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They Dont Know About Us

Novel By: Nicole Day
Fan fiction

Caren and Sheldon have been secretly dating for a year and a half, they want to come public, but will Caren dating a 'nobody' take a turn on her musical career and their relationship?

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Sheldons P.O.V

I sat and stared at the tv waiting for Caren. Only an hour late, I stood and walked to the fridge, opening the door and grabbing another beer. I sat down on the couch and a commercial with Carens face pops up, and shes singing. Damn, she is so good. I swigged my beer and the door opened, she walked in calling out "Sheldonnnnn"! "Where are you OHMIGOD OHMIGOD"!

This happens everytime she comes home. Shes hollering about something. Dont get me wrong, I love her with all that I am. She has been my rock, and my best friend. "In the den" I said, right as she was walking in. "Babe im so so sorry im late. I was having dinner with Elizabeth from the record company, We had a few glasses of wine and lost track of time". I looked up at her gorgeous blue eyes, and shook my head. "Caren.. This happens everytime. There is always something that comes up that is more ... I just want you around.." I paused, and the it seemed like my last words sunk into the air.

She sat and my lap and wrapped her legs around me "Baby you know I love you.. And i told you that its comlicated for me.. With music.." she sighed, "I dont know".

First Sight:

Carens P.O.V

I sat down and waited for my coffee, watching the people coming in out, the people sitting, highschool girls gossiping, holding the latest magazine.

It had been two days since my audition online to win a record deal . And even after that it could take over a year too come through , and for me to record anything. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a man walk in. I had to double take he was F-I-N-E, tattoos on both his ams, obviously good structure in the muscle department and just a little scruff. Mmm mm mm. he was devine, he ordered and sat two tables away, just as i was getting my coffee. "Thank you" I smiled warmly and sipped my skinny latte. I peaked another glance at him, and he was staring at me! I gave a shy smile, and he smiled back and winked. Oooo a flirt.

Then, he was standing, striding over with his tea, and sitting across from me. "Hey" he smiled warmly, like he knew me. "Hi..?" I said it like it was a question and i know im blushing! Dammit!

"My name is Sheldon" he said, smiling and holding out his hand "Sheldon Rivers". I smiled kindly "Caren Monroe, pleasure". He scooted the chair in "is all mine" he said smiling, yet again. I raised an eyebrow at him; "your a flirt" I said "Im not impressed". I crossed my arms, hoping he wouldnt call my bluff, its always fun to play hard to get , lets you know just how interested they are.

He leaned in "I can change that" he wont stop grinning "Look, I couldnt help but notice you, and i know this is so corny BUT im serious im all hearts and flowers."

I couldnt help but laugh; "So let me take you on a date, Caren"? he smiled, it was infectious.

I looked at him: "One date" I smirked, and his number was on my napkin and he was out the door, I smiled to myself.

It had been a week since I met Sheldon, the coffee guy. And i hadnt even sent a text! Why am i so nervous? He probaly doesnt even remember me; but I found myself picking up my phone, dialing his number. i hesitated, then hit the green button, and waited.Ring ring ring.

Hello"? He sounded sleepy and it was cute.

"Hey" i manage, "Its Caren.. We met at a coffee shop, last week" I waited to get shot down.

"Oh hey" he sound cheery "I was beginning to think you werent going to call at all".

I smiled "Well, I was just busy".

"Are you busy tonight"?

"No, why"? as if i didnt know.

"I wanna take you out, dinner at my place, seven".

He said it like a statement and his british accent was irresistable he said my name like 'Caa-rin'

"Yes" I breathed, happy.

"Ill see you then"


I decided id take a shower, after theat i towel dried my hair, and applied mascara, a little foundation and some blush- perfect!

Now i need something to wear. Im going to his place.. Hmm, casual and cute. I shuffled through my closet hoping to find something, I opened my drawer and pulled out my white wash denim high wasted shorts, and a tee. Simple but cute I smiled, pleased.

I was ready by 6:30, and waited.

My phone buzzed;Hey, whats your address love?. x

I sent him my address, and there was a knock ten inutes later, I opened it smiling.

He smiled back "you look great" he kissed my cheek.

"You ready"?

I grabbed my phone and locked the door "Yes".


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