Surf's Up

By: zebo85

Page 1, Jim and Olivia meet and can\'t resist what comes next.

It was a beautiful day in southern California and Olivia was on her way to the beach to surf.  Hardly anyone knew her name was Olivia as she was called Og or Oggy by all of her friends.  The nickname was unusual for a stunning brunette like her, but she never liked her name Olympia and since she was obsessed with the ocean from a young age, her parents started calling her Ocean girl.  However, when her little brother was around two, he couldn’t master the name, so as a joke she told him to call her OG, short for Ocean girl, and it stuck.  At 5’8” with a slender frame and shoulder length hair she got attention from both men and women alike.  She was very toned from all her surfing, but not to the point of being too muscular.  She would have loved to have been a professional surfer, but she balanced it with her pre-med classes and felt like she had everything she wanted.  Well, not everything. 

She loved hanging out with her friends on days like today even though most of the men that were part of the surfer society were incredibly uninteresting.  Most were awesome physical specimens, but not the most motivated of people.  She loved hanging out with them as she laughed a lot and occasionally she’d hook up with one of them, but as far as relationship material, they weren’t suitable.  She was thinking of that very thing as she was sitting on her board waiting for a good wave.  Her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed a new face.  He was obviously a novice and she couldn’t help but laugh as he fought hard to stay on the board, but a moment later he had a tremendous wipeout.  Her smile was quickly wiped away as she saw the board catch him across the face.  She quickly paddled over and was relieved when he popped up out of the water a few seconds later.   He looked a bit disoriented, but he saw her sitting a few yards away and got a big grin on his face as he yelled, “That was sweet, wasn’t it?” 

She laughed and waved him over so he could rest on her board as his strap apparently came off and his board was nowhere to be seen.  He swam over and she was taken by his penetrating greenish brown eyes.  He threw an arm over her board next to where she was straddling her board and she immediately felt a surge of adrenaline.  He had dark hair; not much different from hers and she noticed a blossoming goose egg on his forehead.  He looked up at her and he was still laughing as he asked, “What do you think?”  She couldn’t help but smile in return as his good mood was infectious and she said, “It’s a beautiful day and you’re possibly the worst surfer I’ve ever seen.”  He got a big kick out of that and he moved her board around with his arm like he was going to try and dump her off.   He stopped a moment later and said, “Oh, man; I’m nearly knocked unconscious and you are dogging me on my first day surfing.”  She laughed again at his pitiful attempt to play the martyr and so she cut him some slack and said, “Okay, not the worst.  There was a guy dressed up like a clown out here last summer and he was definitely the worst.  Of course, he probably would have been better than you, but he insisted on wearing his big clown shoes when he was trying to surf.”  He laughed again and she joined in.

A moment later, Patty came paddling over towing his board with her.  “Jim, I’m glad you’re alright.  I was worried when I saw that wipeout.”  Oggy had known Patty for years and she was suddenly a little disappointed as it was obvious that he wasn’t here alone.  Patty finally introduced them and Jim immediately said, “Oggy, I’ve heard a lot of nicknames, but for a natural beauty like you, that might be the worst.”  Oggy started to blush and immediately worried that Patty was going to get mad about Jim flirting with her.  Instead Patty actually jumped in and told the story about how she got the nickname.  Jim immediately looked up at her and apologized and said that was one of the cutest stories he’d heard.  He asked her real name and as usual, she shook her head.  His eyes actually showed his disappointment that she wouldn’t share her real name, but then Patty suggested that they head in and get some ice for Jim’s head.  She invited Oggy to come along and have an early dinner with them. 

Oggy wasn’t at all opposed to spending more time with Jim, so they all went ashore.  Patty’s folks had a beach house, so as she ran up to get something to eat, Oggy stayed down with Jim and talked.  They immediately an easy rapport and they both were laughing for the first ten minutes.  When there was a pause for a minute, Oggy looked out at the ocean and could feel Jim’s eyes looking at her profile.  She knew from experience that until her surf top dried, her nipples would be hard as rock.  Although Oggy’s breasts were just shy of a B cup, her nipples were sensational.  They were longer than most and sensitive as hell.  Very few guys had every learned exactly how to caress them for maximum effect and she wondered if Jim might know.  She immediately tried to squash the thought as he was obviously with a friend of hers, but she felt really good with him. 

Patty arrived a minute later and had a feast in a picnic basket.  As they ate, they talked about various things and Oggy found out that Jim was visiting from the Midwest.  He smiled and said, “See, why I’m the worst surfer you’ve ever seen.”  Patty teased Oggy about being so mean and Oggy tried to defend herself and she eyed Jim and Patty as they seemed to be very close.  Patty kept telling him to keep the ice pack on his head and he teased her about being a nag.  As they were wrapping up their food, more common friends came in from the surf and teams were picked to play some football.  Oggy was a bit disappointed she wasn’t on Jim’s team, but she figured she could show off her athleticism.  In one of the first plays, Jim caught a pass and only had to beat Oggy to the end zone.  As she came up to tackle him, he gave her a move and she ended up diving for a tackle and got nothing but a face full of sand.  Instead of scoring, he stopped and leaned down to tease her.  She quickly whipped out an arm and was able to drop him to the sand.  He was laughing as he fell and she made a grab for the ball. 

He grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him as they fell to the ground and although he held onto the ball, Oggy quickly became aware of how her pussy was pushing against his groin and it sent a shiver down her spine.  He seemed to press up against her as he wrapped an arm around the small of her back and easily flipped her over.  His mouth nuzzled her neck for a moment and then he whispered, “You smell incredible” before he jumped up and threw the ball to his teammate.  As he ran back to his huddle, his teammates razzed him about being a wuss for letting her tackle him.  He shot her a smile and a wink and Oggy looked around for Patty to see if she was watching.  She wasn’t too athletic so she wasn’t playing and she was talking to some other friends and not even watching.  Oggy couldn’t get the feeling of him pressed against her and she wondered how she had gotten into this predicament.  The very next play, Oggy picked up a fumble and before she had a chance to run, Jim had his shoulder in her midsection and was lifting her from the ground.  He’d been right next to her when she picked up the ball, so there’d been no real impact, but she felt his hand graze her ass as he wrapped his arm around her.  As he pinned her to the sand, all she could think about was wrapping her legs around his lower back as he slowly thrust inside her pussy.  He was smiling as he sat up and she whispered, “You smell…..really bad”.  She tossed the ball at him and giggled as she ran back to her team.  The rest of the game was uneventful, but they shared a lot of looks and a few laughs and she was thoroughly enjoying herself. 

They finally ended the game when someone came up and said he’d heard that there was a squall coming in the next hour.  Instead of heading for home, they prepared for a party.  They had a ritual of lighting bonfires and letting the warm rain and wind interrupt the party as it was always thrilling to be consumed by nature at its finest.  Oggy told Patty that she hadn’t brought a change of clothes, but Patty told her that she should be able to find her something.  Oggy was leery as Patty was several inches shorter and a bit more curvy, but she didn’t want to leave either. She was wondering if she should say something to her friend about how attracted she was to Jim, but she figured she was going to have to hold back her desires like any good friend would.  They didn’t take time to shower, but Oggy put on a little makeup as Patty looked through her closet.  A few minutes later, Patty appeared with some clothes; a loosely crocheted top, sarong style skirt and an emerald green bra and panty set.  Oggy loved the color green looked great on her tan skin and dark hair, but the top would let everyone see the bra and she said as much.  Patty said that none of her bikinis would fit her and that the set was new and from a few years ago before she ‘filled’ out, so it was pretty much all she had.  She also said that everyone would assume it’s a bikini and forced her to at least try it on. 

The set was new as the tags were still on it and it fit her like a glove.  It was a silky nylon set and it felt wonderful on her.  She put on the top and wrapped the sarong around her and walked out.  Patty let out a whistle as she was finishing up her makeup and said she looked really hot.   She had to admit that she did.  The skirt hit her at mid thigh and was a beautiful blue and the top was cream colored and unless someone stared, the bra would pass for a bikini top and she thanked Patty for letting her borrow it.  She then asked Patty how long she’d known Jim.  She quickly said that they’d known each other since they were kids and it was great to see him again.  Oggy mentioned that she could see the chemistry between them and she couldn’t hide the wistful look in her eyes.  Patty gave her a funny look and then she burst out laughing.  Oggy was lost and wondered why her friend was laughing at her until she finally blurted out, “Oh, god; you think we’re ‘together’”  She giggled some more and then finally was able to gasp out, “He’s my cousin, silly.”  Finally Oggy understood and she couldn’t help but laugh as well.  Before Oggy could even ask, Patty added, “You and Jim have great chemistry; you should go for it, he’s a great guy.”

Oggy was really looking forward to the evening now and when she walked out, she was surprised to see Jim in the kitchen.  Dressed in an untucked polo and cargo shorts, he looked freshly showered and dang tasty.   He admitted that he had to shower to get the salt water off as he was a landlubber.  Both of the girls howled with laughter and asked if he thought they were pirates or not.  Then Patty made Oggy blush a deep red when she said, “Hey Jim, Oggy thought you and I were together.”  Jim looked up and didn’t quite get what she meant and then he smiled and said, “We’re not?  I always thought we were kissing cousins.”  He pulled Patty over, dipped her low to the ground, put his hand over her mouth and then planted a big kiss on the back of his hand.  Oggy was laughing and Patty was trying to hit him over the head to make him let her up.  They all shared a good laugh as they headed out for the beach.  Jim put his arm around her and Oggy thought his hand on her hip felt really sensational and he leaned in and whispered, “Wow, you looked good on your surfboard, but you look amazing now.”  He let his hand slide off her hip before they reached the party, but Oggy hoped there would be more contact yet tonight.

