karen Witter lookalike with confused eyes and asked,"What did you say this place is?",which had made the mystery babe look at David with her arms crossed and said,"I've said that you're in the Baxter Building.And why do I have a feeling that you really are not from this particular universe?"

But instead of answering the blonde maiden's question,an awestruck David had stepped out of the bathroom and into the living room of the penthouse apartment of the Fantastic Four before he was followed by the mystery blonde,who had cleared her throat and said,"I guess that we haven't introduced.My name is Susan Richards."

And after the one babe that David had finally recognized to be the Invisible Woman had placed a gentle hand on his bare chest and said,"And from what I see,you truly are not a hologram.",David had gently put his hand on Susan's cheek and said,"What a surprise.You're not a hologram,either."

Then,after they had kissed each other so deep and passionately on the lips,Susan had slipped the towel off and stared at David jerking off on his stiff cock which--in turn--had made her push her fingers straight into her soaking wet pussy before they had laid themselves down on the floor and Susan had allowed David to start sucking every last drop of juice out of her moist snatch with his hands on her large tits.

And even though Susan had kept on looking at the elevator doors and hope that Reed,her brother the Human Torch or Ben Grimm--The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing--would walk in and find out what they were doing on that floor,the only thought that was going through David's mind at that moment was that his sexual fantasy had finally came true and he was hoping that it would never end.

Then,after she had sucked on his large dick and let him push his finger straight into her asshole,David had taken his dick out of Susan's mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her tits and shoving that huge cock of his deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy which had made the Invisible Woman to put her hands on David's bare back and let out a scream of pure and untamed sexual pleasure.

And after they had finally allowed several buckets full of cum to gush itself right out of them,both David and Susan had stopped to catch their breath just in time for David to tell Susan about the sexual crush he had on her earlier.

That had suddenly forced the wide-eyed Invisible Woman to lift her head up,slap her hand on her forehead and say,"Wholly fucking shit!So,Reed was right!",before a curious David had looked at Susan and asked,"Right about what,Susan?"

"You see,David.I've told Reed about this dream I've had in which I was fucking some guy and the guy was not him.What he had told me was that it was just a dream of sexual fantasy and nothing more.",that was the answer that Susan had given to David,who--in turn--had looked at her straight in the eyes and asked,"You mean as in the dream that I'm having right now,right?"

"That's right,David.And if I am not mistaken,you shall be able to snap out of it by the time I snap my fingers in three...two...one!",that was what Susan had said to David before she had snapped her fingers and forced him to wake up in the shower of his own house just in time for his mother to knock on the bathroom door and ask,"DAVID,ARE YOU OKAY IN THERE?!"

And after David had quickly started rubbing soap all over himself and answered,"YES,MOM!I'M ALMOST DONE!",his mother had said,"WELL THEN,HURRY UP!THE NEW EPISODE OF NCIS IS ABOUT TO START AND YOUR FATHER AND I KNOW THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THAT!",before she had gone back downstairs and David had started to wonder whether the experience of sexual pleasure that he had with the Invisible Woman was only a dream...or not.


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