Fast and furious

By: zebo85

Page 1, A random glimpse turns into a moment of passion....and maybe more

He wasn’t sure why he was doing so, but he couldn’t help himself as he followed the young woman into the Department of Motor Vehicles.  It was the last day of the month and he knew it would be packed with people who waited for the last minute to renew their driver’s license or pay their annual fees, but……..he really had to see her again.

He thought back to a few minutes before as he was driving along the street trying to find a place to park and he saw her plugging a parking meter at the curb.  He noticed her knee high boots first, then her black hose and then a friendly spring gust attacked and her mid-thigh skirt flew up.  He nearly caused a multi-car collision when he’d slammed on the brakes as he saw her pretty pink panties and black thigh highs come into view.  As she’d struggled to corral her runaway matching pink slip and skirt, she’d looked out at the street at what was causing all the honking and they shared a look.  She smiled sheepishly as he couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as he applauded. 

However, he had to move on and she moved towards the safety of the building as he spied a nearby parking spot.  He was lucky in that he’d caught sight of her just as he entered the building and then he essentially stalked her until he was following her into the DMV.   He knew he was going to get into hot water with the attorney he’d booked a meeting with, but he couldn’t help himself.  The sight of her toned thighs was enough to get his attention, but her seductive lingerie was just too much. 

He spotted her near the end of the line and he brazenly came up, cut in line and thanked her for holding his spot.  She looked at him with a confused look and then a look of recognition.  She blushed as he gripped her hand and said, “I’m sorry for the unusual introduction, but I just had to meet you; my name is Steve and I can’t stop thinking of how fucking incredible you looked all exposed and vulnerable.” 

She was clearly shocked, but she made no move to break their hands apart and she whispered, “I’m Alice.” 

His hand slid up to her forearm as his other hand moved to her waist.  He pulled her closer so his erection was against her hip as his hand slowly and purposefully moved down and caressed her ass through her skirt.  Her eyes fluttered closed for a moment and he sensed that he had stumbled upon a woman that for whatever reason was ready and willing.  They were against the wall and he used that to his advantage and his hand was under her skirt and on her tap panties in a heartbeat.  He squeezed her smooth inner thigh and she trembled in response.  He turned to the nice looking older woman behind them and said, “Would you be so kind to hold our spot in line?” 

He didn’t wait for an answer before he was guiding her out to the hallway.  He wasn’t sure where, but he had to find some amount of privacy.   She was saying something; probably a weak protest, but then he found what he needed; a remote stairwell.  He guided her half a flight before pulling her close and crushing his lips to hers.  Her breath was minty and her lips were soft.  She kissed him back and it spurred him on.  His hand was pulling the loose leg band to the side and cupping her already wet pussy as she leaned against the hand railing and groaned.

The groan was quite possibly the sexiest sound he’d heard in quite some time until a moment later, his ears were blessed with the sound of her wet pussy smacking around his two fingers as he fingered her.  Her hand grazed the front of his slacks, but after a quick squeeze of his cock, her hand moved to the back of his neck as she pulled his face down to her breasts.  He nuzzled her firm breasts through her light sweater and her nipples responded immediately.   He pulled hard enough that he worried he might tear it, but the fabric gave as the sweater slipped off her shoulder and down her arm to reveal the lace trimmed bra barely containing her succulent breast.

He pulled down on the cup and then his mouth was on her nipple.  Her other hand squeezed his ass, but then reached between them and guided his hand to her clit and their combined fingers teased her clit and fingered her pussy until she bit down on his shoulder as she came with a squeal and then the cutest little giggle.  He waited for her to recover and was in awe at how incredibly sexy she looked.  She finally caught her breath and kissed him on the lips as she said, “That was lovely, but my boss will kill me if I don’t get his car licensed” as she started walking away. 

He stood there dumbfounded with an aching cock and a brain that couldn’t quite register that he wasn’t going to get any.  He leaned against the wall and slowly licked her honey off his fingers as he recalled how sweet it had felt to have her wriggling in his arms when she came.  A moment later, her sweet face peeked around the corner.  She winked and suddenly something was flying through the air at him.  He caught the item and immediately knew it was her panties.  He could hear her heels clicking down the hallway again and he was about to bolt after her when he realized she’d written her phone number across the back of her panties. 

He whipped out his phone and sent her a text telling her to meet her at a pub a few blocks down.  He nearly wandered out in traffic when he read her reply, “I expect my panties to be soaked with your spunk when I see you there.” 

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