May the Force Be With You!

By: zebo85

Page 1, A chance meeting at a convention becomes a lifetime memory

He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but his young sons wouldn’t let him out of a promise he’d made a few weeks ago. He’d been joking when he told them that he would take them to the Star Wars convention that was coming to town, but they had taken him seriously and wanted to know which character he was going to be. He immediately said Yoda, but they told him that at 6’2” he wasn’t going as Yoda. They already had Boba Fett and Darth Vader costumes from a previous Halloween, so he finally said Han Solo. His wife dutifully found him something to wear and now that they were walking the floors of the convention center, he was actually getting into it. His boys were pointing out all the various people in costumes and they were laughing at all the really bad costumes. It was then that he saw her; a stunning woman in the famous Princess Leia ‘bikini’ outfit. She had jet black hair and was wearing a floor length gown as she walked along in four inch heels. He couldn’t stop staring at her and she must have felt his eyes as she turned and met his gaze. She must have found him somewhat acceptable as she smiled, but then quickly turned and walked down a hallway.

As his boys drug him from one exhibit to the next, he kept an eye out for her. She was stunning in her own right, but considering the fact that the convention was 90% male and along with all the long suppressed Princess Leia fantasies, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. A few minutes later, some friends of his sons came up and said that they were showing the 3D version of one of the movies in the theatre and could they come along. He had told his sons that they could only stay for 2 hours and they were already near that time frame. They quickly said that the friends’ moms were going to the movie and so he could leave and come back and pick them up. One of the moms said that would be just fine since his sons were always so well behaved, but he still wasn’t sure. However, as they were begging him, he saw her again. He quickly gave his cell phone number to the other parent as he watched ‘Princess Leia’ so he wouldn’t lose sight of her again.

He wasn’t sure what he was doing, but after watching to ensure that his sons were safely tucked away in the theatre, he walked over to her. Stepping up next to her, he realized he’d not thought of a single thing to say. As her piercing eyes finally noticed him he waved his hand in the air and said without much conviction, “I am the man you are looking for.” She laughed out loud and then playfully touched his arm as she said, “Wow, that was really bad; especially since you’re Han Solo and not one of the Jedi’s.” He couldn’t help but laugh himself at what an absolutely idiot he was and then said, “You must hear bad pick up lines all the time.” She quickly responded, “Oh, I should write a book.” She paused and then with a twinkle in her eyes said, “Of course, yours might have been one of the cutest.” He smiled and felt something that he tried to ignore, but didn’t do very well. In a voice that was tinged with a new kind of nervousness he said, “I guess all those adolescent fantasies about Princess Leia were too strong to resist.” She smiled and took a step closer as she said, “Oh, you’ve gotten control of yourself now.”

Her bare leg was touching his and he could feel his cock throbbing in his pants as he moved his hand across the small of her back, leaned in and whispered, “Not even close; stopped trying as soon as you smiled.” She made no effort to move away as she said, “Your hand is very cold.” This time his lips were nearly touching her neck as he said, “I’ve got a couple ideas of how to warm them up.” This time he could hear the tremor in her voice as she pulled her cape around them both as her hand grazed his cock as she said, “A couple?” His lips barely brushed hers as he said while pointing, “Meet me up over there in three minutes or less.” His heart was pounding as he watched her walk towards a nearby escalator. He headed for the stairs and took them two at a time and they both met near what he hoped was a hallway. He was lucky and they walked into the darkness without saying a word.

As she finished saying, “This probably isn’t a good idea”, he kissed her. It wasn’t a soft kiss, but it wasn’t quite a John Wayne bruise inducing kiss either. He was giddy when she responded quickly and soon their tongues were dancing in her mouth. She sighed as his suddenly warm hand freed one magnificent breast and lightly palmed her nipple. It was already hard and only got harder from his touch. He broke the kiss and bent down to suck her nipple and she ran her fingers through his thick hair. She moaned, “We can’t” but her words were empty of any real resistance as she pressed her pussy against his hand as he cupped her sex through her costume. His fingers quickly snaked their way down the front and inside her sex. He was amazed at how incredibly hot and silky her pussy felt and he whispered as much in her ear. Her hand was rubbing him through his pants and all she could think about was how badly she wanted his cock inside her. She whispered as much in his ear.

Their thoughts of what might occur pushed them both over the edge and they pressed against each other as their hot breath filled each others’ ear as they simultaneously climaxed. As their breathing returned to normal, she seductively replaced her magnificent breast back in her costume and they finally made eye contact. They both looked sheepish as if they couldn’t believe what they had just done. They both struggled with figuring out something to say and he finally raised his hand up to brush away some hair that had fallen into her eyes. He was about to say that she was incredible and would never forget this moment, but then he caught her fragrant aroma that was clinging to his fingers as he fixed her hair. It was like a shot of testosterone as his cock suddenly sprang to life in his pants. She must have felt the shift in mood as her eyes suddenly blazed with a new energy, but he only caught a glimpse of it as he dropped to his knees in front of her.

He was overjoyed when he pulled the skirt aside and only found a tiny g-string underneath. He pulled it aside and buried his face in her sweet pussy. She quickly lifted one leg and draped it over her shoulder which opened herself up to him. She was absolutely amazed that his tongue seemed to know every fold of her sex and when he flicked across her clit it was all she could do to keep from screaming in pleasure. He sucked her clit into his mouth as his index finger softly circled around her anus. She humped his face as she came over and over again. She was still filled with lust as she pushed him onto his back and quickly straddled him. She freed his cock and they shared a quickly giggle as it was slippery with his earlier release. She guided him past the g-string and as she slowly impaled herself onto him, she felt a pleasure she’d rarely ever experienced.

For his part, it was all he could to keep from climaxing as her pussy muscles gripped him with such an intense tightness that it was paradise as she slowly rode him. He gripped her ass tightly with both hands as she quickened her pace. She must have sensed his proximity to climaxing as she leaned down and whispered, “Cum inside me, Han; please, fill me up.” As his eyes started to glaze over, she reached down and caressed her clit and as she felt him explode inside her, she climaxed again as well. She fell forward across his upper body and they kissed a deep soulful kiss. This time there was no sheepishness in their eyes as they both whispered how incredible it had been.

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