Writer's Block Part 4

By: zebo85

Page 1, Ursula\'s adventure continues

Blinking her eyes to clear the stars she was seeing after her powerful orgasm, Ursula couldn’t believe that she had climaxed just moments after the CFO had left her office.  Her panties were soaked and she worked them down her legs and took the pink silk ones that had been sent her so she wouldn’t be distracted all day by the constant reminder of what had just happened. She was just working the panties up over the garter straps when her phone rang.  It startled her so badly she nearly screamed from shock.  The phone rang again and again as she struggled with the panties until she finally pushed her skirt down and reached out and hit the speaker phone button. 

She didn’t even recognize her own voice as she squeaked, “Ursula Barnes”. 

Her heart stopped when she heard the commanding voice on the other end, “Ursula, its Pete, get up to my office as soon as possible.”  He paused and then added, “That means now”. 

She hit the phone to shut off the speaker phone and wondered what was going on.  The CEO sounded pissed and that couldn’t be good.  She managed to get her panties up the rest of the way and she headed for his office.  It was four flights up and she saw that the elevator area was packed with people leaving for lunch time. She decided to use the stairs even though his office was on the C-level; four flights up.  As she started up the first flight, she worried about what was the problem and that’s when she realized that her new panties were a problem.  In her hurry, she’d managed to pull them up too high and even though they were full back panties, they had ridden up and were pressing deliciously against her pussy with each step; the stairs were making it worse.

Normally, she’d just enjoy the luscious experience of them caressing her with each step, but she didn’t want to be a wanton pool of heat by the time she got the his office, so she stopped to try and fix them.  When she reached a landing where she was halfway between two floors, she hiked up her skirt and quickly tried to fix them.  Unfortunately, someone came through one of the doors and she could tell from the footsteps they were headed her way.  She quickly got her skirt down and started walking up the stairs again and realized that she’d managed to make the situation worse as now the caresses were even more noticeable.  She didn’t have time to try and fix it again, so she tried to ignore it as she moved up the next two flights of stairs.  Even though she mentally ignored it, her body certainly didn’t ignore it and she was breathless from her arousal by the time she made it to the C-level floor.

She knew Pete didn’t like to be kept waiting, so she hustled down the hallway and his assistant showed her immediately into his office.  He let the door shut and then in a tone she’d never heard before asked if she was aware of the company’s computer policy.  She nodded and her heart beat wildly.  He then threw a slew of paperwork across the desk towards her and asked to explain what the Chief Information Officer had just handed him.  As soon as she glanced at the first page, she knew they were the emails she’d exchanged with that erotic writer.  

As she stood there quietly trying to think of something to say, he slammed his hand down on his desk and said, “This is one of the most important week in this company’s history and you’re exchanging dirty little notes with some guy?  Damn it, Ursula, I thought you were better than this.” 

She felt like she’d had an orgasm when he slammed his hand down on the desk as the resulting sound had gone like a tremor right through her pussy.  For some reason she could only imagine being bent over his desk as he pounded her wildly.  The situation made her feel like she was standing there nude; that’s how utterly exposed she felt. 

He was starting to say, “You know, if you need a cock to help you relieve some stress, both Tony and I would be happy to give you a ride.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Tony’s voice behind her, “Easy does it Pete.” 

She hadn’t even realized that he’d come in and he was standing right behind her.  He whispered gently for her to take a seat and his warm breath near her neck traveled down to her spine and right to her pussy.  She stood there pondering the fact that she had quite possibly screwed all of the hard work she’d put in over the last few years because she was horny and the writer made her feel good.  As she was lost in thought, Tony walked over to Pete and they had a conversation that she couldn’t hear.  It certainly appeared that Tony was calming Pete down and she was very grateful that the CFO seemed to be coming to her defense.  Pete finally waved Tony away and apologized for his earlier ‘joke’.

She nodded, but it didn’t stop her arousal.  She couldn’t understand why she was so turned on right now, but she was.  She was there with two executives and she wondered if they might use her indiscretion against her and the thought of being with one or both of them was driving her mad with lust. 

Pete was much calmer now and he said, “Listen Ursula, we know that you’ve been putting in lots of hours and we’ve been putting a lot of stress on you, but you can’t be doing this kind of shit in the office.  I mean, what would people on your team wonder if they found you diddling yourself in your office or something?”

Tony cleared his throat and Pete immediately realized what he’d said.  He smiled again and feigned embarrassment as he said, “You know what I mean.  This is no different than if you walked in and caught me looking at porn on my computer, right?”  Ursula’s cheeks were bright red, but not from embarrassment, but rather from arousal.  However, she couldn’t help but giggle when Tony said something about Pete would be in a lot of trouble as he was into midgets and donkey porn.  All three of them burst out laughing and Pete chided Tony for giving up his secret fetish. 

Ursula immediately felt better and she sensed that she was past the worst of it, but then she felt Tony’s gaze.  She looked down and realized that in her dazed and confused state, she’d scooted way forward on the chair.  Her skirt had ridden up and several inches of her lavender slip edged in black lace was on display.  She found the warmth of his gaze distracting to say the least and she inched even farther forward on her chair and crossed her legs in such a way that she knew that Tony would have a unobstructed view of her stocking tops through the side slit of her slip.  Pete wouldn’t be able to see it, but Tony would and did.  As Pete was finishing up his lecture, she glanced at Tony and he winked at her and nodded towards her legs.  She corrected her skirt, but not until she’d let him have another eyeful.  She wasn’t sure why she was being so seductive, but she loved the feeling it gave her. 

