Surf's Up, Part 2

By: zebo85

Page 1, Olivia shares a surreal day with Jim.

Olivia woke the next morning alone in her bed and wondered if it had all been a dream.  She thought about the storm and how his lips and tongue had felt on her as the wind and rain had made the experience so much more incredible.  Then, to be interrupted and to have ridden his cock in the crowded car as they drove to a safe place to ride out the storm.  She wasn’t sure how she’d kept from screaming as it had felt so good to have him inside her, but she didn’t think anyone had even a clue what had happened.  Just then her phone rang and it was Patty and she had a message from her cousin.  She told her grab an overnight bag and be ready to go in fifteen minutes.  Olivia had no idea what was going on, but she wasn’t going to miss out and so she hurried around to get a bag together.  She was just getting done with brushing her teeth when there was a knock on her door.

She opened it and saw a uniformed chauffeur standing there; he was holding out a cell phone, so she took it. 

“Hi gorgeous” he said into her ear.  “What’s going on?” was all she could come up with for a response.  He simply said, “Just go with the driver; we just wanted you to know that this is part of the date.” 

She shrugged her shoulders, grabbed her bag and eagerly climbed into the limo parked out front.  She’d never ridden in one and it was better than she’d even imagined.  After a short trip, it pulled up to an exclusive boutique.  The driver escorted her in and a fashionably dressed and very classy woman walked over and greeted her warmly.  She called her Olivia which she normally hated, but the way she said it, it actually sounded good, so she didn’t correct her.  She led her to a back area and there were three dresses on a rack.  She explained that Jim had selected these three and she was to pick one of them.  Olivia was more than a little overwhelmed, but she quickly picked the metallic gray one as the other two were long gowns and she hated long dresses. 

She was shown to a changing room and the dress felt incredibly luxurious on her.  It was silk and it seemed to have been made especially for her.  It was nearly backless and that was going to be a problem.  She was about to say as much, but when the woman saw her bra showing in the back, she said that they already had that problem solved and go ahead and take it off for now.  She slipped out of it and the dress felt luxurious rubbing against her very hard nipples.  The woman saw that it fit perfectly and complimented her as not many women could wear the dress as well as she did.  She handed her two hangers that contained lingerie and Oggy, as her friends called her, was speechless.  It was all in black and as she ran her fingers across the silk, she shivered.  The woman smiled and said that Jim had expensive tastes and to please put everything on to ensure it fit. 

Oggy saw the stockings draped over the hanger and said that they were going to be a problem as she’d never worn stockings that required a garter belt.  The woman smiled and said she would give her a hand as the bustier might be a bit of a problem as well.  Oggy had basically grown up in a bikini, so she wasn’t too self conscious as she slid out of the dress and her panties, but the way the woman looked at her tanned body made her squirm slightly; but in a very good way.  As she held the bustier in place, the woman quickly hooked the closures in back and then adjusted the cups so it fit better; nearly touching Oggy’s nipples in the process.  She then helped her roll on the stockings on and showed her how to attach the clips to the stockings and nearly touched her pussy in the process.  The entire experience had her juices running and this woman’s touch was really making it hard to concentrate.  Olivia asked about the panties, but the woman explained that the panties went on last or it would be a production every time she needed to use the restroom.  Oggy giggled at that as she was obviously right and by the time she was sliding the panties up her legs, she was extremely wet. 

The dress went back on and then the woman brought in her heels.  Not one to normally wear heels, she gulped slightly, but stepped into them and soon got the hang of walking around in them.  She was then whisked into another room where two women did her hair, makeup and a manicure.  After two hours of being pampered, she was whisked outside again to the waiting driver and when she carefully swung her legs into the limo, she wasn’t ready for Jim to be there. 

He whistled and said, “Olivia, you are absolutely beautiful.” 

The way he literally drooled her name, she decided she could live with being called Olivia by him and soon they were in each other’s arms and sharing a tender kiss.  When he produced a silk mask, her whole body trembled and he simply said that he wanted the evening to be a surprise.  She let him carefully tie it in back and she felt so incredibly vulnerable without being able to see.   When she felt his lips on her neck, she purred like a kitten and he chuckled lightly.  He continued nuzzling her neck as he slowly slid the hem of her dress up until he could see all of her stockings.  He huskily said that he’d never a woman as seductively beautiful as she was and that he hoped she enjoyed their evening together.  He then asked her what she did when she realized that the wave that she had chosen to ride was bigger than what she had expected.

She paused at the surprising question and after thinking about it, she said, “Well, I take a deep breath and then say to myself that this is going to be one helluva ride, so enjoy it.” 

He laughed and said that was excellent advice and it would be a good idea that she do the same right about now.  She played along and said it out loud.  He then gave her another sweet kiss on her lips as she felt the car stop.  He pulled off the blindfold right before opening the door and as he helped her out of the car, she saw hundreds of people and half of them were taking pictures of them.  It took her a minute, but she realized that they were at some kind of movie premiere.  None of it made sense, but Jim seemed totally at ease and he was carefully guiding her down the red carpet. 

When they were about halfway to the theatre, she heard someone yelling, “Hey Z”. 

Jim stopped and turned and then all of a sudden he was shaking Brad Pitt’s hand as Brad pulled him close and gave him the obligatory ‘man hug’.  He started asking him how he was, but Jim politely stopped him and introduced Olivia to him.  She thought she was dreaming as Brad Pitt took her hand in his and then leaned in and kissed her on the cheek as he told her how incredibly lovely she looked.  When Angelina Jolie hugged Jim and kissed his cheeks in the standard French hello and Jim called her Angie, Olivia thought she might pee herself from excitement.  When she heard Angelina refer to her as adorable and exotic looking at the same time, she needed to find a place to sit down.  Jim seemed to sense her discomfort and led her into the theatre.  Inside the cool darkness of the theatre she immediately felt better and he whisked her into a seat.  

She had so many questions and he explained that he’d founded a very successful software company a few years ago and sold out for a tidy little sum.  He then explained knowing Brad Pitt was a bit of a fluke, but he’d consulted on this movie and they had hit it off on set.  He told her to sit back and enjoy the show.  The theater was quite small and they were near the back.  She shivered and he quickly took off his tuxedo coat and draped it over her legs.  As the movie started, she felt his hand slowly moving up her leg.  Her breath caught in her throat as she could tell that his hand was moving with a pre-determined goal.  She looked about the crowded theatre and wondered if she could keep her noises to herself. 

She spread her legs and bit her lower lip as her body gushed with pleasure from his light touch through the stockings.  As the opening scene was a loud car chase scene, he didn’t mess around and in a flash his hand was wonderfully cupping her pussy. The silk panties were no obstacle and she could feel his touch as if there was nothing between them.  She leaned back and opened herself up to his touch even more and moments later, he found her clit and she buried her face against his neck as she whispered lustily,

“Oh yes, that feels incredible; oh my god, you’re going to make me cum…..oh fuck, oh Jim, ohhhhhhh.” 

As she fought the urge to scream, her body trembled with pleasure and he kissed her as he pulled his hand out from between her legs.  She stifled a giggle as he slowly licked his fingers; obviously enjoying the taste of her womanhood and she squeezed his leg and he grabbed her hand before she squeezed anything else.  He said,

“That was for you; this date is far from over; I’ll get mine later.”  She leaned her head against his broad shoulder and enjoyed the movie and wondered what was next. 

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