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The Princess and her Naughty Encounter:Part 2

Short story By: Zahraaaaa

A continuation of the story between Linda and Jack.

Submitted:Apr 11, 2013    Reads: 3,050    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Part 2:

Linda slept with thoughts of Jack and his feral green eyes. After thier little tryst in the meadow, she couldn't even concentrate on dancing. He insisted on dancing with her more times than she could count, his body constantly pressed against hers and his hand flush against her bare back. He had said his goodbyes to her after the ball ended, and dissapeared into the night.

She woke up in the middle of the night with tears in her eyes. She rubbed the wet moisture from her cheeks with the back of her hand. Breathing hard, she tried to calm down. Just a bad dream, she thought. In the dream her father, the king Edward II, found out about her and Jack and wanted Jack killed. She tried to save Jack and it ended up with him telling her that he no longer loved her. Crazy dream, maybe she was overreacting and nothing to worry about. She thought instead of his green intense-looking eyes and his giant muscly body. Her fast hard breathing into lust now instead of fear. She remembered how he touched her. Every inch of her. The pleasure he brought. She made sure her room door was closed and hurriedly pulled down her panties. She spread her legs a little on the bed and experimentally touched her vagina with her hand. It was wet. She rubbed lightly in a circular motion and sighed with pleasure, imagining it was Jack. Linda stuck one finger in her pussy and gasped, her eyelashes fluttering. It felt so good.

"Having fun are we?" said an amused male voice.

Linda hurriedly closed her legs and covered herself with the blanket with her other hand. Jack was sitting in her cozy purple chair and looked out of place in her very feminine room.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in here?" Linda asked vehemently.

"I couldn't sleep myself," said Jack. "I just sneaked in through the window while you were busy." He winked with a wide grin on his face. It probably felt good he caught the always perfect girl in an embarassing situation thought Linda angrily. She tried to stay mad at him, but it was impossible. "Carry on, don't let my presence stop you."

"No," said Linda.

"Then I'll be louder and wake your family up. You know you don't want that. Spread those legs now sweety," said Jack gruffly.

Oh god, when he said it like that, it made her even more turned on. She decided to turn the tables on him and tease him until he couldn't take it anymore. She pulled the blanket off slowly, revealing creamy breasts and firm thighs. She stretched forward, making her breasts jut out as a result.

"Oh damn," muttered Jack, guessing what she was doing.

She licked her finger and Jack let out a sharp intake of breath. His pants were already bulging, she saw with satisfaction. She touched her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Linda was getting more aroused by the second, even more so with Jack watching her every move. She spread her legs slowly, and she saw his eyes zero in on her pussy. She rubbed herself, and moaned.

"Fuck, let me have you," said Jack. Linda opened her eyes to see Jack stripping, his bare chest in her vision. He unzipped his jeans and his erection sprang free. It was enormous. Linda closed her legs again, in order to increase his torture.

"Oh hell no babe," he growled and pounced on the bed.

Linda squealed as he brought his face to hers and kissed her hard, and with his knee forcibly separating her thighs. Linda kissed him back, shocked at how much intensity he had into the kiss, as if she was water and he dying of thirst. She had her hands around his neck and her fingers ran through his hair. Jack grinded his body on over hers sensually. Linda couldn't stand it, and arched her body up towards him.

"Not so fast little lady," whispered Jack, breaking the wild kiss. "I want to explore you."

Linda's long curly hair fanned out all over the pillow and he ran his fingers through her luscious curls. From the first moment he'd seen her, he was captivated by her beauty. He brought his face down to her neck and bit her lightly.

"Jack," Linda sighed. Her body was aching for more, and that fueled her desire. Jack kissed her neck and went downwards. He trailed kisses down her stomach, both his hands caressing her thighs, gradually spreading them wider.

"Ah just how I want you to be," he said with satisfaction. He was dying to fuck her now and get this torture over with, but he didn't want to hurry things along. His mouth moved lower until he had her pussy under his tongue. He licked her clit, and her juices. He lightly bit on her vagina and used one finger to go in and out of her pussy. Linda moaned with pleasure. The feeling overwhelming.

"Oh god Jack," she said. "Please."

He stuck two fingers inside her now, his fingers felt so big inside her. Her pussy was soaking now, and he licked more of her juices with pleasure. His tongue felt rough against her clit and she felt herself about to explode. Jack kissed her right there on her pussy, and when she felt like she was going to orgasm, he got on top and thrusted inside her. Jack was breathing heavily and Linda tried to keep her screams silent. He slowly moved deeper inside, liking the feel of her tight pussy hugging his cock.

"Baby, I like this," said Jack.

"Come on Jack, faster," said Linda burning with impatience and her body straining for release.

"Tell me you want me then. Tell me to fuck you."

Linda hesitated, then seeing no other option said, "fuck me Jack. Please end this." While she actually never wanted this exquisite feeling of him inside her to end.

"Well you got it Lindy," he said and thrusted in and out of her faster with his enormous hard dick. He wanted her to come at the same time. He was almost there. He humped her harder and she moaned his name. He rubbed against her clit and she exploded, shaking everywhere. He came too, and then held her tight afterwards.

"Hun, come away with me and away from this kingdom," said Jack, as they cuddled. She pressed her nose against his chest and smiled.

"One day Jack. I want to be with you too," she said.

*Author's note: Comment and do tell me what you think dearies. Thanks for reading! ;)


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