The Matinee, part II

By: zebo85

Page 1, Linda makes plans to meet her cyber lover again, but this time she has a surprise for him.

The meeting with her cyber ‘lover’ had taken a turn that Linda still couldn’t understand.  She had planned on what her high school teachers would have called light petting, but what resulted was her quickly engaged in giving him a lusty blow job and then another man sneaking up behind her and sliding his cock deep into her hot, wet pussy.  She had been so overcome with lust that she had loved every second of it, but after the heat of the moment had passed, she felt used and ashamed.  After sending him an email telling him that she was never going to talk to him ever again, she stepped into the shower.  She tried to let the hot water wash away what had happened.  She couldn’t help but look at her email afterwards and saw his.  He begged innocence.  He did admit that he’d invited a friend, but only to watch.  When she didn’t resist when he joined in, he didn’t try and stop it.  It almost sounded plausible, but when he added the phrase, “besides, you loved it” she got mad all over again.  She shot back an email where she admitted that she had gotten carried away, but that didn’t change the fact that it was wrong.  He ignored her and asked when they could get together again. 

She typed a short “I don’t know” and left to pick up her kids.  The next few days she gave the situation a lot of thought and then finally sent him another email.  She explained that all of the threesomes she’d ever fantasized about were two women and one man, so if he wanted to do that, then she would think about it.  He replied almost instantly with an enthusiastic yes.  A few days later she had it set up and sent him a note with the details.  She wondered if she was crazy for going through with this, but she couldn’t stop herself.  The other woman was someone she knew, but not that well.  Over a very tense lunch that included several martinis she finally explained her idea and asked the woman if she was interested.  Linda was quite surprised and a bit thrilled at Sandy’s enthusiastic response to the idea.  Sandy admitted that she was actively bisexual and had always found Linda very sexy and so the idea of being with her and another man was a complete turn on. 

Linda continued to surprise herself with her activities leading up to the arranged ‘date’.  She called Sandy the very next day and invited her to a shopping trip.  The resulting hour spent in an upscale lingerie boutique led to her purchasing some incredible lingerie for both of them as well as some unexpected erotic moments in the dressing room.  She’d never really found herself attracted to women, but when Sandy first came out in the black slip and garter set, she felt her pussy throb.  It hugged her body so well and was made from silky nylon.  Sandy was an avid runner, so her body was quite lean and very close to almost too muscular, however Linda only had eyes for her stunningly long nipples poking through the slip and when Sandy hiked up the slip to show off the garter belt, Linda gasped.  Sandy sensing Linda’s obvious interest sashayed over to where Linda was sitting and turned andbent over seductively.  When Linda saw Sandy’s pussy lips spread open and the noticeable dew of her arousal, it was all she could do to not reach out and stroke her.  Sandy smiled and then told Linda it was her turn to try on her outfit.  Linda’s outfit was a deep purple cupless basque with a short attached slip.  It also had six long garter straps to which Linda attached some sexy fishnet stockings.  The best was the vinyl ‘hooker’ boots that went well past her knees and had six inch heels.  She looked and felt like a sexy piece of ass and as she flashed the matching high waist panties, she shivered when Sandy reached out and caressed her ass.  Linda turned and let Sandy rub her pussy through the silky panties and Linda was almost immediately close to cumming. 

When Sandy pulled her close and kissed her deeply and then moved her lips down to Linda’s hard nipples, Linda didn’t try and pull away.  Tentatively Linda reached out and played with Sandy’s small breasts and marveled at how incredibly hard her long nipples were.  As she was about to suck one into her mouth, Sandy pulled her over her lap and as she cupped her pussy with one hand, she began spanking Linda’s ass.  After only four or five hard smacks, Linda climaxed.  As she humped Sandy’s hand like a wild animal in heat, she wondered how this had all happened.  Sandy could tell that Linda wasn’t ready for anything more involved, so as Linda watched in awe, Sandy fingered herself to a strong climax.  They shared another kiss and then paid for their purchases.  The next day was the big day, so they met early and got a makeover at a local department store.  As they dressed in the hotel room later, their hands were on each other every chance they got.  Linda was so hot, she nearly emailed Bill to tell him to not bother coming as they didn’t need him.

