Unexpected pleasures

By: zebo85

Page 1, It had been years for both of them and a chance encounter leads to what they need.

She’d spent ten years owning an upscale boutique and most days she absolutely loved it.  Finding just the right outfit for her clients was a labor of love and most of her clients loved her painstaking attention to it.  Some, of course, were self-righteous bitches and she usually found a way to politely tell them to find someplace else to shop.  Being successful certainly had its privileges and ‘firing’ pain in the ass clients was one of them.  Another privilege was that she was able to afford to dress in some of the best clothes available.  She reasoned that she had to project the right image and she indulged that as much as possible.  As long as her business turned a respectable profit, her husband had turned a blind eye.  However, since he’d left her for a younger woman a few years back, she didn’t have to put up with him getting into her business anymore.  However, it did leave one void in her life that she hadn’t been able to fill and her chest of sex toys was becoming a bit too large for her liking.  It’s not like she needed a man to feel fulfilled, but men did provide something she was sorely in need of right now.  Fresh out of the shower where she’d used the shower massage to combine proper hygiene and a much needed morning climax, she readied herself for the day.  She knew she didn’t have any clients actually scheduled, but she still did a pretty good walk in business, so she chose her outfit carefully.  Her body was still throbbing from the climax, so she ran her fingers over her lingerie selection with particular interest.  Her clients saw the external display of her success, but unfortunately no one was seeing her lingerie and it was spectacular.  It was a combination of the finest designers in silk, but also an entire collection of custom made nylon items patterned off the glamorous lingerie of the 60’s and 70’s.  She loved how it made her feel and how glamorous she looked and today she decided on a sky blue ensemble.

As she hooked the front hook of the demi bra, she resisted an urge to caress her beautiful breasts.  Even though she was well into her 40’s, they were sensational and the low cut cups trimmed with darker blue lace looked great against her tanned skin.  The garter belt was next and after selecting dark charcoal silk stockings, she sat on her leather dressing chair to slide them up.  She worked the stockings up her legs and noticed with much satisfaction that her new work out program was paying dividends.  The little bit of fat that had been accumulating on her upper thighs was gone and she extended the garters to their longest length to accommodate these shorter than normal stockings.  She looked in her full length mirror and ran her hand over the soft nub of hair above her pubic mound and decided that she enjoyed it better than being completely nude.  She knew without touching that her pussy was still wet from earlier and she giggled as she thought about going without panties today.  She spread her legs slightly and a pearl of honey dripped down her inner thigh and she closed her eyes and relished the sexy feel of it.  She tenderly pressed her middle finger against her pussy lips and up inside her.  She squealed in delight and looked at her image.  She always found that wearing shorter stockings with a garter belt looked a bit slutty and with her finger pressed inside her pussy, she was quite a steamy sight.  She caressed her clit for a moment as she fantasized about some random man entering her bedroom and making sweet tender love to her almost completely forsaken honey pot.  She sighed as she knew she needed to get going.

She found the matching high cut bikini panties.  Although she had the ass for it, she just didn’t care for thongs and preferred her ass covered.  Part of that preference was due to a boyfriend from her high school years that would love to rub his dick up and down and all around the back of her nylon briefs.  She’d teased him about being a pervert, but she had loved how his pushing and rubbing pulled her panties up against her clit and she almost always came from that lovely friction before he would explode all over the back of her panties.  One memory in particular flashed into her mind and her hand immediately cupped her throbbing honeypot through her panties.  She’d been on her tummy like always and he’d done a bit of licking and kissing her through her panties before rising up and pushing his weight down onto her and pressing her into the mattress at her parent’s boat house.  His hard cock went between her legs and up against her pussy and she quickly humped against it as it was perfectly positioned against her clit.  She was quickly at the boiling point and the dirty bastard started trying to finger her rose hole through her panties.  She rolled on her side a bit to slap his hand away and he thought it a fun game and they did a bit of wrestling and then they both groaned and lay still.  During their rolling about, his cock had pushed just right and they both felt his cock wedged in between her pussy lips.  As they’d not fully consummated their relationship, it was exhilarating and a bit frightening.  She whispered, “What are you doing?”  He shrugged his shoulders as he rolled her so she was on her tummy again and in the process sunk his hard cock a bit further inside her.  For her part, she found the penetration unbelievably lusty.  The double nylon gusset of her panties were a barrier to keep him from going any further, but they were also wedged so delightfully tight against her clit that she felt like she might scream from the pleasure. 

