Writer's Block, Part 1

By: zebo85

Page 1, A fantasy within a fantasy..........

Ursula was at her desk wondering how she could get through her writer’s block.  She worked for one of the best advertising agencies based in Chicago and was very good at what she did.  She’d collaborated with her team to come up with some of the best print and TV ads that her agency had done, but now she was stuck.  The deadline was looming and she could feel the stress starting to build.  What she normally did to relieve stress while also pushing past writer’s block was to lock her condo doors and go on a sexual bender with her boyfriend.  However, she was between boyfriends currently and had been for several months.  Although she was rather enjoying this break in relationships, it certainly wasn’t going to help with her current situation.  She had an assortment of toys at home, but she wasn’t sure they would give her the release she really needed.  As she was pondering her predicament, the CEO of the agency came into her office and asked how it was coming along.  She started to lie, but then thought better of it and told him the truth; she was stumped and feeling the pressure.  She eyed him carefully as he fought to control his anger at the bad news he had just received.  She could feel her heart beat rising and her hands getting sweaty, but none of that was out of fear; it was out of arousal. 

She’d had the hots for Mr. Davis since her first day on the job and anytime she was around him, her body naturally reacted.  It was worse when he displayed his powerful emotions; whether it be happiness or anger.  She’d lost count of how many times just watching him in action in a meeting or one on one, she had fought to keep from touching herself.  His impact on her was so tangible she’d thought about quitting a few times as she was afraid she would throw herself at him sometime.  As the silence dangled in the air, she thought of something else dangling; she imagined him standing over her with what she was sure was a magnificent cock dangling in front of her pouty lips.  Ursula was a former elite gymnast and might have gone onto international competition, but she grew too much in early teen years.  The best gymnasts can overcome getting taller, but when her body filled out as well as grew taller, it threw her balance off and she ultimately had to quit.  However, the poise and incredible drive to be the best never left her had helped her thus far in her career.  She usually played down her physical attributes as she’d had too many male colleagues get distracted by her when she didn’t, but today she was wearing a form fitting dress and she could feel Mr. Davis’s eyes on her as the silence filled the air. 

He came around the side of her desk and sat on the edge as he leaned down closer to her.  She saw his eyes glance down ever so briefly at her cleavage before darting back to her eyes and then he said in the most authoritative tone she’d ever heard, “Ursula, I hope you know that I have the utmost confidence in your abilities and you know how much is riding on this account.  I need you…… hell, all of us need you to knock it out of the park on this one.”  He leaned even closer and squeezed her leg just above the knee just as his light cologne drifted into her nose.  The combination of his needing her to be her best, his touch and his scent nearly made her orgasm right then and there.  In a totally uncharacteristic shaky voice she promised Mr. Davis she wouldn’t let him down.  He stood and she swore she saw the outline of his bulge in his slacks and she hoped that he had started getting hard being close to her just like her pussy was throbbing from him being so close to her.  He turned to leave, but at the door, he turned, stopped and said, “You know, you look great in that dress.”  His compliment had her on fire, but he doused it slightly when he asked where she got it as he might get one for his wife.  He left a moment later and she sat there and tried to get her breathing under control.  She pulled out her ipad and checked her personal email.  She smiled when she saw that one of her favorite writers from a free writing website had responded earlier in the day.

She’d emailed him on a whim about a week ago and over the last couple days they had enjoyed some playful banter.  She really enjoyed his writing and some of the times it felt like he’d crawled inside her head and written things especially for her as they were close enough to her own fantasies that they felt ‘real’ to her.  Given her current level of stress and arousal, she figured what the hell and sent the following note, “Totally stressed out at work and need some release, can you help?”  Less than a minute later his response made her giggle, “I’ll certainly try; give me your address.”  She was asking for him to write a story not to be hired out as a stud service, but the giggle made her feel better.  She replied, “That was Jimmy John’s freaky fast, but I think I wasn’t clear enough with my request; although the giggle I got reading your comment made me feel a little better.”  He replied quickly again and said, “Oh, sorry if I misunderstood……really really sorry as I liked how my understanding better J.  How exactly can I help you?  Two other things, 1) if you feel ‘better’ just from giggling you’re my kind of girl and 2) unlike Jimmy John’s I don’t have a foot long, but ‘it’ sometimes does make the ladies giggle; see 1) again..LOL

She was really giggling now and she could feel it in her pussy.  She uncrossed her legs but that didn’t stop the throbbing in her pussy.  It was late in the day so she didn’t expect anyone to stop in and the CEO had closed the door behind him when he left so she was incredibly tempted as she ran her hand along the spot on her leg that the CEO had squeezed.  She brought her hands back to the keyboard and quickly typed, “Some of your stories seem to ‘touch’ me right in the sweet spot so I thought you might be so kind to write me some personal erotica.”  She felt her arousal surging and her panties become moist as she waited for a response.  She was starting to get a headache like she often did when she really desperately needed to orgasm.  Her hands went to the hem of her silk dress and she slowly hiked it up revealing her beautifully tanned bare legs.  She could feel her nipples hardening and she thought, “Jeezus, this guy is going to get me off without writing a word.  She giggled again, but her head was really starting to pound as she let one of her hands trace a light line up her inner thigh.  When she felt her own moisture on the inside of her thigh, she gasped and then was distracted by her ipad chiming.

She opened his email and giggled again, “Sorry, for the delay, but I nearly knocked myself out when my erection hit me in the head as I read your request for some personal erotica J.  Tell me quick, what are you wearing?”  She typed in a blue silk dress.  His response was just as quick, “Ooooo, I bet you look fantastic in blue; describe your lingerie?”  She had a bit of trouble typing as her fingers were trembling badly and he sent an email before her, “Hike up your dress to your waist”.  She was just finishing describing her darker blue bra and panties so she added that her dress was already at her waist.  A moment later he emailed back, “We’ll have to work on that lingerie to do this properly, but I like how eager you are.”  She wasn’t sure why the lacy bra and panty set wasn’t good enough for him, but then she remembered how he usually wrote the women in his stories wearing stockings and she giggled some more.  A few minutes later, he sent her several paragraphs of a story about a woman obsessed with her boss.  As she thought of the CEO, her hand immediately went to her breasts and her nipples sang with joy as she alternately caressed them as she read.  She was finishing the second paragraph when he sent more and she knew her headache was going to be gone soon as she was literally awash with pleasure.  Being in the office during office hours added a lusty feeling that was driving her crazy, but then the intercom function on her phone sounded an incoming call.  She hated that fucking feature on the phone because whoever was on the other end could hear everything she was doing and she was currently about to slide her fingers down the front of her panties and into her hot pussy and was quite possibly panting and not breathing.  In her most annoyed voice, she asked who it was.  It ended up being the leader of their creative team and everyone else was gathered in the bullpen area brainstorming.  She looked at her calendar and realized she’d totally blown it off.  In a softer tone, she apologized as she’d been doing some brainstorming of her own and she lost track of time.  She promised to be there in a minute and she quickly typed the writer an email apologizing that she had to leave for a meeting, but she really appreciated his eagerness to help her and she had really gotten into it.  She rushed to the meeting with a pounding headache just getting worse. 

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