Fun and games in the Library

By: zebo85

Page 1, The normal trip to the library is anything but normal

The day had started in such a wonderfully wicked way she wasn’t sure how it could get better.  She’d been trading emails with a writer she’d met online and one thing had led to the next and now their cyber relationship was getting more than a bit steamy.  When he’d recently asked for her apartment address, her first instinct was ‘stalker’ and she resisted.  He understood and so he told her exactly what items to buy and he funded it through her paypal account.  Once everything had come in, she shivered as she got dressed.  The outer clothes were hers; a knee length skirt, satin blouse and boots, but the lingerie was purchased at his instructions.  When she slid into the garter panty she shivered with how wicked it felt.  The stockings were so silky they made her skin tingle as she pulled them into place and attached the six garters.  The slip was also very silky and had enough spandex that it hugged her so nicely.  She was more than a bit distracted as she finished up dressing.  She was breathless as she stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and took a few pictures of her new outfit and emailed them off. 

She got an almost immediate reply and then he said he wanted to see the lingerie.  She typed back, “No way; not on me.”  His reply was quick as he said, “No way?  Did you think I had you buy the lingerie without the expectation of seeing you in it?  C’mon, just lift up your skirt a little bit and unbutton that blouse.”  She said no again and said she had to run.  As she drove to the local library for her normal writing session, she giggled as she looked at her phone and saw several emails from him.  Most of them were just a string of frowny faces or that he wouldn’t be able to sleep until she gave him one glimpse.  At the next stoplight, she hiked up her skirt and took a photo of the slip lying across the garter strap.  She thought the light blue slip against the black garter strap and nude stockings was a sexy sight and so did he.  The guy behind her had to honk to get her to move as she was giggling at his response of, “Oh wow, I knew you’d be sexy as heck, but I still want more.  Please…..”

The begging was a nice touch and she could tell that her arousal was going to get her in trouble once she got to the library.  As she walked up the stairs at the library she could feel the stockings pulling against the panties and it was deliciously sexy. She thought it was exhilarating to look so demure on the outside, but feel so unbelievably seductive on the inside.  She thought about the garter panties and how they had an opening in the gusset.  It was obviously for functional reasons so she could use the restroom without affecting the stockings, but she thought about how good it would feel to undo the hook and eye closure and slide her fingers inside her bubbling cauldron of desire.  The slip had some support for her breasts, but with each step of her heeled boots, she felt like one or both breasts might break free of the slip bodice and wouldn’t that feel nice to have her hard nipples rubbing against the satin blouse.  She thought her latest piece of erotica was going to be supercharged with how hot she was.  Especially, since she and her cyber friend were writing this story together.  This would be their second story together; this time they were switching it around and he was writing from the woman’s perspective and she from the man’s.  She loved writing from a man’s perspective as she felt like she could be more lurid than normal. 

As she walked over to her normal corner leather chair, she noticed a man sitting in the same area.  It was a little unusual as normally there was no one around.  As she walked, she was aware of her breasts swaying more than normal and she felt his eyes on her.  She didn’t dare glance his way, but for some reason she knew he was admiring her.  Instead of feeling self conscious like normal, she felt herself sway her hips even more and she could feel her breasts moving from side to side.  She wondered if he was getting hard watching her and she thought of the story she’d read recently where a guy had been sneaking peeks at a woman in a dressing room.  The woman was very aware of it and put on quite a show for him.  When the tom peeper eventually exploded in his pants, she thought that was incredibly hot.  To have a man be so turned on by her that he could climax from just looking at her would be a pretty damn nice compliment and she wondered how it would feel. 

She glanced over at him as she got her things situated and she liked what he saw.  She’d always been drawn to older men and he was nice looking and somewhere between mid 30’s and 40’s.  When he looked up, she smiled and he smiled in return.  Before she could sit down, he said, “Sorry if you noticed me staring, but you wear that outfit so incredibly well.”  She blushed and found his wording perfect.  Instead of complimenting the clothes like, ‘nice dress’ or been typical guy with, ‘you really look hot’, he very subtly admitted he had stared and that he liked what he saw.  She smoothed the blouse down, pulling it tight against one breast and said, “I do like fall days and getting my boots out of the closet.”  He simply smiled as his eyes focused on her breasts.  She glanced down and noticed the very visible nipples on display.  She giggled and said, “Maybe I should have worn a coat.”  He finally glanced up and as he shook his head, said, “Oh no, you’re completely perfect the way you are.”  She felt a spasm in her core and knew that her new panties were getting very wet.  She wondered if a man could smell arousal on a woman and as if he’d read her mind, he added, “I hope you don’t mind, but your scent, er, I mean, your perfume is intoxicating; makes me feel young again.”  She wondered if the scent he mentioned was her hot pussy, but how would one ask that question of a total stranger.  She couldn’t help but reply, “Thanks….and you’re not that old that you need to be feeling ‘young again’.  His eyes seemed to undress her, but then he looked down at his laptop.

