Personal Banker

By: zebo85

Page 1, Sammy is distracted by a routine stop in the bank.

As she stood in line at her local branch bank, Sammy thought about her life.  She felt on top of the world as her fledgling business was really starting to take off.  The first two years had been tough, but they were finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Her partner in the business was her best friend, Kate, and they were finally able to smile at work again. Her personal life was also starting to look up as she recently started dating a really nice guy and she had hopes that this would be the one.  It’s not like she was desperate as she was only twenty-nine, attractive by most people’s standards with an easy going personality.  Kate was always telling her that she needed to be more bold in how she dressed and acted as she wasn’t ‘selling herself’ as well as she could pr should.  Kate didn’t like her new boyfriend and barely hid that fact whenever he came by the boutique. 

Sammy was so lost in thought that she didn’t even realize that she’d shuffled her way to the front of the line until the teller cleared his throat.  When she looked up, she was momentarily lost in his smile and warm hazel colored eyes.  They were slightly hidden by his glasses, but they seemed to look deeply into her soul.  For whatever reason, she felt a bit flustered and she noticed his eyes move lower and she wondered if he liked what he saw.  She was wearing a satin blouse that was molded to her breasts due to static and she wondered if he could see the lace cups of the satin bustier she’d chosen this morning.  She’d purchased it as one of her first splurges when their shop had finally made a profit and she felt great when she wore it. 

She finally pushed across the deposit slip with the checks and he chit chatted with her as he very proficiently processed the checks.  He commented that it looked like they had a good day and she cheerfully talked about the boutique.  She literally gushed and he smiled and said that he always enjoyed hearing tales of entrepreneurs; especially such pretty ones.  He said that in a whisper and she wondered if he’d get into a lot of trouble if they heard him flirting with a customer.  She smiled and couldn’t help but look at him more closely and she was surprised as she thought of how nice his lips would feel on her body.  He finished up the deposit and placed the cash for tomorrow in the bank bag as he softly said, “The green of your blouse really makes your dazzling eyes pop even more.”  She blushed, but loved the compliment.  Any time a guy noticed her eyes it made her weak in the knees.  She smiled and when he asked if there was anything else he could do for her, she paused and then said, “No, but you certainly have brightened an already good day.”  He smiled and gave a mock bow and said, “It was all my pleasure.”  She turned to leave and she could feel his eyes on her and she looked back and sure enough he was enjoying a long look at her back side.  She found his eyes on her thrilling and she looked back until he looked up and then he smiled and winked at her with no apparent embarrassment for having been busted looking at her ass.

She walked out to her car and was startled at the flood of emotions.  She had just met him and she hadn’t even looked at his name badge, but she was very attracted to him.  She realized for the first time that the throbbing she was feeling wasn’t from an empty stomach and when she moved her leg to start her car, she could feel that her panties were damp.  She felt like a teenager as she couldn’t recall when just a short interaction with a man had left her so unbelievably horny.  For the entire trip back to the boutique, she couldn’t stop thinking about him and she decided that instead of alternating the trips to the bank, she would tell Kate that she would take care of it.  When she got back to the boutique, her new boyfriend, Justin, was there and she immediately knew that Kate was ready to kick him out.  She threw the bank bag to Kate and gave Justin a quick peck of a kiss, yet she was thinking of the man at the bank as she did so.  Kate gladly left them alone as it likely pained her to make small talk with him. 

Justin was starting to explain why he had stopped by when Kate came over with a big smile and handed her a piece of paper and said something like, “You’ll need this when you’re doing the books later.”  Sammy didn’t even look down at it at first, but there was something about Kate’s smile that made her look.  As Justin continued talking, she saw the writing on the back of the deposit slip, “SORRY IF IT WAS TOO COLD IN THE BANK FOR YOU TODAY J”.  She barely stifled a gasp as she immediately knew her nipples must have gotten hard and the thin lace of the bustier did nothing to stop them from pushing through the satin blouse.  She couldn’t believe that he’d written her a note to tell her he’d noticed.  She wondered if he suspected that he was the cause of her hard nipples or if he was just kidding her about reacting to the cold bank.  She hoped it was the first one and the thought only deepened the throbbing emanating from her honey pot and she was almost completely oblivious to her boyfriend standing there.  She tucked the note into her folder and tried to focus her attention back on Justin.    

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