He kissed her neck and wiggled his butt trying to get further into her and she reached back and slapped his ass to tell him now.  That caused him to thrust even more forcefully, but the gusset stopped him from further penetration while simultaneously setting her clit on fire.  She stealthily reached her hands down and pulled her panties off her hips ever so slightly and then she slapped his ass again.  This time, his thrust was rewarded with nearly half of his cock pushing inside her nylon lined love tunnel and she lost control.  As her waves of orgasms crashed through her body, she pushed back harder and harder against him shoving more of his cock inside her while the panties got pulled back and forth across her clit.  She thought she might pass out from lack of oxygen as waves of pleasure cloaked her.  For his part, the silky nylon of the panties as well as her tight virgin pussy stroked him until he couldn’t take it any longer.  He thankfully had the control to pull out and rub himself to a delirious state of release against the back of her panties.  She was so grateful for the incredible pleasure that she quickly rolled over and took him into her mouth and cleaned him up.  She’d never offered such a delight before and he was quickly hard again and she ended up with a mouthful of his young seed some wonderful minutes later. 

Just the memory of that long ago forgotten night was so erotic that her fingers had pressed her panties up inside her and she had frigged herself to a glorious orgasm and fell to her knees as it thundered through her body.  Gasping for breath, she knew she was going to be late to open the store if she didn’t hurry, so she stepped into the matching half slip.  She always wore one as she loved the feel of the silky fabric against her legs, and also to keep her garter straps hidden beneath her tighter skirts and dresses.  She walked the several blocks to her boutique and opened it whistling a catchy tune.  She couldn’t recall the last time she’d cum twice in one morning and she felt so much more relaxed.  The morning went fairly slowly as she only had one customer and she was shopping and not buying.  However, shortly after taking a quick lunch break, the day changed.  An attractive man about her age came in with the cutest girl who turned out to be nine.  Just one look at her and her thoughts turned to what it would have been like to have children of her own. 

The man started to explain their predicament and she was surprised when she sensed how emotional he was becoming.  The girl started softly crying, but said she needed to explain.  She got control of herself enough to explain that she had ruined one of her mom’s dresses playing dress up and she didn’t know what to do.  She started crying so hard that she asked to use the restroom to try and get control of her emotions.  As she walked away, the man explained that his wife had died about two years ago, so that’s why their daughter was so devastated.  Her heart quickly went out to both of them and she offered to help in any way she could.  She took a look at the dress and quickly decided it wasn’t a total loss and by the time the girl came back out, she explained what she could do to save it.  The smile on the girl’s face was absolutely priceless and the girl wouldn’t stop thanking her; it was such a lovely moment it almost brought her to tears.  The father then asked the girl to go look around so they could work out the details.  As he offered to pay her whatever she wanted, she quietly appraised him.  He was a very nice looking man; trim and with wonderfully warm hazel eyes.  Just the way he had treated his daughter told her that his heart was as warm as his eyes.  She suddenly wondered if there was something more she could do for him. 

Quickly putting her thoughts into action, she squatted down to find some of the materials she would need to fix the dress and she let her wrap skirt open up and display several inches of her slip.  She glanced up and saw his eyes riveted on it and she absentmindedly rubbed it up her thigh until he could see the top of the stocking.  Through the clear glass case she was behind, she could see that he was quickly getting hard and that thrilled her.  She wondered if he’d had a lover since his wife’s passing and she thought they were perfect for each other.  She reasoned that they were both likely at the same level of sexual frustration and needing a sweet release.  She stood and explained what she was going to do and allowed him several looks down her blouse.  She glanced up and saw the girl was busily looking at her collection of vintage style hats and thought she looked cute trying them on.  She motioned him to stand next to her so she could explain things more easily.  She caught him taking a deep breath to inhale her perfume and as slyly as possible, she nudged his groin with her hip every chance she got.  At one point, she needed to get something from the table behind her and she made sure when she turned, her ass slowly rubbed against his hard cock.  When she felt it against her, it was all she could do to keep from grabbing it with both hands.  A moment later he softly said that he had never imagined that this day could turn out so incredibly well.  She smiled at what she perceived as a very subtle compliment.  They shared a long look and she quietly said that she had a room in the back with all kinds of dolls that women used to keep their daughters occupied as they shopped.  Her suggestion was clear and she relished the look of need in his eyes.  She could feel the conflict within him and he finally said, “Gosh, wow…..that’s a really great idea; I mean a really great idea, but I can’t; I mean, I’d love to, uh, oh shit.  You see, she’s got dance class and we really have to go and…..” 

She patted his arm and softly said that she totally understood and then they both heard her talking and she was walking with her back to them on the phone with a friend or something.  She quickly drew his hand inside her blouse and to her breast and his eyes closed as he cupped it.  He whispered something that sounded like please, but she wasn’t entirely sure and his hand quickly exited her blouse and went inside her wrap skirt.  Her hand had moved to his crotch and she felt it throb as his hand slid across her slip until it cupped her pussy so tenderly.  Just that touched brought her back to her own caresses earlier in her bedroom and she was close to climaxing.  She could tell he was also, but then they heard his daughter call out that they needed to get going.  She thankfully didn’t appear that she’d seen anything as she bounced up and thanked her again for all her help.  He hid his condition with the garment bag they’d used to bring in the dress and they shared a secret smile when his daughter told him that they probably needed to leave the garment bag.  She quickly jumped in and said it was okay; she had plenty.   The man and his daughter walked out and she felt so frustrated that she couldn’t breathe. 

