Personal Banker, Part 2

By: zebo85

Page 1, More intrigue for Sammy at the bank

Sammy told Justin that she had too many things to do that evening to do anything with him and on the way home from the boutique, she wondered why she had.  She had absolutely nothing on her schedule, but as she drew a hot bath, she couldn’t get her mind off that damn teller.  She found him very physically attractive and she’d enjoyed their brief chat, but the note about the bank being cold and realizing her nipples had been hard seemed to have had an amazing effect on her.  She’d had lots of men flirt with her and some had even been incredibly suggestive with their flirting, but his was equal parts suggestive and witty as it wasn’t overtly sexual.  She found that intriguing and as she thought about him, this still nameless bank teller, she thought about her relationship with Justin.  She realized that she’d been hoping for the last several weeks that their physical chemistry would improve.  Justin was kind to her, but so far their physical activity left her mostly ‘high and dry’.  As she washed her body, her body started responding.  She could feel her nipples hardening and the familiar throbbing start deep within her core.  She looked longingly at the Jacuzzi jets, but then shook her head.  She wanted to delay her gratification and see what happened with this bank teller.

The next day at work, she skipped out around 11:00 to go for a run at the gym and as she was about to hit the showers, Kate called her and said that she needed to go by the bank and straighten out an issue with the previous day’s deposit.  A customer had called and said the bank had cleared the check for $10,000 instead of $1,000.  Sammy knew it was urgent, so she left the gym in her running shorts and tank top.  She couldn’t help but check her makeup and try and fix her hair a little bit when she got there, but after running three miles at the gym, there wasn’t much she could do.  Her timing was good as she got there before the normal lunch rush and she ended up first in line.  She found her heart beating as she noticed him working the drive through and she felt a little disappointed that he wouldn’t be helping her.  A friendly woman listened to the problem and that’s when he turned around.  He got a big smile on his face and he came right over and said,

“I helped her with that deposit yesterday, so I must have messed up; let me fix it.” 


The woman was more than happy to let someone else fix the problem and that’s when Sammy finally saw his name plate, Kyle.  She almost said it out loud as she was saying it in her head and she decided the name fit him.  He apologized over and over again and added,

“I was hoping I would see you again, but certainly not under these circumstances.  Let’s just see what happened.”


He must have been waiting for his computer to do something and so he took the opportunity to slowly look her up and down.  Sammy felt her body warm under his gaze and she felt deliciously awkward.  She kept shuffling her feet and she wondered if it was possible that the front of her running shorts were getting damp from her exploding arousal.  After what seemed like an hour of his eyes leisurely examining her body, he finally asked if she’d had a good workout.  She replied she had, but she hadn’t had time to shower as she knew she needed to get this situation resolved quickly.  Kyle softly said,


“Well, you could have called to resolve this, but I’m so glad you didn’t.”


Sammy blushed slightly as she hadn’t even thought of that and wondered if Kate had pushed her to coming here today since she certainly could have called the bank herself.  She flushed at her friend meddling in her affairs, but then Kyle complimented her on her baby blue tank top and matching shorts and how good she looked in it.  She blushed even more and she felt her pussy throbbing.  She ran her hands down the tank top knowing full well that the tank top was pulled tight against her breasts and the sports bra wouldn’t have a chance of stopping her nipples from showing through.  Kyle pointed at his computer screen, but his eyes were devouring her breasts and Sammy felt more breathless now than she did than when she’d finished her three mile run at the gym. 


Kyle showed her that the woman had been sloppy with how she’d written the check and the imaging software had made an error because of it and overridden what Kate had written on the deposit slip.  Kyle said that someone would contact the woman personally and explain the situation so the woman wouldn’t think that they had tried to do something fraudulent.  Sammy found that to be a wonderful extra touch and she enthusiastically thanked him for his help.  He told her he would print out the image so she could show the woman if she wanted to see what had happened.  When Sammy saw him writing something on the back, she felt faint.  She had no idea why she was reacting this way; she felt like a teenage girl and she found it all so wonderfully thrilling.


As soon as she got to her car, she looked at his note and she felt her pussy spasm.  “I found you exceptionally attractive TODAY all hot and sweaty AS YOU WERE, but I expect you to be in a skirt or dress next time.  It’s what I prefer; KYLE.”  She couldn’t understand why she found it such a turn on that he had made a wardrobe request.  She read it again and realized it wasn’t a request; it was an order and of course that made her even hotter.  She called Kate as she drove back to the gym and told her it was all straightened out.  Kate immediately asked how the note guy was and Sammy was feeling playful so she said, “Who said it was a he?”  Kate snorted into the phone from laughing as Sammy ended the call.  Back at the gym in the shower, Sammy’s hands took an unusually long time in soaping up her body and it wasn’t until she noticed another woman brazenly watching her did she realize that her hands had been sensuously caressing her soapy breasts for several minutes.  She pulled the shower curtain closed and fought the urge to let her hands wander lower.  She giggled as she wondered what was going on with her.    

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