The Matinee

By: zebo85

Page 1, Meeting a cyber lover for the first time

As she stood touching up her lipstick, she couldn’t stop trembling.  She wasn’t sure what the hell she was doing, but she did know she hadn’t been this horny in ages.  She glanced at her reflection and thought she’d never seen herself look so sexy.  She was wearing a black wig that hid her normal lustrous dirty blond hair and also wearing librarian style glasses which changed her appearance even more.  The satin bustier was doing wonders for her small breasts and she loved how the garter straps and nude stockings beautifully framed her newly waxed pussy.  Stepping into the silky mini half slip completed her lingerie and she felt wild going commando.  The slinky wrap dress went over top and then into her high heeled knee high boots.  She looked like a well dressed soccer mom going to lunch with friends, but she felt like a seductive, come fuck me, sex goddess.

It had all started a few months ago when she started taking out her sexual frustrations by writing on an erotic website.  She loved reading stories and then writing down her own fantasies.  She’d emailed a few other authors, but one in particular had driven her wild.  She’d lost count of how many times they’d shared intimate emails and she’d ending up writhing on her bed, laptop pushed to the side as she frigged her throbbing clit and pussy.  She stopped before heading out to take a wash cloth and dry her inner thighs.  She was literally oozing honey from anticipation.  She decided to take it with her as otherwise the tops of her stockings would be soaked by the time she got there. 

As she bought the ticket for the matinee showing of the action movie, she wondered what she was thinking.  This was so unlike her, but she was also thrilled at the thought of meeting her cyber ‘lover’.  She had made it clear that she wanted to limit this first interaction to only hand action.  She couldn’t wait to have his fingers buried in her pussy and to feel his hot cock in her hand.  For the last week, she’d triple-checked her kids’ activities and knew she had a good three hours before she had to be anywhere.  She had a momentary pang of guilt about her husband of 10 years, but he’d lost interest in her a while ago and even though their sex had improved thanks to how horny she got writing and reading erotica, she realized she really didn’t even care if he knew.  The disguise was more to protect her kids than to protect her relationship with her husband.

As she sat in the theatre chair, she thought she might climax right then and there.  As they had expected, the theatre was mostly empty and as the movie started, suddenly the chair next to hers was occupied.  He’d slid in so quickly, she didn’t even notice until he said, “Open your dress.”  Her breath caught in her throat and she undid the belt and interior button and let it fall open.  She could see the tops of her breasts gleaming in the light of the movie screen and when his hand squeezed her thigh closest to him, she nearly came.  She heard him unzip and she couldn’t wait and she reached over and helped pull his cock out.  She slid her hand down its length and gasped at how lovely it felt.  She felt like Goldilocks as she thought, ‘it’s not too big and it’s not too small; it’s just right.”  His hand slid up and down her slip and then as she spread her legs wider, he slid two fingers into her.  She was so wet and wanton, she was more than ready for his penetration and he leaned over and whispered, “You are such a horny little slut.”   

His insult only turned her on more and she slid her thumb along his oozing slit and couldn’t help but lean down and give it a little kiss.  His arm moved quickly from her near leg and down her back and held her in place.  She realized that her predicament was of her own doing, so she decided to make the best of it and she wrapped her lips around his crown and attacked it with her tongue.  His groans told her that although she was out of practice, she was doing just fine.  She lowered her mouth down his shaft and was happy to feel him pushing her dress and slip out of the way so he could finger her pussy from behind.  She took him out of her mouth and sucked his balls as he slid three fingers into her and she groaned as he stretched her pussy with his thick fingers.  She licked her way back up to his crown and sucked lightly on his sensitive head.  She was so focused on his beautiful cock that she nearly screamed when she first felt the cock pushing into her pussy. 

She tried to lift up, but he held her down and as her pussy greedily accepted the unexpected cock, her body responded as she pushed back to take it all in.  This was not what they had agreed to, but she loved it.  She gripped the base of the cock in her mouth and started working it like crazy as the man behind her hammered her pussy.  Having a mouthful of cock was probably a good thing as it kept her from squealing in delight from the double action she was getting.  At this point, she wasn’t sure whether her cyber sex partner was getting the blow job or plundering her pussy and she didn’t really care.  She felt her blow job man reach under her and caress her clit until she had to pull his cock out of her mouth as she stifled the groans as she climaxed over and over again.  He exploded a second later and she could tell from the sensation that he’d thankfully been wearing a condom.  He then disappeared and the other man pulled her off her knees and into his lap.  She was facing the movie screen as she lowered herself onto his cock.  He pushed her upper body forward and so she leaned out over the seat in front of her as she started riding him.

He was helping her movements as he squeezed her ample ass and she wondered if there would be bruising later.  She could hear her wetness as she smacked down with each thrust and it made a sexy sound.  She reached down and played with a nipple with one hand while she teased her clit with the other.  She didn’t feel his thumb sliding through her slippery honey that seemed to be everywhere until he was probing her glory hole with his slippery digit.  She’d never had anyone touch her there and his teasing touch rocked her to the core.  She leaned forward at the waist even more to open herself more fully to his probing before pushing back forcefully against his thumb.  She sighed as his entire thumb slid into her tight back door.  She rode his cock even more wildly now and she momentarily marveled at his stamina.  However as another orgasm started cresting, she frigged her clit and thought she might black out.  That thought was quickly lost as he pulled out of her pussy as he removed his thumb and positioned his cock against her tight anus.  She felt despicably dirty as she pushed back against it and felt lusty joy as she felt the first two inches go in.

She pushed back harder and took more.  It was too much for him and he started to explode.  It felt like a garden hose had been turned on as his rapid fires explosion shot deep into her glory hole.  She didn’t want to waste her first time and so she rode his cock quickly.  Up and down she rode and he reached around and buried four fingers in her snatch.  It was such an unreal feeling to feel his fingers pressing against the thin layer of skin separating her pussy from where his cock was.  With her fingers still caressing her clit, she had the most massive series of multiple orgasms in her life.  He had to take his fingers out of her pussy and cover her mouth to stifle the screams and obscenities that tried to escape.  The taste of her own pussy was too much and she passed out.  Sometime later, she finally regained her senses.  She was seated in the theatre seat and her clothes were corrected.  She thought for a second that it was all a dream, but then she felt how sore both her pussy and her ass felt.  Her cyber sex partner and his friend were nowhere to be seen, so she stood up gingerly and walked out of the theatre.  She felt completely used and ……..loved every aching step.   She wondered when they’d meet again. 

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