Double Date

By: zebo85

Page 1, Hubie\'s new girlfriend was promising, but his date took an unexpected turn.

Hubie was on cloud nine as his team had just won a basketball game against a big rival and he’d scored twenty points; now he was hoping to score with his latest girlfriend.  She was only a junior, but with an incredible body.  They’d been dating for about a month and she’d been doing everything she could to keep him from rounding first base.  Just as he’d done in the game that night, he intended to ‘drive to the hole’ hard tonight  Like most teenage girls she gave conflicting messages and he hoped the party they were going to would help loosen her up.  He had turned eighteen a few months ago and he reasoned if she didn’t start putting out, he was going to have find a new girlfriend that could help him out with his never ending supply of sexual energy.  He showered quickly and told his teammates he would meet them at the party after picking up Tessie.  When he arrived at her house, her mom opened the door and he was stunned at how she looked.  He’d been around the house quite a bit but this was the first time that he’d seen her dressed up and she looked phenomenal. 

He immediately complimented her on her appearance and he meant every word.  She had a figure that had been well hidden in the clothes he usually saw her in.  He figured that she must have been getting ready to go on a date.  She actually blushed slightly at his compliments, but said that Tessie would be right down.  Hubie knew that Mrs. Smith was recently divorced and so he offered to come by the house the next day if she needed help with anything.  Mrs. Smith smiled and thanked him for the offer, but said everything was in working order.  Hubie shrugged his shoulders and then gazed at her shapely calves as she was struggling up to put away some dishes on a high shelf.  Being raised a polite boy, he immediately offered to help.  Before she could say no, he was behind her, taking the bowl out of her hand and reaching up to put it away.  The only problem was that due to his young virile age and how good she looked tonight, he already had an erection and so although he didn’t intend it, his stiff cock pushed against her ass as he stood behind her and put the dish on the upper shelf.   She thanked him for being so helpful but he noted she looked at him with an odd look before she moved away.  He shrugged his shoulders and said he was just trying to be a gentleman like his mom taught him.  For some reason, she found that funny and she giggled as Tessie walked into the kitchen.  Tessie asked what was funny and her mom said nothing.  Hubie immediately complimented Tessie on her mini skirt and tight sweater and added that he now knew where she got her good looks from.  Mrs. Smith smiled and Tessie hit him on the arm and teased him that she wasn’t sure if he was hitting on her or her mom.  Hubie laughed and pinched her ass as soon as they were out of sight of her mom, but said loud enough for her mom to hear, “Your ass is better…..but barely.”  Mrs. Smith shivered as she thought of how nice his cock had felt pressed up against her ass. 

The party had been a lot of fun and Tessie had gotten more than a little tipsy, but Hubie refrained since it was still basketball season.  It was snowing pretty heavily on the drive back to her place, but they ignored it as they had a great make out session in her driveway.  He kept insisting on coming in until Tessie finally let him escort her to the door and inside.  Once inside they began kissing again and he succeeded in getting his hand up her sweater and feeling her breast through her lacy bra.  She was getting into it as he caressed her nipples through the thin lace, but then she put on the brakes. She broke the kiss and managed to get his hand out of her sweater as she told him that they had to stop.  He said okay, but then he noticed what seemed to be a shadow in the hallway by Mrs. Smith’s bedroom.  Instead of being worried that her mom was watching them, he got even more turned on; he wasn’t sure why, but he thought it was hot that she was spying on them.  That emboldened him even more and he took Tessie’s hand and said, “C’mon Tessie, I’m dying here.  I get that you want to keep me from getting you too hot and bothered so we don’t do something stupid, but if you don’t help me out, I’m going to explode.”  He pulled her hand to his crotch, but she quickly pulled it away.  In his sweetest voice he told her that it wouldn’t bite and she was so beautiful that he couldn’t help but want her and he really needed some relief.  She giggled when he said it wouldn’t bite and when he pulled her hand back to his lap, this time she wasn’t as fast to pull it away.  He thought he was breaking down her defenses and was about to keep going when they heard her mom clear her throat and then call out, “Tessie – is that you and Hubie?” 

