English Lit, Oh My, Part II

By: zebo85

Page 1, One hot night with a teacher led to another encounter......with an entirely different teacher

Jim slept like a log that night with visions of Mrs. Sherman dancing through his head.  Realizing his dreams of fucking her was unreal and his fantasies were nothing compared to what it had been like in real life (see short story, “English Lit, Oh My!”  He woke up half laughing as he didn’t even know her first name, but after last night he knew her oh so well.  He didn’t have class with her today, but he was happy to share a quick contact with her when he walked into school.  They shared a look and he was sure she blushed when she saw him, but he thought it better to stay away from her so no one suspected anything.  He did have Home Economics with Ms. Newton today and as usual, she didn’t disappoint.  There was a reason that Mrs. Sherman had mentioned her as being the object of most male student’s desires.  She was in her mid twenties, thin and wasn’t averse to flirting with some of the guys.  There was a reason that more males than females took her Home Economics class.  Jim had heard rumors of guys banging her, but he had always assumed that it was all talk, but after last night, maybe he wasn’t the only lucky student who’d had some after school delights with a teacher. 

She was wearing a professional enough looking dress; a shirt dress that was knee length, but when she turned just right, he saw a glimpse of a tell tale bump that mean she was wearing a garter belt.  He’d never discussed this with other guys, but he assumed most other guys were oblivious to the sexy lingerie she was wearing, so he enjoyed daydreaming about her as she talked about budgeting for groceries or some other nonsense.  Unlike the more curvaceous Mrs. Sherman, she had more of a runner’s build.  Slender, long legs that always looked good and today her nude stockings seemed to dance in the light.  She’d apparently told the class to do one of the projects in the book, but he was lost in reliving the taste of Mrs. Sherman’s pussy.  He wasn’t even aware that she was standing over him until she tapped him on the shoulder.  He jumped at the touch and then she was leaning in and smiling.  She tapped his notebook and said, “I don’t think this was the assignment.”  He looked down and saw that he’d been doodling.  When he saw it was the unmistakable image of a woman, he about died.  He’d drawn her from the front and the stockings and garter belt lovingly framed a very small thong.  The breasts were small with the nipples hard and ready.

She leaned in and he was intoxicated with a breath of her perfume and she whispered, “Anyone I know?”  He tried to close his notebook, but she held it open.  He couldn’t help but look down her dress and see a glimpse of the top of her push up bra.  She appeared to notice where his gaze was, but didn’t respond; either verbally or to block his view as she said, “Couldn’t be one of your classmates as girls rarely wear garter belts these days.”  She paused for effect and in the silence he was sure she’d be able to hear his cock throbbing and then she added, “You can’t see through my dress, can you?”  He felt like he’d been sunburned his face was so red, but he was able to stutter, “Uh, no, not really….but when you turn just right I could see the garter strap bumps a little bit.  She gave him a stern look and said, “I’ll guess I’ll need to be a little more careful with my wardrobe as I didn’t realize that I had a little lingerie pervert in my class.”  She ripped the page with his sketch out of his notebook and said, “I’ll need to talk to the principal about this.”  He quickly apologized and asked if there wasn’t some other way to handle this other than telling the principal.  She was silent for a second and then said, “Alright, report here after school and we can discuss this, but I’m not guaranteeing I won’t tell the principal.  He quickly said that he had practice until 6:00 and she said, “I’ll tell your coach you’ll be late to practice; report here as soon after the last bell as you can.” 

She showed him which assignment to do and then walked away.  He sat there muttering to himself about how stupid it was to get in trouble and if he got benched or something for this, his dad was going to kill him.  He quickly did the assignment and he wondered if today was going to be just one big problem after the next.  Between what happened last night with Mrs. Sherman and now the incident with Ms. Newton, his young hormones were going wild.  As he walked the halls between each class, every girl he saw, he fantasized about.  It got to the point that he couldn’t handle it any longer.  With it being an open campus, he could leave if he had an open class period, so he went out to his car to find someplace to go jerk off quick.  The only problem was that the girls’ junior varsity soccer team was having one of their last practices of the year.  It was an unusually warm October day and the girls were in tank tops.  As soon as he noticed them, he couldn’t leave.  Instead, he noticed that he was parked in a secluded corner of the lot, so he simply eased his cock out and stealthily started stroking as he watched their young breasts pushing through the tank tops.  One particularly well endowed girl had obviously not worn a sports bra as her tits were going wild.  She seemed to notice him in his car and bent over to pick up a ball and gave him a peak of her purple lacy bra in the process.  She winked at him and he wondered if she knew he was jerking off.  Even with that wonderful visual stimulus, he couldn’t seem to lose his nut.  He was about to give up when someone suddenly opened his passenger car door. 

