A Wedding to Remember, Part 2

By: zebo85

Page 1, More fun as an uninvited guest to a wedding

As his tongue worked slowly around her rose hole through her panties, her thoughts turned to how entirely surreal this was.  She’d come into a church for a few moments of peace and quiet to try and come to grips with how horny and out of control she’d felt the last few days and within 30 minutes of being there, she had ended up being bent over a tree limb getting the fuck of a life time; from a complete stranger no less.  As his tongue worked its magic on her, she stopped thinking and let her body simply react.  The touch of his tongue through the back of her panties was delightfully teasing, but yet she wanted more. 

She reached back and tugged down on her panties in order to remove the silky barrier between them and she heard him chuckle at her eagerness.  He tugged down at the same time and her panties slid down to her thighs, and she gasped as his hand slapped down hard on her exposed cheek.  As her brain tried to deal with the pain of his spank, he squeezed that cheek and she pitched forward from the intensity of it all  and it sent her face pressing down into the velvety soft grass. 

After a torrent of spanks came down on both her cheeks by both his hands, her pussy was literally drizzling her honey down the inside of her thighs.  This man seemed to instinctively know all the buttons to push as she hadn’t had a good spanking in a long time.  She was barely coherent from embracing the pain of his spanks, when she realized he’d moved so he was on his back and his tongue was probing her wet slit.  His hands gripped her sore cheeks and in her need to escape from his grip, she pushed her pussy down onto his waiting mouth and tongue.

His first few caresses with his tongue and lips felt like sandpaper across her still sore pussy lips, but then the pain receded and she felt nothing but pleasure.  As the pleasure intensified, she moved herself on his face; guiding him to every one of her favorite spots, however, every time she tried to maneuver her clit onto his mouth, he denied her that pleasure.  It made her nearly insane with need and she reckoned that was exactly what he wanted.  She felt her orgasm growing in intensity within her and she had a mental image of something akin to a weather channel team reporting on a tropical storm building into a hurricane except they were reporting on the growing intensity of her orgasm.  It was such an odd mental image and yet it seemed to make her pussy throb even more. 

She realized her panties were still trapped at mid-thigh and were stopping her from really opening herself up to him and so she reached down to pull them down farther.  However, one of his hands moved down lightning fast and batted her hand away.  She immediately understood his fetish so the next time she rubbed her pussy across his face, she moved even higher and caressed her panties across his chin and mouth.  She could feel him tongue her panties and his fetish became hers as she indulged him by continuing this for the next few passes.  She realized that he was so distracted by her panties that it left her an opportunity, so the next time she quickly guided her engorged clit into his mouth.

His lips vibrated around her clit and it took her a moment, but she realized that he was laughing at how he had been ‘bested’ by her.  She was smiling, but for an entirely different reason.  His vibrating lips were the tonic to her ills and she felt the beast of an orgasm starting to rear its wonderful head.  Her vision became blurry and felt on the verge of her cum when suddenly, he was pushing her pussy off of his face and she lost her balance and fell forward.  The loss of his touch left a frightening void, but in a flash he was hiking her panties back up over her hips and pulling her back down onto his face.  His wonderful lips found her clit again and now his sucking and vibrating lips took on a definitely more lustful feel through the silky nylon. 

She pressed herself down onto his mouth with all of her weight as she felt her vision going dark.  Her monster orgasm was right there, but still out of reach.  She needed something more, but she didn’t know what, however he did.  As she rode his face, she felt his thumb press between her sore ass cheeks with such intensity that it pushed inside her rose hole all the way to the hilt.  She heard herself laughing with pure joy as it set off a chain reaction inside her that started with her body trembling from head to toes.  She moved her weight off his face as she pushed against his thumb as she felt the first blast of her orgasm. She hadn’t had one like this for years, but she knew what was coming next and so she looked down and watched in awe as her ejaculation pushed through the front of her panties and sprayed all over his face.  The sight of it was so incredibly erotic and her next series of orgasms left her weeping with joy.   When she finally regained the ability to move, she realized she had fallen back over his lower body and his hard cock was against her cheek……..

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