Tessie quickly got up, checked her sweater and headed down the hall to talk to her mom.  They both came out a moment later and Hubie quickly took note that Mrs. Smith was still looking great in her form fitting dress.  In fact, she looked even hotter as her hair looked a little messed up like maybe she’d been going at it with her date earlier.  Mrs. Smith stated that his parents had called and due to the road conditions getting worse that he should stay there for the night.  She then looked at her daughter and asked if she’d been drinking.  Hubie immediately sensed that he was going to get into a heap of trouble and waited for Tessie to lie, but she readily admitted that she had and she wasn’t feeling too well.  Her mom sent her to her room and Hubie sensed that it was going to be another long night alone; this time on a couch.  Mrs. Smith said that she would get him some blankets and a pillow after checking on Tessie.  She came back a few minutes later and said Tessie was passed out and asked how much did she drink.  Hubie quickly said he thought it was just one, but maybe it was more.  She quickly admonished him for letting her daughter drink, but at least he was responsible enough to not drink.  She added that it sure sounded like maybe he was trying to take advantage of Tessie being tipsy before she came into the room.  Hubie quickly said that wasn’t the case and he pointed out that he stopped when she said no.  She gave him a stern look, but Hubie could only focus on her full lips.  She finally smiled and patted his arm and said, “Oh, that’s right, you’re a gentleman, right?”  He could have sworn she glanced down at his crotch and his cock stirred in his pants as he thought about how sexy she was.    

Mrs. Smith started putting a sheet over the couch and he was mesmerized by her shapely ass moving in front of him. She turned and told him to quit standing around and give her a hand.  They stood at opposite ends of the couch and worked on the sheet and he almost gasped when her dress gaped open and he could see her incredible breasts nearly spilling out of her slip.  She seemed oblivious to his stare and she moved and he saw with incredible clarity her full breast; she was clearly not wearing a bra under her slip and that really made his cock throb.  What a sexy sight that was!  She caught him looking, but said nothing.  She walked over and grabbed a blanket and bent over right in front of him as she spread out the blanket on his end of the couch.  Once again, he was mesmerized by her ass and in the dim light, he noticed two raised lines running down the backs of her legs.  Without really thinking, he reached out and gently traced his fingers down them.  While still bent over, she looked back at him and seductively said, “Hubie, what are you doing?”  He looked up and said, “Sorry Mrs. Smith, I was mentally wondering what these bumps running down your butt were and I guess I reached out to touch them without thinking.”  She giggled and said, “Hubie, surely you know what a garter belt is, don’t you?”  

He shook his head, but then said, “Yeah, I guess I do; I’ve just never seen a woman in one before.”  She turned and finished her work with the blanket and seemed to take a long time in doing so and his cock was really throbbing by the time she was.  She stood up and handed him a pillow and looked into his eyes and softly said, “Well, maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to see a woman in her lingerie……but it better not be with my daughter.”  She softly said good night and sweet dreams and slowly walked back to her room.  He laid down on the couch and knew he was in for a long night of tossing and turning.  His cock was still hard as a rock and he wondered if he could get away with jerking off with two extremely hot women just down the hall.  Speaking of hot women, he rolled off the couch and as quietly as he could, he padded down the hallway.  He got to her door and looked in just in time to see her stepping out of her dress.  Her black slip was loose fitting, but she looked exceptional in it.  As she turned towards a mirror, she slowly slid the straps off and let the slip fall to the floor.  From the reflection in the mirror, he could see her breasts and they were full and still very firm.  He desperately wanted to pull his cock out and stroke it, but he was afraid of being caught and ruining this unbelievable moment. 

He heard her saying something as she ran her hands across her breasts and down to the waist band of her panties.  She slowly peeled her panties down her legs and as she bent over to slide them over her heels, he could see the shape of her pussy between her legs.  His heart was pounding and he couldn’t believe how lucky he was.  It was then that he realized her voice wasn’t singing a song or even talking to herself, she was talking to him.  His mouth immediately went dry with shock, but then she said it again and he finally understood what she was whispering, “Hubie – either be a man and come in here or be a boy and keep watching.”  He thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but then he noticed that her eyes were looking at him in the reflection of the mirror and so he slowly stepped into the room.  She turned and gazed at him and his eyes devoured her body.  She was a goddess and he softly said that she was beautiful.  She smiled and started to undo the front garter, but then she asked if she should leave them on.  He quickly nodded and she softly told him to get undressed.  He was out of his clothes in a flash, but stopped while still in his boxers.

