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A Junjou Romantica Fanfic. Contains boyxboy sex. Shinobu gets mad at Miyagi and his come ons to Hiroki. Pissed, he has a one night fling with a random stranger. Miyagi feels bad and wants to apoligise, but when he learns about the fling what will he do? Will jealousy tear them apart?

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Miyagi marched into Shinobu's apartment furious.

"Oh, you bought some groceries?"

"Never mind that. I just met your little friend, Izuki!"


"Boy about your age. Blond hair and a smirk that makes my stomach churn."

"Oh, him..." Shinobu looked as guilty as a child caught with his hand still in the cookie jar.

"He told me that you and him had a so called 'excursion' last week. That's why you have been acting weird, isn't it? He said that he had just left your apartment too. Is that true?" Shinobu couldn't form words. Instead he nodded solemnly.

"Shinobu you didn't..." Miyagi trailed off unable to finish and Shinobu remained silent.

"It isn't a hard question. Just let me know that you didn't do anything and I'll believe you."

His voice was pleading but Shinobu gave him no reassurance.

"God Shinobu! Do you know how fucked up this is? You blamed me of cheating and then went and did it yourself. How can you expect me to trust you again?"

"I don't" Those two words were painful for Shinobu to let out but he didn't have a right to ask forgiveness. He was so ashamed that he wished he could just melt into the floor. Anything that could help him escape his lover's (could he still call him that?) scrutinizing gaze. God he'd fucked up so bad! Miyagi's face was that of a stranger and it scared him a bit.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Shinobu shook his head. "I deserve your anger, even your hate. I was retarded and pathetic. It was awful. I was just angry. It wasn't my intention when I went to the bar. I just wanted to get drunk and forget my problems but I ended up causing more. He was so forceful. I'm so sorry Miyagi. I don't expect you to forgive me, but please believe me that I would never do it again. I love you, please don't leave me." He knew that he was rambling and being selfish but he didn't care. Miyagi couldn't leave him. He wouldn't survive a day without him. Shinobu grabbed onto the older man's arms burying his face in his chest.

Miyagi could feel his shirt being soiled and his anger began to ebb. He was such a sap that he couldn't stand seeing Shinobu in pain.

Shinobu's eyes were gleaming with tears and his face was scrunched in agony. He had caused this? His heart flopped and he lowered his mouth to Shinobu's. The comforting mouth was so familiar and welcoming to the boy that Shinobu wrapped his arms around Miyagi's neck and nuzzled closer.

'Thank you,' he wasn't sure if he was thanking Miyagi or God but either way he was so glad that things seemed to be mending. Miyagi started moving them toward the wall. Once there he pinned the boy against it causing Shinobu to moan happily. Shinobu for the first time since Izuki had taken him he felt ready to be close with Miyagi again. God that's what he needed now. Miyagi could take away the dirtiness he felt. The touch of those filthy hands that wouldn't go away no matter how many times he showered. He pushed himself back against Miyagi's larger body melding them together. It felt so natural being like this he almost forgot that they had been having a fight.

On the other hand Miyagi had not. 'No!' Miyagi's mind yelled. He backed up leaving the boy panting lightly. "I'm sorry Shinobu, but I can't. Not when he touched you." Shinobu looked back sadly before quietly excusing himself for school, even though he didn't have classes that day. He couldn't stand being the cause of so much trouble for his lover.


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