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Pancakes and More

Short story By: zebo85

Tags: Quickie, Lust

An agonizing breakfast with family takes an unexpected turn

Submitted:Dec 17, 2012    Reads: 2,882    Comments: 6    Likes: 7   

She was at Village Inn eating breakfast with her extended family. Her in laws were okay, but only in small doses and this breakfast idea was turning into a problem. She took note of the handsome young busboy. He looked out of place as he didn't appear the teenager that the rest looked like and she made small talk as he asked her if she needed anything for the fifth time. He admitted that he was in college and normally in the back as a dishwasher, but they needed help today in the restaurant and so he agreed to work the floor. In her ear he admitted that he was glad he did so as she was even more scrumptious looking than the morning special.
She wasn't sure that she was agreeable to being compared to food, but his lips against her ear flamed up her rocket engine libido and she squirmed as she felt her honey making machine make an early deposit into her half slip. You see, she'd decided to go commando today for some reason and now she was glad that she'd worn the half slip to collect her arousal. Moments later, he brought more syrup to the table and somehow managed to pour part of it across her skirt.
She looked at him like he was a fucking idiot, but bit her tongue due to the number of young relatives around the table. She excused herself to go to the restroom shaking her head at the stupidity of some people. The bathroom door hadn't even closed yet and she felt a presence behind her. She didn't even have time to turn when she was pressed up against the vanity. She looked up into the mirror and smiling back at her was the busboy. She trembled and said no and he laughed and said, "Fuck that."
His hand was under her skirt in a flash and as he wormed two fingers into her hot and wet pussy he laughed again and said, "I knew you wanted it."
His fingers were long and rough and they felt so fucking good that she rubbed her ass against his cock in delight. His free hand manhandled her sumptious breasts and quickly brought their hard nipples to life under her lacy bra. Before she could whisper more coffee please she was cumming. She could feel her honey flow past his fingers and down the inside of her stockings and she hoped they were comparable to bounty papertowels as she felt him undoing his zipper and she knew that this flow of honey was just the start.
He pushed her upper body roughly over the sink and she had to admit his aggressiveness was a turn on. When he slammed his cock home, it took all her self control not to scream out, "oh fuck yes; give it to me baby" as his cock was a glorious piece of meat. He held himself deep inside her as he teased her rose hole. He groaned that her pussy was so good that her ass must be even better and all she could do was whimper. She hadn't had it in the ass for so long and this young stud just teasing her with the thought was too much and her pussy clenched his cock again and again as she came again.
He moaned that sure felt good and boy was she a hot piece of ass and he spanked her ass a few times in gratitude. He moaned that maybe she'd stop by again for some back door action, but for now he was going to hammer her pussy. With his hands roughly gripping her hips, he did just that. His thrusts nearly lifted her off the floor and she loved it. Stroke after stroke he abused her pussy until he reached in front of her and rubbed her clit so hard it took her breath away. It was painful, but so much more. She'd never before enjoyed anything but the lightest of caresses on her tiny little love button, but this time, it took her to a new height of pleasure.
So, with him banging her pussy with punishing strokes, he bruised her clit and as he slid his thumb deep into her ass, she was hit with so many orgasms that she nearly lost control of her bladder. When she felt him empty his seed deep inside her pussy, her stolen moment of heat was complete. He quickly fixed his clothes and it was a good thing as just a second later her little niece opened the restroom door. The stud must have been in this situation again as he flicked down her skirt without the little girl seeing it and announced that the sink would work now.
She smiled at him as she tried to steady her legs. As he walked out, the little girl smiled at her and said to be careful as the man had made a mess and there was water all over the floor. She looked down and giggled as she realized that it was a pool of her honey and her stockings were completely soaked. She stripped them off before going back to the breakfast gathering and the rest of the morning was a complete delight as she mentally relived the glorious fucking she'd just experienced.


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