Afterwards, the three of them discussed how things might be organized if she continued to be successful in her career.  It made her feel incredible that they were thinking towards the future and she was included in their visions.  She assured them that she would keep her ‘personal stuff’ to her own time and although she appreciated the offer of ‘a cock’, she was going to pass.  They all laughed, but she and Tony shared a look as she only specifically mentioned Pete’s cock that she wasn’t interested in.  She knew she’d have to close her office door again as soon as she got back to her office as she was too horny to focus on work until she did something about it.  She was dismissed a few minutes later and she swore she could feel their gaze on her ass as she walked out of the office. 

As she walked through the hallways of the c-level office suites, she imagined that one day she’d have one of the offices in this wing and then her phone rang.  She realized it was the one that the writer had sent her and she answered it in a breathless hello.  Just the sound of his voice in her ear had her pussy dripping and he asked how her day was going.  She looked around and then ducked into a vacant office and closed the door and told him how she’d nearly got fired because of their emails.  It drove her nuts when he chuckled about what had happened and then her heart nearly stopped.

“Send me a picture of you with your skirt hiked up so I can see your panties” he ordered.

“I can’t; I’m not in my office.  I’m actually in the executive wing and I can’t risk getting caught” was her breathless reply.

There was a long pause on his end and she leaned against the wall of the office to try and stop her legs from trembling.    

“Tsk, tsk, tsk; you asked me for help yesterday and now I have one small request and you say no.  I had expected so much more from you, my dear” was his soft spoken reply. 

“I’m sorry, really, I’ll send you a picture in a few minutes, but I have to get back to my office first.  Okay?” she begged. 

The throbbing in her pussy felt like it was affecting her heart rate as she swayed between dizzy and supercharged.  She nearly dropped the phone at his reply.

“Okay? No, it’s not fucking okay.  I want to see your panties and you want to show them to me, so quit wasting our time.  You said you were busy, so get moving” he literally screamed into the phone.

She found herself nodding her head as she stepped further into the office away from the sidelight window next to the door.  She pulled up her skirt and positioned the camera and she couldn’t resist the temptation and she rubbed her fingers across the soaked silk panties as she pressed click and sent it. She fixed her skirt and hustled to the stairwell.  The phone rang when she still had two flights to go and his voice was so thick with lust, she felt a rush of raw energy flow through her.

“I’ll need more pictures later, but the one you sent was fabulous.  I can see your need so evident in those soaked panties.  You’re a wet one, I love that!” 

She was already breathless, but his words were making it worse.  Just the simple act of going down the stairs seemed erotic and she knew she was breathing heavily into the phone. 

“You’re in a bad way, aren’t you my dear?  Hurry up and get to your office and see if my latest package arrived.” 

His voice was so seductive that she wanted to run.  The next minute was a blur and then she was in her office and locking the door and she sighed when she saw another package on her desk.  She ripped it open and black lingerie spilled out.  Just the momentary touch of the silky items against her fingertips made her aching worse.  Something landed on the desk with a thud and she gasped as she saw the gleaming silver vibrator lying on her desk. 

His voice had a hint of amusement in it as he said, “I see you’ve got what I sent.  Get that skirt up and lean against your desk.”

She did as he instructed and as he whispered in her ear, she turned it on and slowly moved it up and down her pussy lips through the silk of her panties.  It felt wonderful, but she desperately wanted it against her clit and she begged him to let her.  He laughed again and nonchalantly said that her eagerness was making him hard all over again.  The statement was certainly vague, but the idea that he had been stroking his cock while looking at her picture made her moan into the phone.  He finally told her to go ahead and she guided it up and tenderly circled her clit.  She groaned ‘oh my god’ over and over again into the phone and it thrilled her that he was ‘connected’ to her as her body shook with pleasure.  She had no idea how long she had caressed her clit with the vibrator, but suddenly she knew that if she didn’t sit down she’d faint. 

At some point his voice returned and he tenderly suggested that she get some lunch and some Gatorade to refresh herself, but first he wanted her to take all her clothes off, put the black lingerie on and send him several pictures of herself; including her face.  She didn’t even hesitate although she triple checked that the door was locked before doing so.  The black set was incredible and even though he didn’t ask for it, she sent several pictures where she’d pulled her breasts out of the camisole so he could see her magnificent breasts.  She knew there was a chance that her face and body would end up on the internet somewhere, but she didn’t even care.  She wanted to give him back some of the pleasure that he had given her and so she waited with knots in her stomach for his reply. 

About a minute later, the phone beeped and she squealed as he’d sent her a picture of his very hard cock with a red ribbon wrapped around it.  It was a fantastic looking piece of man equipment and she giggled when she read the handwritten note, “Please open soon; perishable item.”  She realized she needed to get dressed and so she left the black lingerie on as she typed that she wished she could eat that for lunch.  She hustled out of the office to get some Jimmy John’s and she giggled as she thought that she better get a foot long as her normal six inch sandwich wasn’t going to be enough today!

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