The Dress Code

By: zebo85

Page 1, Carmela had to work late once again, but she got more than overtime as payment

Carmela was completely infatuated with her boss; had been for years. He made her weak in the knees almost every day and most nights, she cuddled up with her cat and dreamt of him doing wonderfully naughty things to her. She'd never even come close to confessing her desires for him except for two weeks ago at the office holiday party where she'd had one too many and tried to trap him under the mistletoe. She still got hot thinking about that moment where he playfully rebuked her advances before allowing one small kiss on the lips. She'd pressed herself up against him and thought she'd felt his cock stirring. Things had been normal between them since, but her nightly fantasies had grown more lurid. It wasunusuallyhot south Texas January day and she wore a pleated skirt and tank top. She knew the rules required hose, but it was going to be 90 and she just didn't feel like it; plus she wanted to see if Mr. Davis punished her for being out of uniform. The sleeveless top was also against the rules but most women could get away with it so she wanted to try.

She was surprised at how different she felt that morning. He walked by and greeted everyone as he always did; he seemed to give her more than one look and so she wasn't surprised when her phone buzzed a moment later. She picked it up and his comment was simply, "Carmela - get in here now." He was clearly not happy and she felt her pussy begin to throb at the idea of seeing him tense; she always thought he looked sexiest when he was on the verge of losing control. She'd barely closed his door when he exploded, "How the hell can one of my best employees think she can break the rules." She stood there shaking as she tried to confess her ignorance to the rule. He waved her finger at her to be silent and walked over to where she was standing and put his hand on her thigh and said, "Is this some new kind of hose that looks and feels like skin?" He squeezed her thigh and she felt his fingers on the soft skin of her inner thigh and she felt the squeeze travel straight to her pussy. She wondered if he liked how smooth her skin was, but his hand was gone and she stifled a sigh at the loss of his touch.

He explained that he had a big client coming in tomorrow and he couldn't have his women doing whatever the fuck they wanted. She found his vague reference to his women both insulting and complimentary as her goal was to be his woman in every possible way imaginable. He strode back to his credenza, unlocked a drawer, rummaged around and then threw two packages to her. She glanced down and saw that the first was a pair of stockings; not hose like she normally wore, but stockings that required a garter belt. The other one was a silky garter belt. She was really trembling now and her pussy was on fire. She stood there frozen in place until he said, "Put them on and then get back to work." She started to turn to leave and he said, "Did I say leave; put them on in here so no one else sees that you broke the rules." He pointed to his guest chair and she walked over in a daze. She slid off her shoes and started to sit down and he said, "Really Carmela, I don't have all fucking day. You know you're going to need to lose the skirt to put on the garter belt, so get moving." She really couldn't comprehend what was going on and then he was up and out of his chair and as he mumbled how he had to do everything around her, he quickly undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. His hands moved across her slip to pull it down until he realized it was a full slip. He ordered her to hike it up out of the way and she moved the silky nylon up to her waist displaying her matching white bikini panties. They were trimmed with delicate lace and she wondered if he could see how wet they were.

He fastened the garter belt around her waist and as thenhe whispered, "You'll struggle all day with this if we don't get this under these sexy little panties." To her utter amazement and joy, his hands masterfully slid the garter straps down through the waistband of her panties and down through the leg bands. He did the back garter straps first and she could feel his breath on her ass and she felt goose bumps form all over her body as his touch was light and teasing as he fished the straps out with little difficulty. He had her turn so he could do the same with the front straps and that's where it got really interesting. She decided to help him this time and pushed the first strap down and she felt it slide into her neatly trimmed pubic hair. With one hand on her other thigh, he put his finger up under her leg band, but couldn't find it. His lips were so close to her pussy and she wanted nothing more than to pull his face against her and hump his face until she realized the orgasm that was painfully close. He ended up cupping her pussy with one hand as he fished a second finger inside and tried to grip the garter strap.

She couldn't help but move her hips and hump his hand that was cupping her pussy and he looked up at her and smiled as he said, "Such a naughty little girl, aren't you Carmela? Go ahead, I know you're dying to cum; I can feel how wet your panties are." His thumb moved over and caressed her clit and she felt as if she'd bee tasered. A jolt of pleasure coursed through her body and she was about to cum, but hepulled his thumb away and he said, "Only one condition; say you agree." She didn't even think of asking whatthecondition was; she simply said,"Oh yes,fuck yes." His thumb caressed her clit some more and shereached out to grab his hair to steady her balance and as her orgasm exploded she felt a flood of honey burst from her pussy. She rocked back and forth against his thumb, but then his thumb moved aside and his lips were on her. As he sucked her clit through the thinlayer of nylon, her orgasm that had been winding down immediately surged to new heights and it took all her control to not scream out in pleasure. He shoved her back into his guest chair and her legs went naturally over his shoulders as his tongue and lips did things to her clit that left herfeeling more pleasure than ever before.

She vaguely realizedthat he was walking away as he was softly saying,"Remove your panties." As her mind was still foggy from the mind bending orgasms, she heard his voice on the phone and assumed that he was telling his secretary to hold his calls. Moments later, he was helping her up on his conference room table as he was unzipping his pants. When she saw his cock shemoaned with anticipation. To her surprise, his sultry secretary was suddenly in theoffice and was hiking her dress up to her waist as she climbed up on the table and kneeled over Carmela's face. As she saw her neatly trimmed pussy beautifully framed by hergarter belt straps, she squealed as Mr. Davis buried his cock into her pussy. As she took her first lick of pussy, Mr. Davis hit her g-spot andshe came again andknew that was the just the tip of the iceberg.

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