Another Business Trip, part 3

By: zebo85

Page 1, More seduction in the hotel bar

He feasted on the view of her exposed thighs and the stocking tops that beautifully framed them.  He could now see the silver clasps of the garter strap and the green ribbon she’d described and the effect on him was measurable.  He finally looked up and she had a bemused look on her face, but then it turned serious. 

She looked him in the eye and simply asked, “Why?”

He instinctively knew this was trouble and he thought about pushing on with the seduction to get her mind off of it, but instead he sat back and said, “Why what?”

She seemed almost as shocked by his reply as he was.  She quickly blurted out, “Why me, why did you pick me?”

He smiled and resisted the temptation to stroke her leg to distract her and quietly replied, “I didn’t pick you; you picked me remember?”

She looked confused and he added, “Remember, that man was hitting on you and you looked around the bar looking for someone or something to rescue you.  Our eyes met and I read your thoughts and here we are.”

He was hoping she was going to let it go, but she apparently couldn’t.  “Yes, I appreciate that, but that didn’t mean I wanted you to seduce me, so why me?”

He gazed at her again and she really was an incredible sight.  Blouse unbuttoned halfway, skirt barely covering her upper thighs, lips still shining from the lipstick he’d asked her to apply.  He couldn’t understand why she couldn’t accept that she was incredibly desirable. 

He leaned in, but purposefully didn’t touch her.  If an inquisition like this had occurred on past trips, he likely would have steered the conversation somewhere else while trying to push more of her erotic buttons to avoid any meaningful discussion, but for some reason he wanted her to give herself willingly to him instead of being manipulated until her body overrode her brain and she gave into her desires.  This was strange ground for him, so he thought for a moment before replying.

“The sound of your heels as you walked in started my familiar longings, but to be honest, I wasn’t going to give into temptations tonight.  But, when I looked up and saw you, I couldn’t stop myself.  I don’t know if it was your eyes or your lips; thighs or hips, but I wanted you.  When your eyes pleaded with me to rescue you and I got close enough to touch you, I wanted more.  I still want more.  I want every part of you.  I want you to give yourself to me for tonight; only for tonight and I promise you that it will be memorable.” 

She looked breathless and he probably could have escorted her out of the room right then and there, but he waited.  He wanted her to think it through and accept his ‘challenge’ of giving herself completely to him.  She shook her head as if to clear it and looked away.  She finally looked back and he saw the mixture of longing and acceptance in her eyes.  She brushed a stray hair away from her eyes and looked away again.

When she looked back, she softly said, “I don’t think, er, I mean……. I’m not sure what I want…..but I don’t feel like I’ve completely repaid my debt to you yet.”

He smiled and felt his cock lurch in his slacks.  She seemed to be saying that she wasn’t quite ready to adjourn to someplace more private, but she was enjoying the very erotic flirtation they had going before, so she wanted some more of that.  Before he could say something, her phone rang.  She looked at it quickly and held up a hand to signal she had to take it.  From the moment she answered, he knew it was her husband.  She started to get up to walk away and he quickly tapped her on the arm and pointed to her skirt and she smiled when she realized she couldn’t go walking around the bar with her skirt undone. 

He got up to leave, but she touched his arm and signaled him to stay.  He took out his phone and tried to ignore her conversation.  She didn’t make it easy as she pressed her leg against his and smiled coyly at him as she listened to her husband.  He checked his email and smiled when he saw his sales call from earlier today resulted in a big order.  In the past that would have compelled him to find the absolute hottest woman in the place and try and seduce her, but he wasn’t leaving this one.  Not many people, if any, would agree that she was the hottest in the hotel bar, but she was to him.  He then saw a text from his wife and when he opened it, he felt like someone had hit him in the gut.  It was a photo of his baby daughter being bathed and it was such a beautiful image that he felt an incredible rush of guilt.   He glanced over at the woman sitting next to him and he was struck with indecision.  He quickly texted back that she was an angel and thanks for the picture and waited for the woman to hang up the phone. 

She finally did so and she seemed a bit indecisive as well.  He was at a loss for words and so he finally said, “You know, I don’t even know your name.”

She smiled and said, “Angel.” 

The feeling in his gut intensified and he took her hand and said, “Well, it is a pleasure, Angel, I’m Louis, Louis Cyphre; most people call me Lou for short.” 

She broke out laughing as she caught the reference to the movie Angel Heart, where a character was the devil and his name when pronounced was Lucifer. 

He smiled and said, “I hope you will save my soul, Angel.” 

She smiled the most seductive smile he’d ever seen and he completely forgot the text.

He glanced down at her skirt and noticed that almost two inches of her garter straps were now visible and he knew her panties were nearly in view.

