Personal Banker, Pt 3

By: zebo85

Page 1, Sammy\'s desire for the bank employee grows and grows.

The next morning Sammy took extra care in shaving her legs and then doing her hair and makeup.  Although she and the bank teller had exchanged few words, he was on her mind a lot.  With a towel wrapped around her wonderful curves, she walked into her closet and surveyed her clothes.  She’d rarely worried about what to wear, but she had butterflies in her stomach as she thought about what Kyle would like.  She finally settled on a wrap dress that hugged each of her curves and felt like butter on.  She settled on a lacy blue bra and panty set and admired her reflection one more time before heading into the office.  The morning whizzed by and then Kate appeared and said she was headed to the bank.  Sammy’s voice caught in her throat as she was stunned as she hadn’t considered Kate going.  She finally said that she’d go so Kate didn’t have to and Kate burst out laughing.  Kate told her that she’d looked like her world was crashing down around her.   Sammy laughed and it relieved some of her tension as she grabbed the deposit out of Kate’s hand.  Kate yelled say hi to Kyle for me in a teasing voice and Sammy flipped her the finger as she walked out of the shop. 


Truth be told, Sammy was enjoying the teasing as she hadn’t been this interested in a guy for a long time and it felt good to feel this way.  As she pulled up to the bank, she checked her makeup one more time and then took a deep breath and headed for the door.  Kyle noticed her as soon as he walked through the door and she could feel his eyes devouring her as she walked.  She felt reckless as she exaggerated her steps to make her hips sway even more than usual.  He winked at her and she smiled broadly and admittedly loved his attention.   When it was her turn, she stepped up and said hello and enjoyed his warm smile.  He took her deposit slip and handed her a form and said that it was a new privacy form that she needed to read.  When she saw his handwriting at the bottom, she shivered, but when she read it, she barely stifled a gasp, “I SEE THAT’S A WRAP DRESS, OPEN IT UP SO I CAN SEE WHAT YOU HAVE ON UNDERNEATH.” 


She shook her head but he nodded his.  She couldn’t believe how she felt; it was thrilling to have this man she barely knew making demands of her and she found that it multiplied the physical attraction she already felt for him.  She looked around and felt like everyone knew exactly what was going on; however, no one else was even in the bank teller area.  She took a deep breath and took a step back and relished the smile that formed on his face as he watched her face.  Her breathing was labored and the seemingly ever present throbbing in her pussy was growing in strength.  She quickly pulled the wrap dress and pulled outward with both hands until she could feel her thighs come into view and then she stopped.  As he continued to process her deposit, he shook his head and she knew he was telling her to keep going.  She did so and her whole body was trembling now.  She could tell her nipples were hard as rocks and she wished Kyle would step back so that she could the bulge in his slacks.  As if he read her mind, he did just that and her eyes went wide as she saw his arousal very visibly present. 


It emboldened her and she opened her dress until she knew her lacy panties were visible.  He raised his eyebrows and smiled and she quickly dropped her dress back into place.  She was having trouble catching her breath and it was clear that Kyle was enjoying the effects he was having on her.  He asked her a question and she did the best she could to answer it and then he leaned forward as he handed her the deposit receipt and said, “I can smell your arousal and I wish I could taste you right now.”  She was so stunned that she simply smiled and she felt like she might faint.  Her mouth was so dry from the excitement of it all she desperately needed something to drink.  For some reason all she could think about was taking him into her mouth and then having him fill her mouth with his eruption.  He smiled and his eyes twinkled as if he read her mind again and she wondered how he could have such an incredible erotic effect on her. 


He bent down and picked up a small package and said that it was a gift from the bank for her to open later.  He then stopped and wrote something on the back of the deposit receipt and slid it to her and from his body language she knew he expected her to read it right then.  She looked down and read, “SINCE I CAN’T TASTE YOU DIRECTLY, GO IN THE FAMILY RESTROOM OFF THE LOBBY, TOUCH YOURSELF UNTIL YOU CUM.  THEN, TAKE OFF YOUR PANTIES AND LEAVE THEM INSIDE A PAPERTOWEL AT THE VERY TOP OF THE WASTE BASKET.”  She couldn’t focus but she heard him say have a nice day. 


She walked away and felt his gaze on her ass.  With each step, she felt her arousal growing and she couldn’t believe she was even considering this.  The clicking of her heels against the tile floor seemed to send shock waves directly to her pussy and she wondered if it could be possible that what she was feeling on the inside of her thigh was actually a trail of her arousal that had escaped her sodden panties.  When she reached the restroom area, she spied the drinking fountain and so she took a big drink of water and she suddenly felt better.  She turned with the intention of leaving the bank and showing Kyle who was in charge, but she saw him looking at her and his eyes were so damn mesmerizing that she shivered, turned and walked into the family restroom.  As soon as the door shut, her skirt was above her waist and she rubbed her clit through the panties and with a squeal through clenched lips, she had an explosive orgasm.  She leaned against the sink to get her legs back under her and she fought to control her breathing.  The entire thing was so surreal that she couldn’t believe it was really happening. 


Her legs felt like cooked spaghetti as she worked her soaked panties down her legs and over her heels.  She giggled at what she was doing, but she was also completely turned on.  She placed them inside the paper towel and started to put them inside the waste basket when she had a thought.  She grabbed a Kleenex, freshened her lipstick quickly and left a big wet kissing lipstick mark on the Kleenex.  She then put her panties inside that and then inside the paper towel.  She grabbed the package he’d given her and gave him a little wave as she walked out the front door of the bank.  She imagined him holding them to his face as he inhaled her musky womanly scent and then licking her honey from them.  Just the thought had her on the verge of another orgasm before she reached her car.  


Once inside, she tore open the package and saw a silk lingerie set and another handwritten note.  “YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND DESIRABLE WOMAN, BUT YOU’LL BE A GODDESS IN THIS SET.  WEAR IT TOMORROW AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME FOR ME.”

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