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Egress- A Dreagon Ball Z Fanfic

Novel By: Jasmine DreamScape
Fan fiction

Starts during Future Trunks' timeline. About Trunks' growing love for Gohan. After his death Trunks travels in time to meet the younger Gohan which stirs left over feelings. Will Trunks be able to restrain himself and possibly find a way to still gain love? M. Trunks/M. Gohan, M.Trunks/Gohan, Trunks/Goten, Gohan/Videl View table of contents...


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AN: I am sorry if this is not that great. I have a lot of homework and probably should not have utilized my time writing this today in the first place. I therefore, sort of rushed through this. I was planning on having this chapter go as far as Gohan's death but I think I'll stop here. Again, sorry I don't know when I will upload again. It depends on how homework motivated I can make myself. I am still not sure what all I am going to do with this fic but I have decided it will not be all Trunks. I just thought of a great scene later on from Vegeta's perspective. So, yeah I am officially giving up the full Trunks perspective.

When Trunks met up with Gohan the next day he tried to speak but Gohan diverted the conversation. "Trunks, we have to hurry!"

"What for?"

"It's the Androids, they are attacking again" Tranks' face grew serious and he nodded before sneaking out of the house so that his mother could not stop him. They flew in silence preparing their selves for battle. They landed in front of the amusement park's merry-go-round. #18 had settled herself upon one of the horses and it was apparent that #17 had been just about to do the same.

"Oh look, it's Blondie, 'cept his hair is black today" #18 acknowledged.

"Of course. He's copying me" #17 said.

"He's getting to be a real bother, what do you say we finish him off this time?"

"Sure" He replied with a smug expression. The black haired Android started to advance.

"Trunks, let me handle this" Gohan bent his knees and arms assuming a battle stance.

"Right" Trunks backed up slightly. Gohan released his ki filling the area with light, but #17 did a handspring out of the way. Gohan floated up dodging #17's ki blast with super speed. He quickly ascended to Super Saiyan mode, throwing some punches at his adversary. Gohan was knocked back into a pillar by a kick. Groaning Gohan was knocked repeatedly by #17 before he crashed onto a building roof. Meanwhile, #18 just sat riding the merry-go-round. Gohan shot a ki blast but #17 dodged it easily. Finally, he landed a punch. Trunks looked on allowing a smile to finally reach his face.

"He's doing it, wow" Yes, Gohan was perfect. He could do this. He could stop them this time. Gohan landed a kick. As #17 plummeted down, #18 decided it was time to step in. She pushed him back into a window of a nearby building. The glass shattered around him.

"Man where did all that come from?" #17 asked taken aback.

"He's dangerous today. Something's got him fired up. Let's work it together. Go" Her tone implied that she was excited by this turn of events. They both vanished.

"Gohan!" Trunks cried. The androids rushed in tag team kicking him No! No! I have to save him. Trunks flew in just as #18 shot a ki blast towards him. Catching himself, he charged her. They faced each other atop the ferries wheel.

"Better get out of here while you still can"

"So you can gang up on my friend again? I see how you two operate. You're cruel!" He tried to get some hits on her but failed. After more than twenty punches one finally landed. #18's face went from shock to pure hatred. She raised her arm and jabbed it down upon the back of his neck. She caught his falling body by the neck of his shirt.

"Go ahead do it. You witch!" She began building up ki in her right hand.

"Oh no. Trunks!" Gohan started in the direction of his friend. #17 would not have it. He shot a blast in the direction of the other three. It hit Trunks singeing his clothes.

"Die" #18 said releasing her own blast. Gohan caught the falling boy and stared at the on-coming blast as if he were a deer in headlights. A split second before it hit he turned his body shielding Trunks. The androids shot a synchronized attack destroying most of the amusement park. Gohan rushed onward finding a rock to shield them.

"How could he have given us the slip again?"

"I don't know, and we said we were going to finish him off this time. It makes us look bad. When we say we're going to do something we need to do it"

"You're really stuck on that aren't you?"

"So? I just want to do what we say we are going to do. It's only common sense."

"I know. But he got away. Get it?"


"Let's take a few pot shots. We might get lucky"

"Cool" The two demolished what was left of the park. Cars and sides of buildings laid buried in the rumble. Gohan and Trunks had fallen behind a large piece of rumble, which hid the two of them from view. Trunks lay unconscious.

"Do you think we got him?"

"I don't know. Did you hear any yells or anything like that?"


"Then we didn't get him"

"How do you know? He's tough. He probably wouldn't yell anyway"

"That would bite if we got him but didn't know it"

"Huh? Why? What difference would it make?"

"Cause then we'd never know if we got him or not"

"Ugh, I guess you're right. That would suck. Man" she said kicking a nearby rock. "What now?"

"Let's go." The androids flew off into the distance. Gohan struggled to pick himself off the ground. Straining he crawled towards Trunks. His left arm was now missing and the crawling was difficult but he pushed onward. Grabbing his bag of senzu beans he untied the string with his teeth. Emptying the contents he found only one bean. "Kinda like my arm, only one left. Now Gohan what would your father do?" He squeezed the bean tightly in his hand. Only one of them could be healed. Damn it! If he healed himself he risked Trunks' life. He just couldn't do that. Resolutely, he decided to gamble his own life. "Man! Hey little bro. You're great." He pushed the bean into the unconscious boy's mouth. "Here swallow it Trunks. Live. Got to live." Gohan's eyes clouded over before he passed out.


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