She waved a finger at him and said, “Let’s see what you’ve got there Hubie.”  He pushed them to the floor and he enjoyed seeing her eyes widen as she appraised him.  She walked over and then led him to the bed and said, “Hubie – this is our little secret and if you tell anyone, you’ll never touch me again; do you understand?”  He quickly nodded and she told him to lie down on the bed.  She said that it was good that he’d been bold enough to come to her door as she needed him as much as he obviously needed her.  She added that there was no way her daughter could handle someone as large as him, so if he did as she told him then they could enjoy each other tonight and maybe in the future.  He quickly said he hoped so and she climbed up on the bed; straddling his chest while facing away from him.  She moved back until her pussy was directly over his head and then she reached down and seductively opened her pussy up for him to see.  Hubie would find out later in life that men had basically three different opinions about pussy: some wouldn’t eat pussy if someone put a gun to their head; some did it, but didn’t really enjoy it; and others simply loved pussy.  He definitely was in the last group because as soon as he saw it and smelled her womanly aroma, he wrapped his arms around her lower back and pulled her pussy down to his face. 

She squealed in delight as he took his first lick.  It was like the nectar of the gods and even before she reached out to grab his cock, he erupted.  She giggled as she grabbed his raging fire hose and milked all the contents of his balls out and then he accidentally found her clit.  She groaned and said right there and she humped her clit against his tongue.  She told him to suck it and when he did so, she went nuts.  She growled that she needed his cock hard again and so she took his softening shaft into her mouth.  He couldn’t believe how incredible that felt, but it was almost an afterthought as he was absolutely hypnotized by her pussy.  It was so incredibly hot, slippery and the scent was heavenly.  He tried to bury himself inside of it and his hands moved to her ass to pull her even more against him.  She was so wet from her arousal that his fingers slipped across her ass cheeks and he didn’t get a good grip until they were in the crack of her ass.  His luck continued as one of his thumbs lined up perfectly and accidentally dipped into her brown eye. She sat upright in a flash and groaned, “Hubie, you naughty little fucker; you’re not going to play with my dirty little hole, are you?”  He took that as an invitation and he pressed his thumb deeper into her brown eye and she began humping his face with reckless abandon.  As he thumbed her ass and tongued her clit, she started shaking, panting his name and several new combinations of obscenities and finally, she came.  He lapped up all the warm honey that flowed from her pussy and by now his cock was hard as a rock again. 

She moved off of him and slowly licked some of her honey off of his face before kissing his lips.  She told him that for such a young man, he was an extremely good at eating pussy and he felt quite good about himself.  She asked how experienced he was and he said he’d fucked five girls, but it had always been pretty quick as they were worried about getting caught.  She said, “Well, then maybe this will be more enjoyable.”  As she continued to kiss him, she slowly moved her pussy into position and then holding his cock, she guided him in.  She impaled herself slowly as his cock was good sized and it felt so good to have a cock in her again.  Her husband hadn’t given her much attention the last year of their marriage, so it had been a while for her.  She rocked against him and leaned in so that he could suck her nipples and he gladly did so.  She got him positioned so his cock was rubbing her g-spot and she whispered for him to gently caress her clit.  He fumbled about it and couldn’t find it so she told him to watch her.  She sat up and felt his cock buried deep inside her and reached down and caressed her clit.  The sight of her breasts bouncing with each movement as she caressed her own clit was too much and Hubie groaned, “Oh no” and shot his cum deep inside her.  He didn’t last as long as she had hoped, but she found the sensation of her explosion thrilling and her fingers got in just the right spot and as she said continued to pound up and down on his shaft, she came as well.  She fell forward on him and sighed as she said, “Hubie – you’re a special young man; I will need you tomorrow.”  Just before drifting off to sleep, she said, “All day; I’ll need you all day.” 

He wanted to stay with her, but thought it was dangerous, so he got dressed and moved back to the couch.  He drifted off to sleep quickly with the wonderful scent and taste of Mrs. Smith’s pussy on his mind. 

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