An Interesting Morning

By: zebo85

Page 1, Tina\'s morning of research takes an unexpected turn.

Tina was looking to spice up her sex life and so was intent on doing some research on bondage and had planned the morning very carefully. She ensured that there would be no distractions and then she had to decide what to wear. It was a drizzly spring day and so a trench coat would be in order and that's when a tingle ran the length of her spine. It settled into the small of her back and then coursed through the middle of her body before it turned red hot and settled into her pussy. She shook her head at herself for even considering it, but then she leaned against the vanity and took a deep breath as her legs trembled and a wave of pleasure traveled through her. She giggled as that couldn't have been an orgasm just from a thought, but whatever it was it was intense and wonderful.

She walked over to her closet and pulled out the lingerie set she’d recently purchased. The full slip, garter belt and panties were a mauvey purple color and they seemed to be calling out to her. She heard a voice saying why not, why not over and over again and she felt a little hypnotized as she attached the garter belt, rolled on the stockings and attached them to the six straps. Just sliding the panties up her legs felt seductive and then she shivered again as she pulled the slip over her shoulders and down. The material was buttery soft and hugged her every curve. Before she could change her mind, she stepped into some black heels and headed downstairs to grab her trench coat.

Just the drive out of town was distracting as hell. She'd never gone out of the house dressed in just her lingerie under a coat and she felt more than a bit naughty; a little trashy really and she thought it was a wickedly good feeling. Pulling into the parking lot, she was happy to see that there was only one other car and she assumed that was the worker or owner. She took a deep breath and quickly left the car before she chickened out. When she opened the door she was a bit surprised as it was cleaner and nicer looking than she'd thought. She smiled at her first venture into a 'porn store'. She noticed it was a woman working and she found that comforting. She asked her where she might find dvds on bondage and the woman smiled and pointed to a corner.

Tina was amazed at the variety and extent of the selections and she got lost in reading descriptions of the movies and she could feel the warm glow she'd gotten earlier at the idea of leaving the house dressed as she was intensify. She wasn't even aware that someone else was in the store until a man's voice came from next to her. He had stopped several feet from her and she appreciated that he hadn't invaded her private space, but it was still startling as heck. She looked up and couldn't help but smile as he was attractive in his black slacks and collared sweater.

He was holding out a dvd and said, "I would highly recommend this dvd if you are looking for something that involves bondage and is incredibly erotic, but not overly violent."

She took the video and noticed his eyes move over her body and she was surprised as she was enjoying his gaze. He stepped a bit closer and whispered, "Your slip is showing."

She looked down and not only was the hem showing slightly below the bottom of the trench coat, the way she was standing was allowing the trench coat to open up so it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a dress; or at least a skirt.

His eyes were twinkling as he added, "But I guess that's the point of not wearing a dress, right?"

Her heart was racing and her pussy was throbbing and he seemed to understand that she was possibly on the edge of running out of the shop. He smiled warmly as he said, "It's truly lovely; not quite as lovely as you, but close. You really should take a preview of that movie; I think you'll like it."

To her surprise, he then walked off. She stood there for what felt like forever as she tried to process her situation. Charming, sexy man clearly interested in her; knows she's come to a dirty movie store in nothing but her lingerie under her trench coat like you see in the movies and he's giving her some space to consider her options. Her mouth was dry and she felt like just the slightest touch would give her an orgasm of epic proportions and so she glanced down at the movie case and read the back. It certainly did sound exactly what she was looking for and the pictures on the back were sexy as hell with various scenes of women bound with ropes, but not nude; in their lingerie. It was more appealing that it didn't seem to be so starkly sexual that way. Her mind replayed their brief conversation and kept coming back to when he said that she should preview it.

She took several deep breaths and then froze. She had intended to walk over to ask him about his preview comment, but something else entirely was running through her mind. She turned away from him and then undid a button at the top and bottom of her trench coat before walking over.  She tapped him on the arm and he smiled broadly when he saw her. His eyes quickly took note of the change in her trench coat and he gladly explained how they had viewing rooms in back to preview a movie. It cost $5 bucks per every ten minutes you watched and you just had to ask the woman over there. Tina looked up and then looked at him again.

He smiled and asked, "Would you like me to set it up and show you how it works?"