He glanced up into her twinkling eyes and softly said, “You do owe me; the man that was hitting on you was really repulsive, so describe your panties to me.”

Her eyes displayed her lust and she said without the hint of quiver in her voice now, “Why don’t I just show you?”

He smiled, but his tone was steel when he quickly answered, “Because I didn’t tell you to show me; I told you to describe them.”

Her resulting expression was as if he’d slapped her across the face and he immediately regretted his tone. 

He quickly added, “I so thoroughly enjoyed your description of your garter belt and how your stockings made you feel special, so I would really like to hear you describe your panties also…….don’t worry, I plan on seeing them soon.”

Her tongue darted out and licked her lips again and his words seem to soothe her.  

Her eyes were playful as she said, “Plans don’t always work out you know.” 

He let her comment go by without responding and she took a deep breath and started, “They are green, like my bra, and they are part of a set with the garter belt, so the green matches perfectly.”

She paused and looked at him for approval and he nodded so she continued, “They are the silkiest nylon I’ve ever felt and they are vintage styled, so they are high waisted and have black lace that covers part of the front.”

She seemed worried about his reaction, but he nodded and said, “Good, I don’t care much for thongs; I bet you look exquisite in them.  If you don’t mind, earlier you mentioned how you enjoyed the feel of your stockings, anything in particular about your panties and how they make you feel?”

She giggled and seemed to enjoy his desire to know what role her lingerie played in her life. 

Her eyelids seemed to close a little and he wondered if her pussy was throbbing as much as his cock was and then she finally answered, “Well, this particular lingerie set is my favorite.  As I said, the panties are incredibly soft and silky and without fail when I’ve selected this set to wear, I get aroused.  However, this morning was especially powerful.  I woke early, hot and sweaty from being in the middle of an erotic dream.  The sensations stayed with me as I showered and then did my makeup.  I resisted the overwhelming temptation to pleasure myself as I was enjoying the edgy feeling I had.  When I get dressed, I have an unusual habit of putting my slip on first and then the rest of my lingerie.  It makes dressing an ‘adventure’ and I think I look kind of sexy getting dressed that way as I watch myself in the mirror.”

He was absolutely mesmerized by her and imagined her doing just that this morning while in her hotel room. 

“So anyway, like I was saying, I was still pretty aroused as I stood there in my slip.  I rolled my stockings up my legs and I could feel my slip moving over my curves and it felt so good.  Holding my slip at my waist after I had attached the stockings to the garter belt, I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror….” she paused and then added, “Why am I telling you all this?”

He leaned even closer and let his hand move up to her thighs, “Please don’t stop!  I am absolutely riveted by this and I bet you looked sexy as hell.  You really must continue.”

He kept stroking her thighs and her eyes watched his hands for a moment before continuing.

“Okay, as I looked in the mirror, I imagined a man behind me pressing me into a wall.  He pushed my hands up and held them above my head with one hand, while his other hand moved over my body.  The feeling of being controlled was wonderful and I thought I might cum just imagining him.” 

She exhaled before she continued.  “So, anyway, my body is buzzing from the image as I slide the panties up my legs.  As they slid over my stockings, I could feel the fabrics rubbing against one another and it felt like little electric shocks traveling up my legs and deep into my pussy.  I pulled the panties higher and spread my knees to get them up my thighs and I could feel my wet pussy lips spreading apart; just waiting for someone or something to slide up inside me.”

She paused and his heart was pounding.  He had stopped counting how many times he’d had meaningless sex with women and although he always enjoyed it, this woman, this night, was just completely different.  He honestly thought he might cum just listening to her talk about how aroused she was this morning when she got dressed.  Of course, the sight of her skirt nearly in her lap and her blouse half undone made for an incredible visual as well.  This woman was a one in a million and he felt hypnotized by her.  As she started to talk again, he slowly loosened his tie and undid his collar. 

She smiled as if to say that she enjoyed the idea of him getting hot.

She finally continued, “So, when the silky nylon gusset slid into place against my pussy, I thought I was going to cum right then and there.  If I’d just rubbed myself just a little bit, it would have pushed me over the edge.  However, I put my bra on and then finished with the skirt and blouse and out the door I went.” 

He sat there in silence; simply in awe of her.  He could feel the smile that was plastered to his face, but he couldn’t stop it; what she had just shared painted one of the most erotic images in his lifetime.  He slowly pulled his tie out of his collar and let it fall in his lap.

He finally spoke and his voice was riddled with lust, “Now, I’d like to see them.”

Here eyelids flickered and she slouched down on her chair as she slowly pulled her skirt higher……

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