A Wedding to Remember

By: zebo85

Page 1, An accidental wedding guest gets a wonderful surprise

She was on vacation and had been struggling with her emotions; well, emotions wasn't quite accurate, it was her arousal that she was struggling with. It was her third day in Florida and maybe it was the hot and muggy weather, but she'd nearly approached half a dozen different men and offered herself to them. She imagined everyone of them bending her over something and taking her swiftly from behind. Their combined sweat rolling down the back of her thighs as the rhytmic slapping of their thrusting into her was keeping her up at night. She'd seen a church nearby and so she went in that Saturday afternoon to clear her mind.
It just so happened that there was a wedding going on and before she could stop it, she'd been ushered into a row. Thankfully, she'd worn a nice silk wrap dress and heels. Due to the heat, she hadn't worn stockings, but she did miss them as she didn't feel fully dressed. To compensate, she'd worn both a full slip and a half slip and she rubbed the two sumptious layers of nylon together as she tried to clear her mind. Suddenly, there was a man sliding into the pew next to her and at first glance, she was in lust. Dressed in a sport coat and tie, he was tall and decent looking. His cologne was understated, but intoxicating.
He reached out his hand and introduced himself and she said her name was Bobbi; not sure why, but she thought it was a safe name. She explained that she wasn't supposed to be there and he laughed and squeezed her leg and said he was glad she was there. His touch had thrilled her and she must have sent some signal as his hand never moved; at least not away. As she looked down in astonishment, his hand was first content to rub the silk dress against the slips, but his hand cheekily, opened the wrap dress and then caressed the slips against her legs with more and more intensity.
She finally looked up at him and he smiled, turned in the pew towards her and took her hand and pulled it to his very hard cock. She was in pure heaven as she'd been fantasizing about being with a man for three straight days and now it was happening. His cock felt perfect in her hand and she squeezed it as his hand spread her legs apart and started moving up towards her pussy. She couldn't believe she was allowing this; hell, she was participating in it and she felt her breaths coming fast and ragged.
Just then, the wedding march started and they had to stand, but he moved in close so he could press his cock against her ass as his hand rubbed her hip. As soon as the bride finished walking down the aisle and the ceremony began, he took her hand and led her out a side exit and into an orchard. He wasted no time and soon had her pressed against a tree as his hand went inside her dress and cupped her sex. It felt so good and she gasped as much. She had his cock out and between her legs as she leaned over a low hanging branch. He pulled her panties to the side and they both groaned as he entered her. The rough branch was a contrast to how smooth his cock felt and then he was pummeling her with his thrusts.
He kept one hand on her hip to hold her as he punished her pussy with wonderfully powerful thrusts and his other hand went up and inside her dress and pulled on her hard nipples through the nylon satin of the slip bodice. It drove her wild and she began pushing back with the same ferocity as he was thrusting. She half expected the guests of the wedding to come to the windows and see what the noise was, but she didn't care. All she wanted was her orgasm and she reached down and rubbed the twin layers of nylon against her clit. The feel of her caresses through the front of her panties was just the right amount of subtlety to his animalistic thrusts.
She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard her encouraging him to 'fuck her harder' and 'deeper, oh fuck yes, deeper'. It was as shocking as it was pleasurable. She started moaning that she was going to cum and he stood her upright so he could slide his tongue in her mouth as he stayed buried deep inside her. As their tongues danced, one of his hands kept pulling her nipples while the other one dipped lower and squeezed her clit just right. The resulting chorus of orgasms was mind blowing and when she felt him cum a few moments later, it only intensified her own pleasure.
She finally fell to her knees shaking from the raw physicalness of it all. She wasn't even aware of whether he was even there any more, until she felt his tongue slowly licking her through the back of her panties. When he grazed her anus, she knew he wasn't done with her and she propped herself higher to give him more access...............

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