Personal Banker, Part 4

By: zebo85

Page 1, Sammy\'s relationship with the banker deepens....

Sammie tried not to think too much about what was going on.  All she knew was that Kyle, the bank teller, knew just how to push her buttons.  Without laying a finger on her, he’d given her more pleasure than any other man; in fact, it was mildly sad, but it wasn’t even a close comparison.  When she had masturbated in the bank bathroom as he had ‘ordered’, it was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever head.  She’d actually called her new boyfriend last night and told him that she needed to cool it for a while as she had to focus on work.  It was a slight lie, but she wanted to see what was going to happen with Kyle.

She touched the items that Kyle had given her and shivered.  It was a silky virgin white teddie with four garter straps, a matching half slip and sheer nude stockings.  Stepping into the teddie made her drip with arousal and things got complicated from there.  She didn’t have much practice with attaching stockings and the by the time she was done twisting and turning to get all 4 attachments secure, the crotch of the teddie had been pulled, pushed and twisted against her already wet pussy and she was breathless from arousal.  She stepped into the matching mini half slip and then into some higher heels than normal. She walked around her bedroom a little bit and found that the stockings pulling against the straps was highly enjoyable and the light caress of the slip against her thighs only added to the seductive feeling she had.  She took a quick look in the mirror and loved what she saw.  The slip barely covered the garter straps so the stocking tops were visible and it made a sexy image. 

She sighed and realized that she needed to get moving so she found a pink pleated skirt that sat high on her hips and only came to about mid thigh.  She loved how the pleats swayed with each step.  She located her sheerest white blouse so the lacy teddie was completely visible underneath.  She slipped into a short jacket to hide her sheer blouse until she was with Kyle.  She didn’t want to make every man swoon over her sexy image; just Kyle.  Walking into the bank a half hour later, she was surprised that Kyle wasn’t in the teller area.  A woman came over and asked if she needed help and Sammy quickly said she had an appointment with Kyle.

A few minutes later Kyle came out and introduced himself as the bank manager.  Sammy was confused, but Kyle whispered that he was new to this branch, so he’d been learning the processes by doing every job, but he was done with that and would she please come back to his office.  She immediately had visions of being on top of his desk as he buried his face in her pussy and she felt faint as she followed him back to his office.  He was all business as he pointed her to a seat and then nodded towards a camera in the corner that faced his desk.  She was quite disappointed as she wouldn’t be a snack for Kyle today.  After he sat down, he said that there was no sound, just picture. 

She nodded and then he looked deep into her eyes and said, “Show me.” 

She felt the tingles going up and down her spine as she realized that the camera must not be able to see her completely and so as she chewed on her lower lip, she slowly hiked her skirt up.  His eyes feasted on each inch of her as he talked about something.  She had no idea what it was, but he had a pamphlet out on the desk and pointing to; all the while his eyes were on her legs.  When the slip and stocking tops came into view, he sighed and told her that she was magnificent.  In a voice filled with lust, he told her to uncross her legs and moved forward on her chair so he could see the crotch of the teddie better. 

She shivered at his demanding tone, but she did as he said.  As he lifted up the brochure to point at something, he lustfully said, “Oh my god; you are so wet.  I mean I can see the sheen of your honey on the inside of your thighs; I want you to.” 

His brutal honesty was so thrilling that she was ready to fuck him right then and there.  She didn’t care if the video was posted on the internet later, she wanted him that badly.  He told her to take off her jacket and she made sure that she pushed the blouse tight against her and the way his eyes feasted on her made her breathing come in ragged spurts.  She was vaguely aware that he was saying something about lockboxes and then he was standing and helping her to her feet.

She could feel his need when he brushed his erection up against the small of her back.  As he helped her up from her chair, his hand had been tenderly on her upper arm and he took the opportunity to graze her breast with her fingertips.  Just the light touch was intensely pleasurable, but then he guided her out of the office and back to the lockbox area.  He showed her how it worked and motioned and explained the cameras in the vault.  He showed her how it took two keys turned at the same time to open the door.  In her state of arousal, she fumbled with the key and he stepped over and pressed himself against her as he showed her what to do.  She felt her eyesight get hazy with lust as he pressed his cock firmly into her ass.  She wanted him so badly that she felt desperate and lost. 

Once they got the box out, he explained that there were three private rooms where a client could go.  When he mentioned there were no cameras in them, she immediately asked to see one.  He smiled and explained that ordinarily a bank employee was not allowed into the room with her, but since this was a tour, it was okay.  Plus he could show her the PCs that were kept in there for client use. 

Once inside the room, Kyle wasted no time.  He pressed her up against the high table as his hand went up under her skirt and cupped her pussy through the teddie.  His touch through the thin nylon was breathtaking and her hips immediately started to move as she pressed herself against his fingers while she pressed her ass against his cock. 

She started to reach back with her hand to free his cock, but his lips were warm and magical against her ear as he whispered, “We don’t have enough time for me today; only you.”

Before his words were fully understood by her brain, his fingers were pulling at the snaps of the teddie apart while he was bending down in order to kneel under the table.  She groaned at the realization of what he had planned and she shamelessly opened herself up for him by draping her leg over his shoulder.  When his tongue first slowly licked up and down her wet slit, she groaned and the tremors that signaled an oncoming orgasm started deep inside her. 

She could feel one of his hands slowly moving over the leg over his shoulder while his lips quickly found her clit.  The pent up arousal that had only been quieted momentarily the previous day when she had masturbated for him, was unleashed and she humped his talented tongue and lips with an urgency like she’d never felt before.  His other hand gripped her ass so hard it took her breath away.  It was such a contrast from the tenderness of his lips and tongue on her wet womanhood that it pushed her over the edge.  She was moaning Kyle over and over again as she rushed towards her orgasm.  After a quick spank on her ass, he brought his hand into play as two of his fingers wormed deep inside her. 

As his middle finger found her g-spot his lips clamped down harder on her clit and the resulting orgasms made her grip the table top to keep from falling to the floor.  He continued to finger her pussy and tease her clit until she finally had to pull away.  She moved to the wall and leaned against it as her own hands roughly caressed her breasts through her blouse as they begged for some attention.  He stood and wiped her arousal off his face with the back of his hand as he seductively ran his tongue across his lips as if to say he couldn’t wait to get more of her.  She could see his need so evident in his slacks, but he smiled and said that his time would come soon enough. 

He glanced at his watch and whispered that they had to get moving or security would be wondering what was going on.  He walked over and pressed his cock into her belly as he kissed her deeply.  She’d never tasted her own arousal before and it made the situation all the more surreal.  As their tongues danced, he reached down and slowly snapped her teddy crotch closed.  His fingers grazed her clit several times in the process and she squeezed his neck roughly as the light touches on her sensitive clit brought her to another climax. 

He smoothed her skirt down her legs for her as she was still gasping for breath.  He adjusted his erection and asked if she was ready.  He led her to the front door and told her to come by anytime.  As she walked out into the sunlight of the morning, she smiled at how wonderful life was. 

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