Writer's Block, Part 5

By: zebo85

Page 1, Ursula finds release and it leads to a productive afternoon and then a very interesting evening.

The sensational orgasms she had experienced thanks to the writer had cleared her mind and after lunch, her brain rewarded her with a bombardment of ideas for the campaign.  She brought in the rest of the creative team and together they narrowed it down to two and stared to build the initial presentations for each.  The presentations for internal purposes were always extremely rough to start with and this was even rougher due to the time constraints.  Within two hours they were ready for a hastily scheduled meeting with the lead creative executives.  Due to the importance of the campaign, Ursula took note that the C-level guys were there was well.  When Pete, the CEO, smiled at her she knew he was thinking of the inappropriate things he had said to her.  When she saw Tony, the CFO, looking at her she wondered what he was thinking behind that wry smile that was plastered to his face. 

Her favorite idea of the many that she had come up with had made it to the final two and it centered on a nameless, faceless person that was running the show for her client’s product development team.  The campaign was called the Voice and it was very much based on the writer’s voice in her ear as he’d made her cum over and over again.  She took great pride in how everyone was nodding in approval as they presented the idea and what they had fleshed out thus far.  She couldn’t help but giggle herself when she saw Tony laughing throughout and shaking his head in a combination of amusement and disbelief.  It was a pretty edgy concept as there was some pretty subtle sexuality built into it, but the prospective customer was a tech company and they all agreed the concept was sound and even if they wanted to tone it done, everyone thought they would buy into the idea.

After the meeting with the executive creative team, they worked until midnight incorporating the ideas.  The meeting with the client was only a day away so what usually took more than a week, they had to finish up in two days.  She felt so much better than she had, but when she got home, she was bone tired, so she almost missed the package sitting outside her condo door.  She threw it on the kitchen island as she looked for something quick to eat.  She stripped down to the black lingerie that had arrived today and she felt sultry in it.  She recalled the feeling of the vibrator against her clit and she giggled and her fatigue seemed to melt away.  A moment later as she snacked on the pasta dish leftover from two nights ago, the cell phone rang.  She answered it as her heart rate started to spike. 

“Hi ya gorgeous, it’s been quite a day; tell me more about this meeting with those executives; did you really almost get fired?”

She told him about the meeting and even how she had flashed the CFO a few views of her slip and stockings.  The Voice chuckled and asked if she was attracted to him.  Ursula thought about it for a moment and breathlessly whispered that she was.  The Voice didn’t seem at all upset that she was interested in someone and that made her feel better.  She breathlessly thanked him for all of his help and then said that she really needed to get some sleep.  He seemed a bit disappointed until she added that she was hoping that he could do something to help her drift off to sleep as she was still pretty jacked up from the day.

He laughed in a sexy way and asked if she got his latest package.  She was confused as she said that of course she had; she had sent pictures of her in the black lingerie earlier in the day.  He explained not that package, but the one that he had sent to her home address.  He added that she really should have her human resource department talk to the receptionist as she shouldn’t be giving out that information, but it worked out well in this circumstance.  Ursula finally remembered the package and so she walked over to where she had put it.  He explained that there were two packages inside and the one marked with today’s date should be opened as the other one was a surprise for tomorrow.  

He told her to go her room and strip down to her lingerie.  She laughed and said she’d already done it and she thoroughly enjoyed how sexy she felt in it.  She could feel him smile as he said he was happy she liked his gifts.  She couldn’t help but giggle as she told him he should know how much she liked the vibrator from her moans through the phone and he chuckled in a wonderfully naughty way.  She hurried to the bedroom as he explained there was a dvd inside and she should play that but not to open the box until instructed. 

She did as she was told, but her curiosity was killing her.  When she started the dvd she was stunned to see a video of her in her office the previous day as she had followed his instructions and masturbated.  She had to admit that it was a sexy sight, but she wondered who and how did someone put a camera in her office.  She wondered how many other people had seen this and how the Voice got it, but she was consumed with the replay of her orgasm and so she stopped thinking about it.  The Voice told her how wonderful she looked and how beautiful her body was. 

The video then cut to the current day and it turned into a split screen; her on one side rubbing the vibrator against her clit through her panties and the other screen of the Voice slowly stroking his cock.  It was only from the waist down, but she was mesmerized by it.  She hadn’t realized how long she’d actually played with herself until she watched it in real time and then the Voice told her to open the box.  She didn’t take her eyes off the Voice’s leisurely stroking of his cock as she opened the box but she did so when she reached into the box.  She looked down and saw the loveliest dildo she’d ever seen. She compared it to the Voice’s cock on screen and noticed an immediate resemblance. 

When he told her to slowly insert it into her pussy she groaned as she did so.  She’d never felt so completely stretched and in only a few strokes of the thick dildo in her pussy while her other hand caressed her clit, she was on the edge.  A thought flashed into her head that if the Voice had managed to get footage of her masturbating in her office, he might be watching her now and that was all she needed for release.  She announced she was cumming just as the video showed her earlier orgasm and a majestic arc of the Voice’s eruption spewing out of his cock.  There were several follow up eruptions and she rubbed the head of the dildo against her clit as she watched the Voice’s cock spasm and twitch until his release was complete.  She had another smaller orgasm as she lazily ran the dildo around and over her clit and then the Voice said that he hoped she could sleep okay now.  She murmured she would and she was drifting off to sleep before she put the phone down. 

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