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Writer's Block, part 3

Short story By: zebo85

Ursula has a very interesting day at work.

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Ursula woke earlier than normal the next morning feeling better than she had in more than a month. She had enjoyed the CEO's compliment of her dress the previous day, so she took great care in picking out her outfit for the day. She finally found a skirt that hugged her hips and ass perfectly, but then flared out so that when she walked, the pleats flipped from side to side. It always seemed to draw attention and she felt sexy as hell in it. She then found a slightly sheer blouse that was form fitting, but not too tight. She noticed how the men in the office always watched her when she wore sheer blouses and she thought their juvenile hormones were both flattering and amusing. She found the perfect piece of lingerie when she spied the lavender nylon slip she hadn't worn in more than a year. It was form fitting through the waist and had enough support that she wouldn't need a bra; at the waist it flared out and had six inch lacy slits on both legs. She knew the slip would sway with her pleated skirt and it would be a gourmet of sensations when she walked. She found the lacy lavender garter belt that was almost a perfect match to the slip. It was vintage inspired and was designed to rest above her hips and was adorned with a beautiful black lace along with six long garters that looked sexy as hell attached to her silver tinted stockings. She caught her breath as she looked in the mirror and she noted that her nipples were already hard. She stepped into her skirt, blouse and heels and was about to head out the door when something didn't feel right. She realized she'd totally forgotten her panties and gave serious consideration to leaving without them, but with as horny as she already was she figured she would need the extra layer of protection to soak up all her arousal. She found the panties that came with the garter belt and shivered as she stepped into them and carefully slid them up over the garter straps.

On the drive in, she'd had several ideas based on the brain storming session from the previous evening, so she giggled that it was good thing she didn't tell her co-workers stupid as there were some good ideas. She scheduled a meeting that morning and went over the ideas and gave some comments to each of them to think about as they fleshed out their ideas. The team leader was smiling and nodding his head as he walked out and there was a new energy within the group. Her best friend at work stayed around and whispered, "Look who got laid last night." She blushed and said, "Sandra, you are wicked; just a good night's sleep, that's it." Sandra said bullshit over her shoulder as she walked out and Ursula giggled as she started working on her own ideas.

She got totally lost in her own ideas and was surprised when at a few minutes past ten, the CFO knocked on her door and asked if he could come in. She stood up and waved him in and he laughed and told her to sit down as he said in his commanding voice, "It's not like I'm the king or something….that's Pete's job." Pete was the CEO and Ursula laughed and it helped her relax. He quickly mentioned that the team leader had said she'd had a possible break through and that was good news. She quickly said that she wasn't sure if amounted to a break through yet, but it certainly was a better meeting than the previous evening. He smiled and said, "Yes, you certainly looked um, well, let's say distracted when I walked by." She smiled and wondered why he seemed so different today and then the hair on the back of her neck stood on end as he said, "I thought you looked terrific yesterday, but you look even more fantastic today." She couldn't help but blush and he quickly added, "Sorry, I better be careful I don't get turned in for harassment." She laughed and said, "I've never been offended at a sincere compliment." He smiled and then said, "Well, that's good because your ass looks absolutely fantastic in that skirt." She sat in amazement at what she had just heard.

She looked at him in surprise unable to speak as her heart pounded in her chest. He looked confused and then said, "I'm sorry, did you not understand my question, I asked if you had discussed your bonus with Kurt." Kurt was the team leader for the project and she finally found her voice and softly said no. In her mind, she thought that it was possible she had misheard as Kurt and skirt rhyme and she was so horny who knows what was going through her mind. He proceeded to explain that since she was doing such a fantastic job recently they were offering her a sizable bonus if she landed this new account. She smiled and said, "Well, that sounds really good, but if it's alright with everyone, I would rather share the bonus with the entire creative team." He nodded his head and said, "That's exactly the kind of team minded attitude we love around here." He stood and leaned in as he whispered, "Now, get back to work because you can't spend that bonus until we win the project." He brazenly looked at her tits encased in the slip behind the sheer blouse and she swore she could read his mind as he thought, "I never realized what a hot piece of ass this Ursula was."

