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Egress- A Dreagon Ball Z Fanfic

Novel By: Jasmine DreamScape
Fan fiction

Starts during Future Trunks' timeline. About Trunks' growing love for Gohan. After his death Trunks travels in time to meet the younger Gohan which stirs left over feelings. Will Trunks be able to restrain himself and possibly find a way to still gain love? M. Trunks/M. Gohan, M.Trunks/Gohan, Trunks/Goten, Gohan/Videl View table of contents...


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AN: I will refer to both future Trunks and future Gohan as simply Trunks and Gohan. I will call present Trunks present Trunks. With Gohan the distinction should be clear and if it gets confusing I will refer to present Gohan and present Gohan. As for Bulma, I will refer to future Bulma as his mother and present Bulma as Bulma. I know the guts of the story but I'm still iffy on what I will do with a lot of it so I can't say right how much Gohan/Videl or Trunks/Goten will be in here. Just know that they will be paired together.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Dragon Ball only my own ideas

Trunks had lost almost everything. Almost all of his considered family had died, all but Goku at the hands of the cursed Androids. He would probably have fallen into despair if it had not been for Gohan. Yes, he'd had his mother and she had been nothing but loving, but Trunks' true solace was in Gohan. Gohan gave him something to work towards. He was superior in every way. He had compared himself in height, weight, ability, intelligence, and even self-control. He had trained his hardest to gain equal footing with Gohan but he still had never felt adequate enough.

Gohan had also been his relief. He feared showing weakness to his mother. If she knew just how helpless he felt she would also probably fall into despair. Gohan however, allowed him to show this weakness. They discussed death and what would happen if they failed in defeating the Androids. They also cried. Trunks had been holding all of it in for so long that he was surprised the first time that Gohan had broken. The tears streamed down his face silently. It was such an odd sight for Trunks that he had thought he was imagining it.

"Gohan?" he asked incredulous.

"Oh, I'm sorry Trunks. It's nothing." Gohan put on a fake smile and wiped the tears away. Mesmerized Trunks pulled his friend against him and began crying as well. It was as if a flood had broken. He cried all the tears he had held back; tears for his father, for all the warriors he had heard about but never truly knew, for all the friends he had lost, for all the friends he could have had. They clung to each other crying for a dying world. After that day they had begun opening up more to each other and he could tell that both he and Gohan seemed healthier for it. Holding their emotions in for so long had not been good for them. The two allowed themselves to cry freely when alone from that point on.

Vegeta had died when Trunks was only a baby, so Gohan was his obvious father figure. That would explain why he saw him as so perfect. At least it had started out that way. As the years grew on Trunks began to notice changes in the way he felt about Gohan. He would stare at him longer than he should have. He began noticing small unimportant things such as how his hair blew around his ears. The more he observed the more perfect Gohan appeared to him. He noticed things that he shouldn't have as well, such as the curve of his ass, the tightness of his pants, the bulging muscles.Is something wrong with meTrunks had wondered. For once he felt uncomfortable confronting Gohan with a problem. Instead he asked his mother indirectly.

"Mom, is it strange for men to find other men's bodies attractive?"

"That's a strange question Trunks. What brought this on?"

Nervous he told the first lie he could think of, "I saw some guys giving each other weird looks yesterday and it has just been on my mind."

His mother sat contemplating how to answer for a while before speaking. "It's not strange. You see Trunks, some people are different than normal people. Most people find the opposite sex attractive, but some find the same sex attractive, and even a few find both attractive. I don't tend to think about these things and I don't really have an opinion on if it's moral or not. Some people turn it into a huge deal but I don't really think it's our place to tell people how to live their lives. Does that help Dear?"

"Yes, thanks mom" He flashed her a brilliant smile. Gohan might still be creeped out by him, but at least he knew he was not an odd ball.

Okay, so he was in love with Gohan, big deal. Lots of people are in love yet don't act upon it, right? He would just have to admire him from a far. He could still do that, right? He tried, he really did but it became increasingly more difficult. The wind would blow his scent in his direction or the sun would shine across his skin just so. The scent or sight would be too much for Trunks. He would feel a slight involuntary tightness from his pants. He would have to make some lame excuse to leave before Gohan noticed or he made some move which he would later regret.

Laying upon his bed he finally decided to let go. It was just like his tears, it wasn't healthy to keep holding it inside. After double checking that his door was locked he reached a hand down into his jeans. His erection jumped from the contact and he let out a small moan. Anxious now, he undid his pants pushing them down slightly. He then pushed his boxers out of the way exposing the erection to the night air. Closing both his eyes and his hand around the erect member, he let images of Gohan fill his mind. Gohan's unclothed body, sweat glistened, leaning in, embracing him. "Gohan" the strangled cry escaped him as his hand stroked up and down upon the shaft. "Gohan, Gohan" he repeated the name as a mantra, imaging all he had denied himself. Gohan's mouth sucking him, his hot breath mingling with his own, warm kisses covering his body. He could feel his climax approaching and he sped his hand pumping himself for all he was worth. "God Gohan! So good" Warmth coiled in the pit of his stomach spilling out onto his stomach. Lying there now sticky he allowed himself to cry a bit.Stupid, you don't even know how Gohan feels. Maybe he likes you too. Don't be stupid Trunks. What is there to like about you?But what was the worst that could happen from telling him? Trunks decided that he would tell him his feelings the next day. Too bad that would be too late.


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