She was about to head to her private office and the vibrator that she kept in her desk, but an important client came in.  It took all of her control to focus on anything other than her throbbing pussy so that she could help the woman find the right items for a big party that night.  When the woman left fifteen minutes later, she walked into the nearby dressing room opened her blouse and undid her bra.  She rubbed her nipples and shook with joy as her other hand slid inside the fold of the wrap skirt and rubbed herself just like he had just twenty minutes ago.  Her body was a mess of need and she was about to run her hand under her slip and into her panties to quench the need when she heard the front door open.  She gave serious thought to ignoring it, but she heard a man’s voice calling her name.  “Delilah, Delilah, are you here?”  Without considering her open blouse, she walked out in a fog of lust.  He saw her and saw her open blouse and said, “Oh my; I need you so bad.”  He strode across the room and they embraced passionately as their lips sought refuge in each other.  In a breathless voice he said, “I don’t think I’ll last long, but I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”  She couldn’t help but giggle at his brutal honesty and she whispered, “Not to worry” and she quickly undid his slacks and then pushed them to the floor only moments before pushing him to the floor.  His cock was pointed at her and she thought it looked oh so lovely.  She undid her wrap skirt and let it float to the floor and was about to push her slip down when he said, “Please leave it on.”  He didn’t need to say another word and she hiked it to her waist and straddled him.  As she knelt above him, she leaned forward so he could suck on her nipples as she pulled the leg band of her panties aside and guided his cock into her hot, wet pussy.

They both groaned as she slowly slid down his cock.  He reached out and knowingly rubbed her clit through the silky nylon front of her panties and it immediately pushed her over the edge.  She responded by riding him with her pussy muscles clamped down on him as tightly as she could.  The combination of his long abstinence, her tight pussy and the added friction from the leg band of her panties was too much and he groaned that he was cumming.  As his free hand clamped down on her ass with incredible force, he exploded.  She continued to ride him to ensure his release was complete and it felt like he expended a gallon deep inside her.  She slowed her movements and leaned down and they kissed softly and she could feel his body shaking from the release of so many unknown emotions.  He was the first to mention that maybe they should lock the door when she realized his cock was still rock hard in her pussy.  She started riding him more slowly as his hands slid under her half slip to rest on her hips.  He smiled with great pleasure as she cooed, “I’ve got about a hundred slips back at my house; how about I start modeling them for you tomorrow?”  He smiled and the look of contentment on his face was so endearing that she wanted more.  He must have had the same thought because he started rolling her over at the same time she started moving.

She rolled up on all fours and then slid her panties down to her mid-thigh.  As she was readying herself, she could feel him rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her ass along the silky slip.  She glanced back at him and they shared a smile and then she reached back and grabbed his slippery cock and guided it between her legs.  When he realized what she was doing, he groaned and in the sexiest voice, “Oh my, I’ve dreamed of someone like you.”  She positioned him and he pushed, slowly sliding into her hot pussy.  Inch by inch, he pressed the front of her slip up inside her.  The silky nylon was already doing a number on her clit and she held onto the waist band to ensure the highest amount of friction.  She’d left her panties at her thighs for a reason as they were stroking the underside of his cock with each stroke.  When his balls were resting against the back of her slip covered ass, he simply stretched out over her and lightly caressed her nipples as he nuzzled her shoulder.  He moved one hand down and slowly rubbed it up and down her silk stockings and she could feel the lust pulsing through him as the suspense built.  It had been so long for both of them that the tender moment gave way to animal need and soon he was hammering her from behind with long, forceful thrusts. 

She looked back at him and the look of intensity on his face gave her such sweet pleasure.  His hand went to the waistband of her slip and he started pulling the silky nylon back and forth and the resulting effect of those sweet caresses on her clit along with the punishing thrusts in her pussy was perfection.  She groaned, “Oh yes, fuck my pussy you stud; I can’t wait to wear that gorgeous cock of yours out.”   Her words continued to flow from her mouth and she couldn’t believe her ears.  The litany of dirty talk only got more intense; something she’d never done before.  Her words seemed to spur him on and he pounded her with longer and deeper strokes.  He finally pulled her upper body up so they were both kneeling upright and as he groaned in her ear, “Oh you are the most beautiful, sweetest, piece of ass a man could hope for.”  He yanked on the slip one last time and the dam of erotic pleasures broke and she screamed as she came.  Seconds later, she could feel his cock throbbing and erupting.  His final few pulsing thrusts triggered several more orgasms for her until they both fell forward in a heap on the floor. 

They lay panting on the floor for only a minute and then he helped her up and they giggled like school kids as they helped each other fix their clothes.  They exchanged cell numbers and arranged for him to come over early the next morning to start the day off right and then they kissed sweetly and he was off. 

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