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We Stitch These Wounds

Book By: litlovera7x
Fan fiction

My name is Riot Peril Caligious.My boyfriend's name is Mason.My best friend and my band's lead guitar player is Stax.My other best friend and my band's bass player is Jason.My best guy friend and my band's drummer is Cole.We live in Los Angeles,California.I live in a mansion with my band members.I'm the lead singer in Lips of Evil.
My room-http://fstyle4.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/my-future-bedroom.jpg
What happens when I begin to fall for someone?Will it work out?

Disclaimer:I do not own any celebrities in this story.

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My boyfriend,Mason,had just called to tell me he was breaking up with me.The whole conversation played over and over in my mind.

"Hi,Riot I need to tell you something."
"I'm breaking up with you because I've found someone else."
"O-O-OK-K-K,W-Who is i-it?"
"It's Jacob Ascole."
"Oh,W-w-w-w-welll B-b-b-b-b-bye."

That was the worst conversation in my entire life.He dumped me for another guy?None of this makes sense.When did he be-come bi?Has our whole relationship been a cover for him?I can't believe I fell for that guy.He was probably using me the whole time.Man,I'm so stupid.I should call Stax.She's my best-friend in the whole wide world,we tell each other everything.And I mean everything.So I picked my new phone up and called Stax.
"Hello?" She mumbled into the phone.
"Hey,Stax it's me Riot I really need to talk to you."I said my voice full of pain and depression.
"Riot, what's wrong you sound upset?"She asked full of surprise.
"St-St-St-Stax,he b-b-b-broke up w-w-w-ith m-m-me."I replied stumbling over the whole sentence.
"Riot,Are you crying?Are you OK?"She asked very concerned.
I didn't notice but when she asked if I was crying I saw the flood of tears pouring down my face,and making my vision even blurrier.After each tear flew past my nose they would bounce off of me and splatter all around on the ground.Each tear representing a part of my heart.Each tear killing me inside.
"Stax,can you come over to my room?"I asked scared of what would happen if she didn't.
"Of course,be there in five minutes OK?She said worried.
"K,bye love ya."I replied trying to stop crying.
"Love ya buh-bye."She said hanging the phone up.
I sat on my bed and sighed.He was gay.I was not.A few minutes later Stax barged in my room carrying 2 buckets of cookie dough ice-cream and 2 spoons.She came over to my bed and sat down.She handed me a bucket and spoon.
"Talk."She said.
"Well, he called me and said h-he n-needed to talk t-to m-me,"I stumbled for words"He said h-he f-found s-s-someone else I said who? and h-h-h-he said it was J-J-J-J-J-J-acob A-A-A-Ascole."I explained.
"You mean Jacob the gay guy who works at Kroger?"She asked.
"Y-y-y-yeah."I answered.
"No way Mason's bi?"
"Apparently so."
So me and Stax talked for a while and ate ice cream.Then at 1am we fell asleep on my bed watching Eclipse.


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