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Chance Encounter, part 3

Short story By: zebo85

Tags: Public, Sex, Hard, Wild

James' day just continues to get better and better.

Submitted:Jun 22, 2014    Reads: 1,744    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

James motioned for Tina to shut his door as she left and he leaned back in his executive chair and closed his eyes and wondered what the hell was going on. He had never cheated on his wife in 15 years of marriage and in the span of a few hours, he'd now just been with two different women; two very young and sexy women as well. As he was trying to wrap his mind around this exceptional turn of events, his phone buzzed and he saw it was Elizabeth. Elizabeth being the woman he'd just met a week ago and after a week of flirtatious messaging and him sending her erotic stories, the growing sexual tension had just culminated in a wonderful exchange of oral pleasures in the back of his car. Less than an hour later he had seduced and pounded a co-worker in his office.

His cock immediately jumped in his pants at the picture she'd sent with the message, "I can't get any work done; meet me now!"

The picture was of her in front of a bathroom mirror, her sexy blue dress at her hips and her fingers buried in her obviously wet pussy. The look on her face was spectacularly sexy and despite his having had two powerful orgasms in the last two hours, he was rock hard and wanting more; no, he needed more. He typed quickly, "Where baby?"

His phone rang an instant later and he answered it and as soon as he heard Elizabeth's voice his cock throbbed wildly. "Back in the parking garage at your car……please hurry Jimmy."

Just the way she said Jimmy and the obvious need in her voice made him wild with passion and he grabbed his keys and hurried out of the office. As he waited for the elevator, his phone vibrated in his front pocket and he smiled wickedly as he couldn't believe this young beautiful woman was so incredibly horny for him. Her message said, "Tell me what you're going to do to me, stud."

He started typing, but then realized that he was the only one getting on the elevator and given that it was the middle of the afternoon there would be a good chance he might have the elevator to himself the entire ride. So, he made the spur of the moment decision to call Elizabeth instead. Her voice sounded even more strained when she blurted out, "Don't tell me you're cancelling!"

"No way baby" he whispered, "You wanted to know what I was going to do, right?"

She immediately purred, "Oh fuck Jimmy, you're going to tell me! I thought you'd have to message me; I am so wet for you. Thrill me!"

His heart was racing and he wondered if he'd bitten off more than he could chew as he wasn't sure if he would be able to thrill this beautiful woman verbally.

He took a deep breath and whispered, "You need it bad, don't you E?"

She simply moaned her agreement and he added, "What do you need, baby?"

She was quiet and he realized she must be on an elevator or around other people and couldn't talk. That thrilled him even more and he growled, "I don't give a fuck if others might hear you; tell me what you need, Elizabeth!"

He wasn't sure where that had come from, but her gasp made him glad he'd brought his laptop bag to cover up the throbbing cock that was tenting his pants. In a hushed voice, she whispered, "I want your cock Jimmy."

"Want it or need it?!" he growled in return.

"Oh Jesus; need; definitely need baby" she purred in return.

"Good girl, Elizabeth; I bet it turns you on even more to tell me what you need, hmmmmm? You're feeling out of control and you can't even think straight I bet. All you can think about is how good it's going to feel when I slam my cock deep into your wet pussy; the sound of your own wetness in your ears making you hotter as I thrust. So, yeah baby; be prepared because there won't be any foreplay this time. You're going to get on all fours on my sumptuous leather back seat of my car and I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to see straight. Make sure you take off your bra before you get there because I'm going to maul those sweet tits of yours before I twist and squeeze your nipples so hard, you'll get tears in your eyes. But you're going to love it, aren't you? You like it rough sometimes, don't you, my dear?"

"Yesssssss" was her prolonged response.

He whispered, "Holy shit" under his breath as he thought of this fantastic woman ready for him; lusting for him.

He continued with a series of questions, "Is your honey running down the insides of your legs?"


"Are your nipples hard?"


"Are you imagining me inside you right now?"


The elevator reached the parking garage level and he quickly walked to his car as he asked, "How much longer baby?"

"Look to your left" she replied.

He looked and he watched intently as she walked towards him. She'd obviously taken off her bra as he'd instructed as her nipples were wonderfully visible and her breasts swayed sexily with each step she took. His heart was racing and he thought he might actually explode as she was sexy as hell and he was about to have her. He smiled as he thought of how lucky he was and then he whispered into the phone, "Let me see some more of those legs of yours."

She was still 50 feet away and she reached down with her free hand and raised the front of her dress higher and then higher. Her tanned legs were immaculate and he glanced around and was happy to see no one else was around. The smile on her face was so beautiful and she tucked her phone away and he started walking towards her. They met a few parking stalls away from his car and they melted into each other's arms. The kiss was passionate and wild and his hand immediately reached down to cup her sweet ass; raising her dress quickly and sliding his fingers against her wetness.