The party was already going strong and they all did a tequila shot and sipped some bottled beer as they watched the storm start forming over the ocean.  As she looked out across the ocean, she reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him close.  The wind was starting to pick up and she sighed as he stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.   She leaned back against him and he stepped forward and pressed his hardness against the small of her back.  She wished he wasn’t quite as tall as she wanted to feel him against her ass. As if he’d read her mind, he bent down to whisper in her ear and nestled his cock in her ass cleavage as he did so.  She had no idea what he said as she could only think about his cock.   She’d never messed around a guy the first time she’d met him, but she knew that ‘rule’ was about to be broken.  She turned and without a word led him to a grove of palm trees which was slightly elevated from the rest of the beach in order to get a better view of the storm. 

As soon as they were inside the grove, the rain started.  They looked up at the sky as the warm droplets rained down on them softly and then he had her pinned against a palm tree.  He looked deep into her eyes and softly said, “You are the most amazingly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I can’t help myself.”  He then leaned down as she just as eagerly reached up and their lips touched tenderly.  The tenderness was quickly lost as lightning flashed and thunder rolled and their lips attacked each other hungrily.  His hand quickly pushed the top off her shoulders and expertly caressed her nipple through the thin satin of the bra.  The fire that was already raging intensified as he did the same to the other nipple and then his mouth was off her lips and he was pulling one cup down and sucking her nipple into his mouth.  She braced for the eventual unpleasant pain that usually accompanied a guy mouthing her nipple, but he managed to alternate his lips and tongue on her sensitive nipples to give her one of the most pleasurable experience of her life.  The wind was now whipping through the trees and it only added to what they were experiencing.  As she watched bolts of lightning flash across the sky, his hand was suddenly on her sex and she squealed so loudly she wondered if the party goers would worry that she was being attacked.  His touch threw the thin nylon of the panties was sinfully good and she felt herself shamelessly humping against his fingers. 

To her amazement, she felt him falling to his knees and hiking her skirt out of the way.  When her lust filled brain finally realized what he was about to do, she gripped his hair and tried to pull him back to his feet.  He looked up; his eyes filled with lust, and said, “Please, I must taste you.”  Her mind faded to black because what girl could deny such a request and when his lips grazed her panties, she moaned and allowed him to lift one leg up and drape it over his shoulder.  She’d never had a man that could please her this way, but his tongue and lips on her clit quickly had her on the edge.  When he pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, she squealed again and whispered, “Oh Jim, oh yes, fuck yes, oh, don’t stop, right there, don’t move”.   He stopped his mouth’s movements and she put her hands in his hair and rubbed her clit against his lips until she climaxed.  Her waves of pleasure seemed never ending, but she finally collapsed down on top of him.  He ended up in a seated position and she wrapped her legs around him as she kissed him deeply.  The taste of her arousal on his mouth pushed her arousal to new levels and she reached for his shorts to free his cock.  The storm was really raging now, but all she could think about was having his cock deep inside her.  Before she could free him, Patty appeared and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but the weather people are telling everyone to get off this beach as it is going to get much worse.  Joe has room in his SUV, but we have to go now. “ 

They ran hand in hand to the waiting vehicle and it was indeed tight quarters.  Jim slid in and Oggy gladly jumped onto his lap.  There were two other couples next to them, but they were crammed in so tight, they couldn’t even look over to acknowledge them.  Patty jumped in front where there was already four other people and Joe, who they couldn’t even see drove off.  The rain was battering the windows making visibility close to zero and Joe had the radio turned up to high to overcome the noise of the driving rain against the windows so that he could hear the weather reports.  Suddenly Oggy realized their situation and she reached back and freed Jim’s throbbing hard cock.  He started to say something but she quickly said, “Shhhhhhhh”.  She was already right on top of him, but she had to squirm around enough to spread her legs wide enough to guide him up between her thighs.  As they turned a corner, she managed to pull her panties to the side and their magical day continued as she guided him up inside her wonderfully tight and wet pussy on the first try. 

Due to their cramped positions, she could only squirm enough to get half of him inside her, but his thickness stretched her pussy.  She grabbed a hold of the handle above the window and was able to move up his shaft slightly before letting herself fall back down.  By some wonderful coincidence, Joe turned onto a gravel road and the naturally uneven road did all the work for them.  She wasn’t even able to turn to look into his eyes, but their eyes met in the reflection of the window as the bouncing of the car allowed her to ride up and down his shaft without effort.  After only a mile of bouncing up and down his cock, his hand found her clit and he exploded.  The feeling of his eruption inside her triggered her own orgasm and they managed to silently embrace their releases as everyone around them was oblivious to their wonderful coupling.  A few minutes later they reached Joe’s place and they scurried in for shelter.  Oggy continued to sit on Jim’s lap as the group laughed and talked and she waited patiently for the weather to clear so she could take Jim back to the beach house and really fuck him. 

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