When he arrived, he looked like a kid on Christmas.  His eyes darted back and forth between the two luscious women as they circled him; like two lionesses on the prowl.  They slowly started undressing him as Linda explained that since he owed her one, things were going to start with him eating her pussy while Sandy watched.  Bill said whatever as his hands tried to roam both their satin clad bodies.  Sandy slapped him across the face and told him that he was not to touch until they said so.  He had an immediate look like he was pissed by the slap, but then he just nodded.  Linda got on her back and pulled him down to him.  After what had happened in the movie theatre, she didn’t want his tongue actually on her skin, so she made him lick her through the panties and he eagerly did so.  His movements were too frantic and out of control and Linda quickly tired of it and gave Sandy the signal.   What happened next was better than what Linda had imagined.  With a strength that completely surprised Bill, Sandy pulled his arms behind his back as Linda slapped on the fur lined handcuffs. 

Bill sat up on his knees and got only a flash of Sandy before Linda was wrapping her panties over his face.  Her scent partially stunned him, but then his brain registered what he had seen and he moaned, “Nooooooooooo”.  It was too late as Linda was pulling his upper body down to the bed.  With his arms handcuffed behind him, he was like a turtle on his back as he couldn’t pull himself up.  Sandy stepped up behind him and slowly spread the ky jelly up the crack of Bill’s ass.  For her part, Linda stroked his cock a few times and his body was so confused he didn’t struggle.  Sandy then guided the six inch strap on dildo into Bill’s ass.  He groaned, but didn’t scream and that’s when Linda realized that she didn’t need the gag that she’d brought along.  For all his macho talk, Bill was going to enjoy this.

Watching Sandy thrusting turned Linda on so much that she had to be involved.  She walked up next to Sandy and they kissed passionately while Linda toyed with Sandy’s long nipples.  The strap on dildo prevented Linda from gaining access to Sandy’s pussy, but she was overcome with lust for her new female lover and instead knelt behind Sandy and buried her face in her tight ass.  Sandy groaned and buried the dildo deep into Bill’s ass and then held still so that Linda could tongue her brown eye.  Linda had never considered anything like this, but the scent of Sandy drove her wild.  She forced her tongue as far as she could into her tight back door as she reached down and plunged three fingers into her own pussy.  Sandy started thrusting more slowly into Bill to ensure she didn’t break contact with Linda’s magical tongue and she began spanking Bill’s ass with violent smacks as she told him that they wre video taping this and would post it online if Bill ever took advantage of another woman again.  Bill’s response was only a series of grunts and moans as he tried to reconcile how he could be enjoying having a dildo thrusting into his ass so much.  The three of them rocked together in a sensational collision of human lust until they each found their own powerful orgasms. 

To their surprise, Bill slumped forward immediately afterward and didn’t move.  They checked him several times to ensure he hadn’t had a heart attack or something, but he was simply asleep.  Even though Sandy had said they were videotaping it, they had no interest in appearing in a blackmail video, so they proceeded with the original plan.  Sandy quickly dressed him in the third outfit they’d purchased the previous day.  A large bra and panty set.  She didn’t take time rolling the stockings all the way up and then she pulled the panties down in back and shoved the dildo into his butt while Linda worked another dildo between his lips which she’d just painted in the reddest lipstick she could find.  Linda remembered all the big man talk he’d plied her with and they giggled at what a sight he made as they took numerous pictures.  Linda couldn’t help getting a few pictures of Sandy in her sexy black lingerie and she felt her pussy throbbing from need.  The photos hid the fact that he was asleep and Linda intended on emailing a few of them to him and letting him know that she would post them on the internet with his real name if he ever took advantage of another woman again.  The two women found that their form of vigilante justice was very satisfying and they left to share some more time together at Sandy’s apartment.  As Linda drove them across town, she gave a fleeting thought to surprising her husband with an evening with Sandy and her and thought maybe that would add a much needed spark to their relationship. 

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