He nearly jumped out of his skin as he tried to simultaneously shove his dick back into his slacks.  Luckily the hand belonging to the still unidentified person stopped him or he likely would have gotten his dick stuck in the zipper.  He finally realized that it was a sophomore.  A very cute sophomore whose name he didn’t know, but looked very quite in her drill team uniform.  He remembered she had a twin at the very moment she was opening his driver’s door and pushing him over into the big bench seat of his ’74 Impala.  As one kissed him, the other started sucking his cock.   He couldn’t believe his luck and as his hands started stroking them through their silky cheerleader panties, his world came crashing down.  Someone pounded on the hood of his car and the twins quickly looked up and scrambled out of the car.  He saw it was Ms. Newton who just happened to coach the cheerleaders.  She was yelling at him to get his dick back in his pants and get his ass inside.  In spite of the situation, his dick never softened, so it took some effort to stuff it into his pants.  He followed her into the school and was relieved when she walked directly to her class room which overlooked the parking lot. 

She pointed to the back kitchen area as she slammed the door.  She quickly started talking and he was in shock from the first minute.  She had apparently seen or heard him and Mrs. Sherman going at it the previous evening as she started off with, “First, I find you fucking that fat old woman and now you’re defiling sixteen year old twins; I had heard you were a nice boy, but you’re apparently some kind of sex addict.”  Before he could respond, she kept going, “The twins I can understand, they are roughly your age and cute girls, but Mrs. Sherman; how the hell did you even get it up?”  He was starting to get mad; first calling the woman of his deepest desires fat and then basically calling her repulsive.  Again, before he could respond, she added, “I hadn’t told the principal as I thought it was none of my business, but if you’re goal is to fuck everyone in the school, I owe it to everyone’s safety to let him know he’s got a whore for a teacher and a senior that can’t keep his dick in his pants.  Your beloved Mrs. Sherman is going to be out of a job as soon as I do.”  He felt something inside him that he’d never experienced before.  She started to walk past him; brushing her hip against his still bulging cock in the process.

Without thinking he reached out and grabbed her by the upper arm as he said in a voice he barely recognized, “You’re not going anywhere.”  He was expecting one response, but got one that made his mind spin even more.  Her eyes gleamed with a look he couldn’t quite comprehend as she said, “How the fuck do you think you’re going to stop me?”  His mind quickly went to a memory of golfing with his dad and his dad’s golfing buddies.  His dad hadn’t realized it, but he’d heard them talking about some waitress at the club that one of their friends had fucked.  When his dad saw that he’d been listening, he pulled him over and said, “Don’t you ever tell your mom you heard this.”  They continued with their discussion and the gist of the story was that the waitress had really gotten off when their friend had fucked the hell out of her.  It was one of those situations where one woman might have called it rape whereas this one loved every single punishing thrust of it.  When they got done with the story, his dad’s friend said, “Listen, Jim, you need to know that there are women out there that will give you one signal and then change their minds.  They’ll get you sent to jail, so you have to be careful.”  He had paused and then with a big grin on his face he added that there were others like this waitress that will cum buckets to be taken hard and if he was ever lucky enough to find one, hold on and enjoy it while it lasts as it will be a fuck you’ll never forget. 

He knew this was one of those moments; a wrong move could affect his entire life.  But he also instinctively knew that Ms. Newton wanted his cock and she wanted it bad.  He took his chance and pulled her arm so it was behind her back.  He was careful not to really hurt her, but he knew it hurt.  She was facing away from him now and he pressed his cock against her ass as he whispered in her ear, “You’ll tell no one about Mrs. Sherman or the twins, you understand.”  In a voice that made him rethink everything she said coolly, “You’re going down a path that you’re not man enough to walk, little boy; best let go of my arm before you find out just how pathetic of a man you are.”  His mind raced with thoughts of him being arrested, but he was sure he could feel her rotating her hips in order to rub her ass against his cock and he didn’t think twice.  With his free hand, he quickly snaked it down and then up under her dress.  As he cupped her pussy, he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties and he plunged two fingers into her.  She was already soaking wet and his two fingers easily bottomed out as she groaned in delight.  He couldn’t believe how big her pussy was and he quickly wormed his other two fingers into her.  As she tried to hide her rising arousal, she blurted out, “Now, you’ve done it; I can’t wait to watch the cops handcuff your sorry ass; maybe they’ll arrest that tramp teacher of yours at the same time.” 

In a wicked tone, he said, “Shut up bitch; you know you want it, you’ve been bored out so many times, your pussy is like a five gallon bucket.”  He spied a stick of melting butter and he slid his fingers through it before pulling away long enough to run his index and middle finger down the crack of her ass and then smoothly into her rose hole.  She was now face down on the kitchen island and there was no more pretense.  She wanted his cock and she reached back and grabbed him through his slacks as she groaned, “Better not disappoint me, little boy.”  He pulled his four fingers out of her dripping pussy and then slapped her clit three times in rapid succession.  She squealed in response as her hand wildly tried to unzip his slacks to free his cock.  When she finally had it in hand, she cooed, “Maybe I was wrong about you being a little boy, fuck me you little pervert and maybe I’ll give you an A for the semester.”  He’d never experienced a woman he found so despicable, yet so unbelievably desirous.  He wanted to fuck her until she begged him to stop and as she positioned his cock at her rose hole, he hammered it balls deep in one thrust.

