She's on the Prowl

By: zebo85

Page 1, Claudia knows what she wants and goes looking for it.

Claudia walked into a bar in a part of town that she knew was rife with college kids.  As usual, she was incredibly turned on as she went on the prowl.  In her mid 40s, but possessing the face and body of a woman half her age, she’d found that this new ‘hobby’ of hers was both thrilling and fulfilling.  She wasn’t sure when she’d realized that her relationship of 20+ years with her husband wasn’t satisfying, but she’d never felt more alive than she did right this minute. 

The place wasn’t completely filled yet as it was still early for the college crowd which is exactly what she wanted.  She ordered a shot of tequila and surveyed the place.  Her eyes landed on a table of six college men and slowly surveyed each one.  There he was!  Seated on the end closest to her, she saw he was clearly a key part of the group, but not the focal point.  He listened and laughed while the others were clowning around, but the few times he talked, his friends laughed even harder at whatever he said.  His eyes caught hers and when she smiled, he quickly got flustered and looked away.  He was a good looking man; over 6’ and lean; simply yummy looking.   She was thrilled at her luck to find a prey so quickly and as she gulped her shot of tequila, her luck continued as he got up and headed to the bar.  As he walked towards the bar, she made her move.

He reached the ordering area before her, but she said excuse me as she stepped in front of him in line.  She allowed her ass to graze against him and then she turned and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind if I cut; I really need a drink.”  He simply shrugged his shoulders and couldn’t hold her gaze as he looked away.  She waited a second and turned back to him again and said, “I’m Claudia; what’s your name?”  He was able to stammer out, “Jim” and he was clearly stunned that she was talking to him.  She liked the name, Jim; short and easy to scream out. 

She was next in line and ordered two shots of tequila.  When the bartender handed them to her, she turned and said, “I hate drinking alone; join me?”  She stepped closer to him and blocked the view of his friends as she downed hers and he did the same.  She then kissed him deeply as she pressed her body up tight against him.  She felt his cock stirring and then she whispered, “Come outside with me.”  His eyes went wide and she had a moment of fear when he said, “One second.”  He threw the bartender a $20 and told him to send a couple pitchers of beer over to his table.  She thought it was quite impressive that he had a woman hanging on him and he still made sure he bought his buddies beer.  He finally turned and they walked outside without saying another word.  She led him over to her long Mercedes in the corner of the lot and he dutifully followed her into the big backseat.  The windows were tinted well past the street legal limit, but that was one of the perks of being married to a successful businessman. 

As he settled into the sumptuous leather seat, she slowly hiked up her leather skirt until the lacy tops of her thigh highs came into view.  He gazed in lust at her toned legs and sexy stockings and then he looked up as he caught sight of her slowly unbuttoning her satin blouse.  When she had it open enough to display the silk camisole underneath, she reached out and gripped his cock through his jeans as she lustily said, “Jim, you do as I say and this will be your lucky night.”  He made some odd noise which she thought at first meant he understood and agreed, but then he said, “Oh, shit.”  She felt his cock pulsing in her hand and then he exploded.  She knowingly stroked him a few more times to give him his full release and she found his pained facial expression endearing.  She quickly said, “Oh Jim, don’t worry; I think it’s flattering that you obviously find me so sexy.  Let me clean this up and I bet you’ll be ready to go again in no time.”  She could feel her heart pounding as she knelt on the leather seat and bent over his lap and slowly undid his jeans.  She’d hit the switch so the interior was dimly lit in a soft light from small lights in the door and she gasped when she saw how drenched his boxers were.

She looked up at him and said “My goodness Jim, it looks like you’ve let off a fire hose in here.”  He smiled and then groaned in anticipation as she bent down and used her tongue to lick up the copious amounts of semen that had seeped through the boxers; nudging his cock through the boxers in the process.  As soon as the taste of him was on her tongue, her entire body shook with joy.  She couldn’t explain it, but this was her third young ‘victim’ and it was almost like licking up the eruptions of young men was her personal fountain of youth.  She immediately felt younger and the effects lasted for weeks at a time.  Maybe it was the power from knowing she was still hot enough to get young men off, but she relished this feeling.  The previous two times, she had humped the young men to release and then licked their spend off of her panties in privacy after they’d left so this was new ground for her.  She could feel her pussy starting to throb as she carefully pulled back his boxers and lapped up the mother lode of cum inside.  She found Jim’s semen exceptionally intoxicating and she knew she needed to be careful as she had an unusually strong attraction to him.  She was extremely careful that her lips or tongue didn’t touch his cock.  She did that because she knew his cock was likely still very sensitive from his climax, plus she also had an unusually high disdain for germs. 

The combination of her arousal and attraction to Jim had her so wild that she allowed her cheek to rub against his cock as she sucked the semen from the inside of his boxers. She could feel him hardening and it thrilled her to the core.  Her arousal went to new heights when he reached out and tentatively rubbed his hand up the back of her leg, under her skirt and then across the back panties.  She sat up and he looked worried that he’d done something wrong.  She smiled and said, “That’s just perfect Jim, play with my ass while we clean you up; but only rub me through my panties; don’t try and reach inside; do you understand?”  He quickly nodded and she unzipped her leather skirt and hiked it up so it was out of the way.  She leaned over again and saw that she had licked his boxers clean.  She saw a great deal of his eruption clinging to his balls and to the tip of his now semi-hard cock.  As she tried to squelch her germaphobia, he ran his hand across her ass and then tentatively down the crack of her ass.  She moved her knees apart so her legs opened up for him and she felt him tenderly trace along the outsides of her pussy lips.

