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Another Uchiha: A Gaara love story

Novel By: SophieUchiha
Fan fiction

Another Uchiha. The sister to Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha is in love with Gaara, the Kazekage. How will their love grow and how will it be affected when others get in the way of their relationship? View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 4, 2011    Reads: 68    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Your P.O.V.
I was sitting on the roof of the Kazekage's office. I really wanted to be with Gaara, but...
Today was my 14th birthday and I was standing outside with Gaara.
"Gaara, what's the matter? You've never asked to me to come out this late at night." I say to him. We usually were out on the roof top for a few hours of the night because I knew hel iked to do that. But he never kept me up this late.
"I have to go back to my village." He said, avoiding my eyes.
"I don't see how that's a problem. I know long-distance relationships don't last long, but-" I say weakly, hoping he didn't mean what he was saying.
"Sophie, I can't string you along anymore. I have to let you go." Anymore? Was he just playing me this whole time?
"Gaara, I...I don't understand. Your just going to leave? After everything we've been through?" I was heart-broken. I never thought we'd ever break up. Not after what he and I did.
"I'm sorry, Sophie. I hope you can forgive me." Really? He honestly thought I would forgive him for this?
"You can take me with you. I thought you loved me. Or was I just imagining things? Are you really capable of loving anything?" He glared at me. I know what I said was harsh, but he just mindfucked me. How was I supposed to react?
"I thought you knew how I felt. I thought you were the one person that I could trust, but I guess I was wrong." He looked at me with saddened eyes.
"I guess we were both wrong." I started backing away. I didn't want to hear any more. If I did, I might go insane.
"Sophie, Let's not end it this way." He held out his arms, trying to sooth me. I moved away from him.
"You know, I really loved you. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. I know now you're nothing but a self-centered brat!" I knew I did it. I made him snapped.
"SAND COFFIN!" He yells and sand surrounded me.
"AHHHH!" I scream then every thing went black.
~~~End Flashback~~~
'Damn! I really did push his buttons, didn't I?' I sigh as I thought
"Sophie, just talk to him. He was surprised to see you. Maybe he's happy to see you again." Accalia.
'I dunno. I really pissed him off. I wouldn't be surprised if he hates me.' I wish I knew what he thought.
"That look in his eyes. He looked like he really missed you." Accalia assured me.
'We'll see.' Then, someone's voice snapped me out of my trance. It was Gaara.
"Sophie, you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Congrats on becoming Kazekage." I just kept looking down.
"Thanks. Wanna come inside?" He held his hand out.
I panicke on the inside 'What should I do? Is he over it?' I was so caught up in my head, I forgot he was there.
"Sophie?" His voiced snapped me back to reality
"Oh, sorry. I'm coming." I smiled at him
"Come on." He grabbed my wrist, and we both started blushing.
"I can walk myself, thanks." I pull my arm away gently.
"O...kay?" He walked away.
'This is just a great day! I need to stop acting like such a bitch all the time."
"One step at a time, Soph." Acclia told me
'I know. Thanks.' I followed Gaara. 'I still love him. I...I' Why couldn't I just tell him how I felt?
"Sophie, I need to talk to you." Gaara said, nervously
"What do you need, Gaara?" I ask, wondering why he was so nervous. I never saw him nervous, so it was very odd seeing it now
Then he blurted out "Do you love me?"
He caught me of guard. I wasn't sure what to say. "Huh? Wha...? I..."
"I'll take that as a no. Great." He sighed and sat down in his chair.
"Gaara, do you still love me?" I ask him, very confused by him
"Yes, I do. I feel like I'm wasting my time, now." He sighed
"What do you mean?" I ask him
"If you don't love me, I don't see why I should keep trying. Maybe I should give up but I can't." He can't give up on me?
"Maybe because I still love you. I was just confused. I thought you would hate me." It's true. I wondered if he was just playing with my mind right now or what.
"Why would I hate you?" He looked up with a 'what the hell?' face.
"Because of what I said. I said something, if you forgot that would make me feel better. But I doubt you did." I sigh, thinking of that night again.
"I didn't forget. I do forgive you, though. I've longed for the day where I could touch you again." He got up and walked over to me. "Do you understand?" He placed his hands on my shoulders.
"Yeah, I do. I've always loved you. I just said that because I was mad and I didn't know what to say. I regret it so much. I'm so so so so so sorry! I'll do anything to prove. I'll be your servant, maid, anything."
"Say you love me. Be my lover. Can you do that Sophie? If you can do that, I'll know you are sorry." He moved away from me.
"I can do that. I love you, Gaara. I really do." He walked back over to me and kissed me very lightly, as if he didn't trust. "Gaara, you can do better than this."
"I'm waiting. I'll kiss you for real when I can trust you." He smiled and went back to work.
I smiled and walked out of the office to look around this village I use to know so well. I remembered how on the weekends there would be karaoke contests. God, how I loved doing that. I loved singing. It made me happy. I don't know why. I always loved singing, or at least that's what Itachi had told me. If I could have one thing in this world other than being with Gaara, is for them to stop fighting. Or more Sasuke stop trying to kill Itachi. I sigh and sign up for Friday night's contest.
I walk around some more not sure what to do now.


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