Her Elevator Man, Part 3

By: zebo85

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As she knelt on the couch, she braced herself for his glorious cock to be unceremoniously jammed into her very ready pussy, but she was wrong. His strong arms picked her up, turned her and deposited her sweet ass on the top of the couch and he quickly buried his face in her pussy. As his tongue took its first lick of her sweet elixir she groaned. It felt so good to finally make noise that as his tongue darted in between her lips and pressed up into her pussy, she squealed and her hand moved to his thick dark hair. She leaned back against the wall and started humping his face. She desperately needed to climax and he sensed her hunger. He quickly concentrated on her hard clit and as he sucked it into her mouth she brought her palm to her mouth and bit down or she would have screamed so loud that people would have heard her on the floors above and below. As she spiraled into the wave of the oncoming orgasm, she announced over and over again, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” with a few, “Oh fuck yes, right there” for good measure.

What neither of them knew was that a painter had heard their squeals of pleasure and was watching them around a corner. He was a young college aged man that was only doing this as a part time job. He’d often dreamed of something just like this and he didn’t hesitate in dropping his pants and slowly stroking his cock. He couldn’t believe his luck as the woman on the top of the couch opened her blouse and pulled her tits out of the top of the slip and started squeezing them violently as she crested the wave of the first orgasm. He wasn’t completely sure, but the man must have snuck a finger up her ass as she suddenly squealed and it set off an even more frantic reaction as she started slapping the man’s back as he continued to suck on her clit. The painter was getting close to his own climax when he heard a woman’s voice, “What the fuck are you doing standing around?” Not even thinking about it, he turned and she saw his young hard cock in his hand. The woman was the project interior designer and although exceptionally hot, she was known around the job site as Ms. Bitch. Nothing was ever good enough for her and she’d had numerous workers fired on the spot.

When she saw his cock, she was stopped dead in her tracks. Dressed as usual in totally inappropriate clothes for a work site in high heels, tight skirt and blouse she looked so incredibly fuckable that he lost his mind for a second as he asked, “My hands getting tired; why don’t you make yourself useful.” To his surprise, she stood there mesmerized by the sight of his cock. It was then that she apparently heard the noises from the other room and walked up right next to him and looked around the corner. As she watched the woman in the final throes of her first wave of orgasms, she lost her own self-control as well and reached out and gripped the young painter’s cock. Just the touch of his hard, hot flesh thrilled her and it only escalated as he roughly turned her and forced her face first into the rough drywall. He grabbed the hem of her skirt and started to yank it up, but realized his mistake and quickly undid the wide belt and the unzipped the skirt before yanking it up and out of the way. The woman’s expensive Myla silk garter slip came into view and he thought of how wonderful life was. After a quick spank on her tight ass that was exposed just below the hem of the slip, he pulled the matching silk thong out of the way and pressed his cock against her opening. Although her arousal was escalating quickly, she wasn’t nearly ready for his cock and it felt like his cock was covered in sharp glass as he shoved past her dry lips and into her pussy.

The pain was quickly forgotten as he pulled out more slowly letting her honey coat his cock and when he thrust in again, she gasped from the intense pleasure. She turned her head so she could see the other couple and the man had the woman on all fours now as he hammered her pussy relentlessly. The young painter had the same idea and she could tell this wouldn’t last long. She reached her hand down and rubbed her clit and it was enough to push her over the edge just before he exploded over and over again in her pussy.

Over on the couch, the woman was still reeling from the multiple orgasms her elevator man had given her with his tongue and lips. She’d never had anyone even close to her pussy, so his skilled tongue and lips made her feel things that she couldn’t describe in words. She was now getting the fucking she’d been dreaming about, but it was so much more. The way his thick cock stretched her pussy with each powerful thrust left her feeling so wonderfully used. She felt like a rag doll as the powerful fucking had her body thrown around with each thrust and she loved every second of it. What made it even more incredible was his words. With each thrust he would say things like, “Your pussy feels so good” or “Your ass is so incredible” and then he’d spank it. The spanks were somewhere between playful and real and she felt like he couldn’t do anything wrong. When he pulled out, she decided that was wrong and tried to push him back inside her. Instead, he used his hand and guided his soft cock head up and down and around her clit. It felt even more incredible than when his tongue had been on it and when he said, “Guide me; show me how you like it” she readily did so. Guiding his cock to just below her clit, she groaned, “Now thrust into it”. He started doing so and the resulting sensations were unreal.

Just like in the movies, she began seeing fireworks and she honestly thought she might black out as the experience was just that intense. She didn’t even realize it was her voice at first, but then she realized the voice was hers and she was using words she would never use, “Oh fuck my clit; harder, use that cock of yours, make me your whore, oh fuck yes, put your finger in my ass again, that feels so good.” Her words were clearly spurring him on as he did everything she said and more so as his free hand assaulted her sensitive nipples. Her body was a competing sense of nerve endings. One second she’d be focused on his index finger gently probing her anus, but then he’d pinch her nipple and her focus turned there. However, moments later there was only one spot to focus on as his cock was hitting her clit just right. She reached back to grab his ass to hold him still and thankfully he did so. She slowly rolled her hips as she held his cock head against her clit and as he pulled on one nipple and nuzzled her neck, a mammoth freight train of orgasms rolled into the station. As he whispered in her ear, “The next time we get together, I’m hammering that sweet ass of yours” her mind went blank. All she could do was ride the incredible journey of pleasure that coursed through her body. Everything went black.

At some point later, she was on the elevator almost to her floor. As she readied to exit the elevator, she thought to herself, “No fucking way this was a daydream.” It couldn’t be, it just couldn’t be, but she felt cheated that it hadn’t been real. As she exited the elevator still dizzy from the experience, she could feel her panty gusset hanging from the threads from him ripping it open and she had an unusual taste in her mouth. As she walked into the ladies room, she took one look into the mirror and knew that it had been very real. Her hair was a mess, there was a bit of cum still at the corner of her lip and her blouse wasn’t buttoned correctly. As she fixed herself up, she remembered how he had said he wanted to cum in her mouth and she had quickly gotten on her knees and greedily sucked his cock and then swallowed his sweet cum. She also remembered lying on the couch after he had exploded and getting a view of a well dressed woman, with her skirt hiked up above her hips; one leg over a painter’s shoulder as he ate her pussy. She’d almost thought that was a mirage, but who knows. All she knew was that she was completely exhausted and her body buzzed with the most satisfying feeling she’d ever experienced. She wondered if she’d see him again…….

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