He guided her to the corner of the garage and it was their lucky day as there was a minivan parked closely to the wall and he lifted her. She wrapped her legs around him and as he pinned her against the side of the van, she wedged her heels against the wall just before she reached between them to quickly undo his pants. Moments later, she was guiding him inside her. His cock was slightly sore from the amount of activity he'd had already, but when he felt her wetness taking him in, it was the most heavenly sensation of his life.

She bit down onto his shoulder as his cock slid into her and she gasped, "Oh baby; you feel so damn good."

One of his hands was under her ass helping to support her weight even though she was wedged almost perfectly between the wall and the van, the thought of them losing their balance and breaking his cock made him be a little careful. His other hand moved up and he mauled her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and his fingers squeezed and pulled them and she squealed in delight and he could feel her tight pussy squeezing his cock in response.

He changed his angle slightly and began thrusting. Slowly at first so he could enjoy the slippery feel of her pussy. He groaned, "Elizabeth, this is perfect; you feel perfect."

She dug her nails into his neck and bit his lower lip sexily before groaning, "Harder Jimmy! You told me you were going to fuck me hard; I want to feel you the rest of the day baby! The rest of the week! Please!"

It was like a switch flicked on inside him and he became an animal; an animal satisfying one of its basest needs. He thrust hard and deep; over and over again. Her moans spurred him on. After a flurry of thrusts, he stopped and ground his pubic bone against her clit and then pulled on her hair until her eyes flashed open in surprise. He gazed into them and nearly said, "I love you" but instead he growled, "Cum for me Elizabeth; cum now."

He shifted his hand under her ass and pressed his fingers against her rose hole; not entering her but just the idea of it along with everything else pushed her over the edge. The intensity of her orgasms thrilled him. He watched her beautiful face as it expressed everything she was feeling. He continued grinding himself against her clit and he was absolutely mesmerized as he watched her ride her waves of pleasure.

His earlier sexual activity had obviously desensitized him because even though watching this beautiful woman cum was erotic as hell, he wasn't even close to cuming. She finally started coming back to her senses and growled, "You haven't cum yet baby! I want you to cum; what can I do?"

He kissed her softly, sensuously before whispering, "Oh baby; there's nothing you need to do, but this position isn't the best for me."

She giggled slightly and he carefully let her down and as soon as her feet hit the pavement, she stumbled as her legs were still very wobbly. She fell into him and he quickly turned her and pressed her flat against the minivan and hiking her dress up again, he bent down enough and with her hand reaching back to guide him, he slid smoothly inside her. She groaned and he felt his balls tighten and then he gripped her hips with both hands and started thrusting.

He glanced down and the sight of himself slamming into her was exhilarating. The sounds of his balls slapping against her and her wetness smacking around his cock made for a wild experience. He realized that his grip on her hips was too hard and would leave marks, so he released them and with one hand moving down to rub his palm against her clit, he slid the fingers of his other hand through her wetness before raising them to push them into her mouth. The feel of her mouth sucking on them upped the ante on how sexy the moment was and he finally started to feel his balls starting to tighten; signaling the beginning of the end.

He pulled his fingers from her mouth and she gasped that she was close again and then purred, "Finger my ass, Jimmy."

He felt his cock surge to an even harder status at the thought and he leaned her over against the minivan and hoisted one of her feet up to the running board. It gave them a different angle of entry and better access for him to get at her rose hole. She squirmed and growled and then he pulled out and slid his slippery cock up and down the crack of her ass and she looked back and her eyes were electric. Once he'd spread her honey around, he jammed his cock back inside her pussy as he pushed his thumb forcefully into her ass.

She started cuming almost immediately and as her pussy clenched his cock, he groaned that he was going to cum as well. As his vision went to black, his cock spurt over and over again and it felt like he would never stop exploding. When he finally did; he fell backwards against the wall behind him and struggled to say upright as he felt faint. She turned and leaned into him and kissed him seductively and hugged him for a moment.

They finally started fixing their clothes and he smiled in satisfaction as she whispered, "Jimmy, I've never had it so good; I've never cum so hard. Promise me you'll see me again soon."

He pulled her tight and said, "Oh Elizabeth, I feel the same. I can't get enough of you; you'll have to beat me off with a stick."

She giggled and reached inside his pants and gripped him and whispered, "With a stick? Don't you want me to use my hand?"

He winced in pain as he was incredibly sore and she giggled again before adding, "Maybe we should wait a few days so you can recover though?"


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