As she settled into her seat, she crossed her legs and let her skirt ride up.  She slouched down in the chair like normal and knew that if he wanted he could likely lean forward and see a good ways up her skirt.  Again, like he had read her mind, he leaned forward and without the slightest attempt to hide it, he gazed at her legs.  She sat there with her heart pounding wondering if she should do or say something.  He finally glanced up at her face and gazed deeply into her eyes, “Your slip is showing.”  He said it such a matter of fact way that she was stunned.  His eyes then twinkled and his soft lips twisted into a half smile and she decided to act indignant.  She turned in her seat and swung her legs away as she said, “It’s showing because you were looking up my skirt.”  She could feel her face warm with a blush and he softly said, “I’m sorry if I upset you; it seemed like the thing to do.”  She glared over at him, but her pussy throbbed.  She knew just the slightest pressure would possibly push her over the edge into a climax, but she couldn’t do it in front of him, could she.  He spoke again, “I did enjoy the view if that makes it better.  I mean, I really enjoyed the view.”  She looked over at him again and was momentarily frozen as he very obviously adjusted his erection in his slacks.  She felt like she was having a panic attack as she fought to control her racing heart while also tearing her eyes away from his distinct and lovely bulge.  In a voice that betrayed her inner conflict she softly said, “Why would that make it better?”  He gazed into her eyes and said, “Well, it wouldn’t have been very nice to look at your sexy slip and stockings and then tell you I didn’t like what you had to offer, would it?” 

She couldn’t help but giggle and then admit, “I suppose you’re right about that.  But, for the record, I’m not offering anything.”  He nodded and said, “Understood; disappointed, but understood.”  She turned away from him again and opened her email account as she thought about how wonderfully forward he was.  She had several emails from Jim asking where she was and if she wasn’t going to show any more of herself to him, she at least needed to let her see her soul through her writing.  She laughed and quickly typed, “Got some guy at the library checking me out.”  He quickly typed, “Lucky bastard” and sent her the first part of the story.  She started reading it and immediately thought that she should leave.  She was already horny as hell and the story and the yummy man sitting across the way was making her even hornier.  She got to a part that completely surprised her and she laughed out loud as she swung her legs up underneath her.  She stopped for a second as she saw him look up and glance over at her.  She ‘smoothed’ her skirt over her legs, but flipped up one side ‘accidentally’ to display a good six inches of her silky slip.  She knew he was looking at it and it thrilled her.  She finished up reading the story and started typing.  She shifted again in her chair and crossed her legs this time.  Her skirt was an absolute mess on her legs and she moved around enough until one side of her skirt and slip were pulled up far enough he could see her stockings.  She glanced down at his erection and swore she saw it lunge towards her. 

He caught her glance and he said, “My name is Stu in case you’re writing a dirty story about me.”  She rolled her eyes at him, but she shifted again in her chair and felt the panties rub against her clit.  She uncrossed her legs and started slowly opening and closing her knees; not a lot at first, but it felt good.  The stockings pulling against the panties and the fact that the slip was bunched up between her thighs seemed to cause a perfect storm of lingerie and her leg movements was pushing the silky slip against her clit.  The touch wasn’t firm enough to push her to a climax, but it felt sensational and with all the other circumstances; the erotic story and the man whose cock looked so inviting sitting so close by, it was an incredibly splendid situation.  She was typing about how the man was on his back doing one woman doggy style while another woman was riding his face.  She wasn’t even aware that her knees were now opening to at least a foot as she swung her legs open and closed in rapid succession.  She was so wrapped up in her typing and her pussy throbbing that when she finally recognized the strange sound she’d been hearing, she nearly came.   Her inner thighs were so wet with her honey that her leg movements were making wet smacking sounds.  She looked up to see if he was aware of the situation and his eyes were filled with lust as he gazed between her legs.   She stopped with her legs spread even wider and waited.  He finally looked up and they shared a look and she fought the impulse to race over and jump him.  As she was about to look away, he said, “Please let me know if this bothers you.”  With that, he moved his laptop and her eyes went wide as she saw his rock hard cock in his hand. 

She knew she had two options, run out of there as quickly as possible or go get some.  She looked at him slowly stroking his cock and she started to gather her things.  Her pussy took over for her brain a second later and as she walked over to him, she reached under her skirt and undid the panty crotch.  She whispered, “I’m in control” and he just nodded.  She straddled him lowering herself onto his cock; making sure the silky slip was in between them.  She then pinned his cock against his belly and started stroking her pussy up and down the length of his shaft.  He opened her blouse and bent down and feasted on her nipples.  She got his cock head pushed up against her clit and she rolled her hips pushing her clit against him over and over again.  As an incredible climax rushed through her, he grabbed her ass with both hands and as he leaned back, he slammed his hips forward and he was buried balls deep in her pussy.  She didn’t realize it at first, but his cock had still been covered by the slip, so part of her slip was inside her pussy as well.

As she rode him wildly, moaning Stu over and over again, the silky slip rubbed her clit just right and it was all she could do to not scream out in pleasure from the multiple orgasms that she experienced.  His thrusts became more frantic and that’s when her brain functioned enough that maybe letting a total stranger explode inside her wasn’t the best idea.  She moved off of him and then stroked him with the bottom of her slip.  As he exploded, she pointed his cock towards him and watched in awe as several massive missiles of his seed flew up and landed on the arm of the chair he was seated in.  She continued stroking him until he reached out and stopped him.  She smiled and dismounted.  On extremely wobbly legs, she moved back to her chair and collapsed in a heap.  He corrected his clothing, smiled and said, “Same time tomorrow?”  She felt herself nodding and then he was gone. 



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