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Hunters and the Hunted

Novel By: ShowTizzie13
Fan fiction

This is a crossover of the CW television shows, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. I added a few of my own original characters. :) Enjoy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 20, 2010    Reads: 393    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

"What the hell are you talking about Bobby?" Dean Winchester's nostrils flared with anger.
"Your father told me never to tell you this, but you boys deserve to know."
"Tell us what Bobby?"
Sam stared at the man who had practically become their father ever since their dad had past away. Bobby shifted his gaze from Sam's soulful puppy dog eyes, to stare into the angry green eyes of Dean, who looked as if he wanted to rip someone's head off. He hates having things kept from him.
"Well, ahem, you boys are not really brothers."
Bobby flinched, waiting for Dean's fist to connect with his jaw. When that didn't happen, he reopened his eyes to find that he was alone.
Outside, Sam and Dean hustled in silence to the Impala. They both got in and Dean peeled out of Bobby's driveway, tires spitting rocks behind them as they went.
"What the hell was Bobby talking about Dean?" Sam asked, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence.
Dean squeezed the steering wheel, making his knuckles turn white. He did not answer Sam, just kept driving at break neck speed.
"Dean, slow down! You are going to kill us."
Sam's words must have registered somewhere in Dean's mind because he loosened his grip and let off of the accelerator.
"Sammy, what did Bobby say?"
The tension in Dean's voice hurt Sam. He didn't want to believe what Bobby said either.
"He said… that we are not really brothers."
Sam's chest ached as he spoke the words, wishing with everything that he had it was not true.
"Is it true? Do you think Dad would lie to us all these years? Hell, do you think Bobby would lie to us?" Dean growled, allowing the Impala to roll to a stop on the side of the road before putting the vehicle into park.
"I have no idea. We can always get a DNA test."
"Why the hell did Bobby hide this from us?" Dean snapped. "Why would he lie to us for so long?"
Dean slammed his hands against the steering wheel, enraged. Sam sat silently in his seat, staring into the night. Then, Dean quickly shifted the Impala into gear and stomped his foot onto the accelerator, sending them both back into their seats as Dean, once again, sped recklessly into the night.
"If you are looking for someplace to get a test done, we will have to wait until morning."
Dean turned his head and stared at Sam, lip quivering with anger.
"Dean, watch the road!!"
Then, almost as if it was planned, there was a flash of color in front of the Impala a half second before impact. Dean and Sam were thrust forward into the dashboard, knocking them both into unconsciousness.


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