Tina smiled and said, "Yes, please."

He turned to walk away and then stopped and said, "How long?"

Tina's hand was shaking as she handed him a $20. He smiled and walked over to the counter to make the arrangements. The thought of spending 40 minutes in the room with this stranger was making her weak in the knees; it felt so good; really really good.

A moment later, he motioned for her and she followed him down the hallway. Entering the room, there was a nice looking love seat and a large screen TV only a few feet from it. He turned on the TV and soon the opening credits were rolling.

He dimmed the lights and then as she sat down, he asked, "Did you want me to stay?"

She tried to be indifferent and hoarsely said, "If you like......I don't care."

He chuckled lightly and was next to her before she knew it. She crossed her legs and let the trench coat fall open. The front slit of the slip exposed her stocking tops and they looked sexy as hell in the flickering light of the TV screen. She knew his eyes were on her and it thrilled her. Apparently, there was little story to the movie as the opening scene started with a boss saying something about the secretary needing to be punished and then they were in his office and she was undressing for him. The actors were both attractive and the woman looked incredible in her white lingerie against the black leather couch.

As the boss started tying her up, the man leaned over to Tina and said, "I bet your creamy white skin turns a lovely red from the rope burns."

Mental images bombarded her and the scene on the movie switched to a dream sequence where the secretary was tying up her boss. She was all decked out in dominatrix style clothes; black leather, but Tina could only focus on the male actor's large bulge in his silk boxers.

It took her a second to register in her brain, but the man's lips were on her ear as he whispered, "Take off your coat, Tina."

She felt her hands untying the belt and then undoing the buttons and he helped her take it off her shoulders and down a moment later. Her brain couldn't comprehend how he'd used her name, but maybe she imagined that. She certainly didn't imagine his hot lips on her shoulder and then on her neck. Her eyes stayed on the movie as there was a new scene where it must have been at a sex club as people were watching a bondage demonstration where a woman was blindfolded and was tied up in her slip as various men would run up and touch her or kiss her. The woman was completely turned on and disoriented all at the same time.

The man took her hand and brought it to his crotch and she squeezed his shaft and shivered. She knew he was undoing his slacks, but she kept looking at the screen. When her hand was on his bare skin, she gasped and he was quickly pulling her into his lap.

He whispered, "Don't worry, no penetration" and then he was guiding his cock up between her legs so that it was up against the front of the full cut silky panties.

His hands were everywhere; seemingly at once. As his lips nuzzled her neck from behind, his hands would cup her breasts and with no bra in the way his touch was exhilarating. Then his hands would move down and trace along the inside of her thighs, tracing along the garter straps; then to her hips and pushing her forward over his legs, he played with her ass cheeks a little bit.

By the time his hands returned to her breasts, his touch on her nipples was fantastic and she reached down and pressed his cock more firmly against her. She sensed what he wanted and she kept the slip between her hand and his cock, so his cock was surrounded by the silky material of the slip and her panties. She rose up on her knees and guided his cock up and down her pussy lips. She could feel them spreading and she felt him tremble from the fantastic feelings he was experiencing. He moved one hand to trace along the crack of her ass and as she moved his cock against her clit, she came. She could feel her honey flowing like lava and the wet panty crotch was soon like a second skin and didn't seem like there was any barrier between them.

She pushed and felt his crown separate her lips and slide just barely in. He groaned and said remember the rule. His hand guided his cock head higher until it was at her clit again. His hands were knowingly pulling her nipples as she continued to watch a new scene unfolding on the screen. Her body was still at a fever pitch and she found the right spot as she rubbed his cock against her clit and a stronger wave of orgasms began deep within her body. She felt him tense and as he groaned that he was going to cum and she moved with a suddenness that surprised her and soon she was kneeling next to him as her lips took him into her mouth.

Her tongue took one swirl around his head before he erupted. Over and over again his cock bucked and she swallowed rapidly to keep pace. His hand had moved to her panties and his thumb had kept the pressure on her clit, so her orgasms continued unabated until she finally fell back against the arm of the love seat. As she brought the back of her hand across her lips to catch the little bit of his spend that she hadn't swallowed she giggled.

He laughed as well and she finally was able to talk as she said, "Honey, I never thought you would do something like this." Her husband simply smiled in return............

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