As soon as he left, she leaned back and sighed and spread her legs to try and cool off the heat emanating from under her skirt. A moment later, the mail boy brought around the mail and she was intrigued by the large express envelope that was on top of the pile. She thought about it opening it, but pushed it aside to focus on the job. However, a moment later, the package ringed. She looked at it in wonder and realized that there was a cell phone inside. She tore open the package and answered it. "Hi sexy" the deep voice said. Her voice was raspy as she said, "Who is this?" The man laughed and then he said, "You asked for my help, right?" Her brain was nearly mush when she said, "Joe, from erotica.com?" "In the flesh" was his quick response. "Look inside the package." She did so and pulled out several wonderful pieces of lingerie. Just touching them made her legs tremble and she could only listen as he asked what she was wearing.

She could hear her voice shaking as she described her lingerie. He whistled and said, "Wow, that's even hotter than what I sent you; leave yours on for now and save the set in the package for tomorrow." She was nodding for some reason as she put the pink lingerie away. His voice was incredibly seductive in her ear as she said, "Did you sleep well last night?" She was shivering like she'd been out in a snowstorm for an hour, yet she was extremely hot. She could feel the bead of perspiration along her upper lip as she fought to control her breathing so she could finally say, "Thanks to you, yes." She could feel him smile and then he said, "But by now your headache must be returning." Incredibly she realized he was right. The pounding in her head seemed to be at the same tempo as the throbbing of her pussy. "It's time, dear, hike up your skirt so you can slide that slip across your pussy." She trembled as she said, "Hold on, I need to close and lock my door." His voice was immediate and commanding, "No, that's not necessary; you'll cum just fine with the door open."

She felt thrilled and lost at the same time. He started telling her exactly what to do and her body complied. She rubbed her breasts with the back of one hand while rubbing her other hand slowly down the front of her slip; pressing firmly so she could feel her nails graze across her pussy lips. The fabric of her blouse and slip felt wonderful against her hands and when he told her to dig her fingers in hard as she reached the opening of her pussy, she gasped as it set off fireworks in her head. Her breathing was coming close to gasps and she thought she heard him undoing his belt. The thought of him stroking his cock as he told her how to touch herself was wildly erotic and she cooed, "Describe your cock." He sneered and she felt hurt by his obvious refusal to comply. She slowly undid the top button of her blouse giving no thought to someone walking by simply because he told her to. She wanted desperately to rub her clit through her silky slip, but he hadn't told her to, so she didn't. Her orgasm was starting to roar inside her when the unthinkable occurred and Tony, the CFO, quickly knocked on her door and entered. She was so grateful that she didn't have her hand inside her blouse, but she quickly rolled her chair under her desk to hide her skirt and slip which were splayed out across her lap.

He saw her sweaty face and asked if she was alright. She nodded, but didn't speak as she couldn't trust her voice. He looked on her desk and said he was sorry to interrupt but thought he'd left his portfolio on her desk. She waved at her desk without looking and it was obviously not there. He then leaned down and picked it up off the floor where it was leaning against the chair leg. She couldn't remember if her desk had a modesty panel or not, but if it didn't he was getting one helluva view. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt hopelessly lost. He smiled and then pulled the door shut behind him after saying, "I'll close this so you can have some privacy." She had no idea if he knew what was going on, but before the door clicked shut, her hand was up under her slip and caressing her clit through her silky panties. The cell phone rang and his voice was back as he simply said, "You may cum now." And cum she did. She felt the ripples running up and down her stomach as her pussy muscles clenched over and over again trying to find a cock to squeeze. When her eyes finally opened, she felt so much better, but so incredibly weak. She wondered how she was going to make it through the rest of the day.


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