She nearly banged her head on the countertop as his thrust was so violent.  She made a noise deep in her throat that almost didn’t seem human and he relished the look on her face as her eyes rolled up into her forehead.  He slapped her clit a few more times and she jerked against him in response.  She began moving against him, so he took the opportunity to pull her dress off her shoulders to get at her tits and he finally realized that she was wearing a garter slip he’d seen in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  It was all nylon which he thought was quite appropriate given his fetish for nylon lingerie.  He looked down and thought that the sight of his cock moving in and out of her rose hole with the back garters and stockings framing the action looked sexy as hell and he moved the straps off her shoulders and yanked on the bottom.  Her petite breasts came free and he proceeded to pinch and pull on them.  She loved every painful squeeze and her movements on his cock became wilder as a wave of orgasms crashed over her.  She was muttering cuss words under her breath, but they mostly involved his wonderful cock and it spurred him on.   He realized that when he’d pulled the slip down, the silky hem was now low enough that it stroked the top of his cock with each thrust and it added another level of lust to the action.

He realized with a degree of satisfaction that his buttery hand had mostly ruined her dress and she’d have troubles being able to teach the rest of the day; let alone sit down!  He pulled up on her hips to give him a better angle and her tight calves looked sexy as hell as she stood on tiptoes as she braced herself over the countertop as he began controlling the thrusting.  With one hand still pulling on her nipples, he began spanking her ass and he wondered if nearby class rooms could hear the loud thunderous responses as his hand met her tight cheeks.  He could tell a monster orgasm was on its way as she sounded like she couldn’t catch her breath in between the squeals and the gasps.  He pulled her body up straight against his and he turned her enough to kiss her passionately.  As their tongues danced in her mouth, he softly caressed her clit.  After all the punishing slaps, his softer touch was all she needed and she nearly bit his tongue as her most powerful climax coursed through her tight little body.  Her spasms caused her rose hole to clench him tighter and tighter and he slowly thrust into her with deep strokes.  Just as he felt his seed boiling in his balls, she whimpered and then lost control of her bladder.  The realization that he’d made this sexy woman so hot that she was now urinating on the floor pushed him over the edge and as her tidal wave of pee splashed on the floor, he pulled out and coated her sexy ass with spurt after spurt of his hot seed. 

He kissed her again and reached down and teased her clit one more time and she sighed as small aftershocks of pleasure danced through her completely exhausted body.  He had no idea how long they’d been at it, but since they’d been secluded in the kitchen area, it appeared that no one had any idea what had happened.  She was quite a sight with her shirt dress stained with butter barely defying gravity at her waist.  Her sweet little tits red with welts from his rough handling of them, her tight little ass coated with his cum and her nude stockings soaked from her pee.  She still looked sexy as hell and he felt his cock begin hardening again.  She noticed it as well and waved a finger at him and said, “Easy big fella, you can stop by my apartment after practice tonight, but for now I need a rest.”  He laughed and then felt the need to help clean her up.  He got a warm wash cloth and helped her out of her clothes and then wiped her clean.  She pulled her gym bag over and had workout clothes for the cheerleading practice later and he helped her get dressed.  Pulling her nylon panties into place he could smell her sweet pussy and his cock lurched again.  He tenderly massaged her breasts before pulling the matching nylon camisole down over her tits.  The gentle nature of this interaction was such a contrast to the lustful fucking of earlier that he found it oddly romantic.  His cock was tenting his slacks and she glanced at the clock on the wall and smiled and said, “I guess I’ve got ten minutes before my next class.”  She got another wash cloth and carefully cleaned his cock and then dropped to her knees.  His cock was so sore that at first he wanted to push her away, but her lips and tongue were exactly what he needed.  Watching her suck his cock in just her camisole and panties was sexy as hell and before long his hands were softly gripping the sides of her face as he slowly and tenderly fucked her mouth.  He groaned and exploded deep into her throat.  She stood on wobbly legs, winked and told him to make sure he didn’t keep her waiting too long after practice as he owed her one now. 

He was going to be late for his next class already, but as he turned a corner near the girls’ locker room, he was grabbed by some unknown number of girls. He was pulled into the locker room and realized there were six girls from the drill team including the sexy twins staring at him like he was a piece of meat.   Even though his cock was sore as hell, it immediately started hardening as he surveyed the lovely young women in front of him……………………

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