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Lal gets raped and Colonnello has to do something before it is too late. Will their love see them through this ordeal? View table of contents...


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I'll live
Chapter 1 - First Encounter
"Recruit Collonello," called Lal.The new batch of weaklings she was assigned to train.It was just going to be the same old thing.Or so Lal thought.
"Recruit Collonello!" she called for the third time."Where exactly was this recruit?" she thought."When he comes back, I'll punish him…" she grumbled."Madam," cried the captain."What is it?" she snapped, annoyed that she was interrupted."There is a fight ongoing in the cafeteria." he reported.Alarmed and curious, Lal cursed and marched off with the captain to the cafeteria.
"Take this you bastard!" cried the blonde haired recruit as he landed a heavy backhanded blow on a bloodied comrade he just met.The bloodied comrade flew backwards at the impact of the blow and crashed against the counter.Before he had time to recover, Collonello went up and grabbed him by the collar.Just as he was about to give the guy one final punch for lights out, a sharp and commanding voice stopped him."You over there, cut it out."Collonello looked over his shoulder and saw a well built and attractive lady.She was tan, had blue hair and fiery eyes.This interesting combination made him want to get to know her more.She was the first girl that had ever captured his soul at first glance.She was everything he had dreamed of.
Smiling, he released the trembling rookie and strode up to her nonchalantly."Hey sugar, what's up?" he greeted."Report yourself." Said Lal firmly, not swayed by his unusual greeting."Collonello at your service, honey." He said."Collonello…" she thought, "Why is his name so familiar?"Then she recalled the name of the absent recruit earlier on.This made her frown.
"Why did you beat him up?" she interrogated.Collonello merely shrugged and replied "I did not like the way he talked."Lal was utterly shocked when she heard his reply.How could anyone possibly say that and not feel anything?She has never met anyone like him before."Do you know the consequences of your actions?" she asked.Collonello shrugged again and told her "It's not important, sugar."The captain was about to retort when Lal stopped him.This time she asked him "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"Collonello paused for a while then grinned and replied "A femme fatale."His response made Lal blushed.Never had she encountered with anyone like him.This was the first time.True though, she often brought more harm than good to anyone.This tome the captain shouted at Collonello "You are talking to the commander of this sector you fool!Apologize quickly!"
Collonello's eyes widened when he realized that he was actually talking to the commander herself.Initially he thought that this commander would just be another plain old boring tough guy.Never in his wildest dreams would he have considered a sylph for a commander.He quickly got over his initial shock and gave her a flash of his most dashing smile "Apologies commander," he said "What would be my punishment?"
Lal blushed harder.Her heart raced without any reason when he said that.Lal classified that as irrational and cast it aside.She said in a firm voice "For speaking to an authority disrespectfully I will not hold you against it for you did not know me.However, for beating up a comrade without any valid reason, you shall be flogged twenty times on the flogging post three days from now.For being late, you will do cafeteria duties for a week.If that is clear then join your group and make haste."Collonello casually saluted and smiled as if nothing she said actually mattered then said "Yes madam." Before jogging off to find his group.


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