Another Business Trip, Part 4

By: zebo85

Page 1, Sorry for the delay, but the encounter in the hotel bar becomes very steamy.

He took a deep breath that had to have been audible as he thought she smirked and inch by inch her skirt went higher.  Whether she was going slow because she wasn’t completely convinced she should be doing this or she knew the slower she went the greater the thrill he’d have, he might never know, but it was spellbinding.   Her legs were mostly closed, so when her skirt was bunched at her waist, he still couldn’t see that much.  He was too tall and it would draw too much attention for him to slide off his stool and kneel, so he did the only thing that he could think of.

He grabbed her calves as he pushed her stool back.  Since the back of the stool was only a foot away from the wall, it ended up with her hips at the perfect angle for his eyes and he’d thrown her off balance so her legs were spread and he saw the delicious sight of the sexy panties she’d previously described.  The green peeking through the black lace in front was incredible and he had a wonderful view of her panty crotch.  Even in the dim light of the bar, he could tell that it was very dark and it displayed how wet she was. 

She was biting down on her lower lip and looked incredibly sensuous.  He sat and stared; smiling the entire time.

In a voice husky with emotion, she stammered, “Is my debt paid now?”

He smiled and squeezed her thigh and pulled one leg out wider so she was even more exposed to his eyes as he replied, “Do you want to be out of my debt?”

Her silence spoke volumes and he could see her shoulders trembling and he wondered if she wanted to touch him as badly as he wanted to touch her. 

She felt compelled to speak, but all that came out was, “I don’t……I don’t……oh shit…….”

Her need to speak even when she had no idea what to say was becoming endearing and he wondered if she was going to talk throughout their most intimate moments. 

Her hands were gripping the bar stool in a death grip as she seemed worried that the chair would fall over.  He became aware of the tie still in his hand and thought of her morning thoughts while getting dressed and he sat up quickly and moved his chair inches from her as he wound the tie around her wrist so fast that she didn’t know what was happening.  Seconds later, he had the other one wrapped up and her arms were behind her back.

Not too tightly or too painful, but she was restrained unless she wanted to wriggle her way out.  Her hands behind her back caused her mostly unbuttoned blouse to open even further and he leaned in until his lips were on her ear. 

As he reached inside her blouse and cupped her breasts, he whispered, “You are more seductive and sensual than any woman I’ve ever been with; or even imagined.”  He paused and he let his thumbs caress her nipples, but the effect for both of them was muted by the bra she wore.  He wanted more so he dug his fingers into the top of the bra cups and pulled them down until her breasts spilled forth.  His fingers were now caressing her nipples through her slip and she groaned as her head rolled back in obvious pleasure. 

Her knees closed in on his leg as if it was searching for something to bring into her pussy and he marveled at how aroused this woman had him. 

His lips nipped at her ear lobe and then his tongue ran around the edge before adding, “I want to do things with you that we’ve both only dreamed about.   I want to make you scream, to cry when the pleasure is so great that you aren’t sure if you’ll catch your next breath, to have your body tremble with need and then satisfaction so intense that it will make any future sexual experience pale in comparison.”

His fingers had circled her nipples and he was now pulling on the hard skin and he felt her tilting her hips even higher.  She was searching for the contact that would give her the release that she’d been on the verge of for the last hour. 

He let his lips move down her cheekbone and across her jaw, moving up just enough to barely graze her lips and he enjoyed the minty smell of her breath and then down the opposite jaw line and then to her other ear. 

Finally, he growled, “But first things first.”

His left arm went around her lower back and pulled her hips forward until she was completely exposed to him as his right hand moved between her legs so he could cup her sex. 

She squealed at the suddenness of it, but then she made a kitten like throaty purr that was the sexiest sound he’d ever heard.  Due to the style of her panties, the gusset was fairly loose against her pussy and he used it to his advantage as he pressed two fingers against the nylon and he pressed his fingers partially up inside her pussy; her panties pressed up inside her as well.   The inadequacy of his tie bondage became evident as with very little effort, she pulled one arm free and wrapped it around his neck so she could pull him closer. 

She purred into his ear, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

He pulled his fingers out and spread them slightly and she gasped at the loss of contact, but it was only for a moment.  His fingertips moved higher and grazed the edges of her hard and sensitive clit.  His lips had moved down to her neck and he was devouring her hot skin and he could feel her pulse pounding through the artery nearby. 

As his fingers tenderly caressed her clit directly for the first time, he moved his lips up and whispered in her ear, “I think it’s time to go to my room.” 

She pulled him even closer and he could tell she was using all her strength to keep him close to her as she gasped, “Oh no you don’t; not yet, oh fuck, I’m so close.” 

He chuckled and whispered, “Your debt is growing again.”

He moved his fingers down and past the leg band of her panties and then deep inside her as he brought his thumb up and made slow, gentle circles on her clit. 

Her lips went to his ear and she groaned, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh God, don’t fucking move your hand.” 

She moved her hips and humped her pussy against his hand until her body was wracked with convulsions.  She bit down so hard on her lower lip to keep from squealing that her teeth broke skin and a small trickle of blood flowed from the gash.  He kissed her lips gently and held her until her orgasms subsided. 

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