Even through her three panties, his touch was exhilarating.   The three pair of panties was her way of overcoming her germ fears so she could relax during her forays into the unknown as she picked up her young conquests.  The first was a string bikini and it was completely soaked with her honey and currently wedged up between her pussy lips allowing her honey to flow freely into the second pair; a high cut bikini.  The outermost pair was patterned after what most people would call granny panties.  However, they were so much more.  Claudia had paid several hundred dollars for a seamstress to make her a dozen pair and this was the first time she’d worn a pair on her ‘hunt’.  However, she’d worn them a few other times and they made her weak in the knees.  They were made of the softest nylon she’d ever felt and the waist band went nearly to her belly button.  They were tailored specifically for her curves and they were designed with pleasure in mind.  The panty front and the gusset were a double layer of nylon with some fine lace sewed in between.  His searching fingers must have found the strip of lace as he had two fingers pressing firmly, but gently, as they rubbed between her pussy lips; creating a furrow of nylon as he spread her pussy lips even further open.  As she stared at the wonderful semen starting to dry on his balls, he found her clit.

She squealed and her lust pushed her forward and she ignored the thought of her germ phobia and eagerly sucked the cum off of his balls.  He groaned in response and pushed his hips up in an effort to stab his now hard cock in between her lips.  His slippery cock head slid against her cheek and nearly into her ear and then he lightly squeezed her clit and she shuddered as an orgasm was nearly upon her.  This experience was unlike her previous ones and she found herself gripping the base of his cock as her lips surprisingly surrounded his cock head and she noisily sucked his spend off the tip.  He pushed harder into her panties and pushed the tip of his finger just inside of her while thrusting more of his cock into her mouth.  She couldn’t recall the last time she’d had a cock in her mouth, but she found it thrilling.  For some reason, she imagined that Jim was the son of one of her uppity neighbors and the idea of them finding out made her even hornier.  His caressing fingers caused the lace to rub against her clit and she groaned as her orgasm started.  She quickly sat up and straddled his lap while pressing herself down against until her clit was aligned perfectly against his cock head.  With just a few thrusts against him, she was panting, “Oh yes, Jim, right there, Jim, that’s fucking perfect.”  Her orgasm deepened in intensity when he leaned down and sucked her hard nipple through the camisole as his strong hands gripped her ass tightly. 

She hadn’t felt this kind of pleasure in years and she was delirious with joy.  She rocked her clit against him until her release was complete and then she moved to give her poor clit a break.  She pressed his cock against his belly and slowly rode along its length. As she tried to get her breathing back under control, she watched his face and he clearly was enjoying the feeling of the silky nylon and lace rubbing his shaft.  His hands were lightly rubbing across her ass as she rode him and he nuzzled her neck with his lips.  She shifted so that she was resting on his thighs and his eyes opened as he looked to see why she had stopped.  She softly said, “Tell me if this feels good.  She gripped the waistband of her panties and rolled it down while pulling it out and then pulled the silky nylon down over his cock; essentially trapping his cock between layers of her nylon panties.  She was able to pull the top of her panties almost down to the base of his shaft and as she held the waist band tightly in her hands to ensure it didn’t slide up and off, she started moving against him again.

He definitely seemed to enjoy the feeling of his cock being surrounded by her silky panties as he moaned as his eyelids fluttered shut.  She rocked against him and she felt her own arousal beginning to peak again.  She leaned forward and kissed him softly and moved his hands to where hers were and whispered, “Hold my panties here.”  He did as instructed and so now she could move more freely and she did so; sensuously rubbing herself up and down his length.  She wasn’t sure she’d ever been this wet as it seemed like her pussy was oozing honey at an alarming rate and when she felt his cock head pushing against the opening of her pussy lips, she pressed down with all her weight and she groaned as she felt him dip into her smoldering cauldron of womanhood.  He groaned as well and she felt her entire body tingle and then goose bumps rose across her skin as she rode back down his shaft.  She shivered in anticipation as she rode back up his cock and so she was oblivious to his hands moving.  At just the right moment, he released his hold on the waistband of her outermost pair of panties and pulled the gussets of all three panties to the side as he adjusted his hips.

She saw fireworks as his cock perfectly plunged into her pussy pushing the front of her ‘granny panties’ up inside her as well.  In a voice filled with lust, she groaned, “Jim, you naughty little fucker; you’re breaking the rules.”  She slammed herself down and felt ever vein of his cock through the silky nylon as the lace panel rubbed her clit perfectly.  She rode him like a wild animal as she told him to fill her pussy with his cum.  Before wrapping his free arm around her lower back he pulled her camisole down freeing her bare breasts and as he sucked a bare nipple into his mouth, he did as he was told.  He erupted over and over again and she rode him until her waves of orgasms finally subsided.  She finally pulled herself off of him and fell to the leather seat next to him nearly exhausted.  Her legs were quivering from the exertion and she softly said, “You didn’t follow the rules, but that was incredible.”  She took his cell phone number and told him she would definitely call.  He zipped up and kissed her deeply and thanked her for the best experience of his life.  She sat back and carefully peeled her panties off her legs and as she sucked his semen and her pussy juices out of them, she tenderly fingered herself to another orgasm. 

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