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Kidnapped and Ravished

Short story By: Zahraaaaa

He holds the girl prison in his home for years, acting out his depraved fantasies on her.
*adults only

Submitted:Apr 24, 2013    Reads: 4,967    Comments: 2    Likes: 6   


She was scared of Brad. Ever since she was seventeen, all she knew was that he had kidnapped her since that camping trip in high school. She was twenty now, and longed to escape from this hellhole and his touch.

"Juliee," Brad called from the living room couch. "Come here sweet thang."

Julia reluctantly walked over to him from the kitchen. She gritted her teeth, but bit back her tongue from saying something that would get her spanked. When he spanked, he spanked hard and liked her naked while that happened. She saw the top if his head from the couch, his long lean muscly body relaxed along the cushions. She slowly walked around the big cream colored couch and faced him. His wavy light brown hair framed his handsome features. He might look hot, but a very evil man, thought Julia. She looked away from his scorching gaze.

"I've been thinking about you. You have been good," he said, and rubbed his chin. Julia stood there with bated breath, hoping he'd say she would be free. "And I think you deserve some pleasure."

Her face fell, but her breath quickened sharply. No! She didn't want to feel like this, she needed to be tough against his seduction.

"You don't look very happy at the prospect, but I can see your nipples poking through that tight shirt," he said, with a grim smile.

Damn why had her body betrayed her?!

"Brad, when are you ever going to let me free?" she asked quietly, her voice a little breathless at the way he was looking at her.

"Free?" asked Brad as if he had never heard that word before. "Take off your clothes for me sugar."

"Please Brad, I just want to be free. I swear I won't tell anyone about you," Julia pleaded.

"Take off the damn clothes," said Brad in a sterner voice.

Julia sighed and peeled the red shirt she was wearing up over her head, her hair scrunchie falling out in the process. Her long curly black hair fell down her slim shoulders. She unsnapped her bra, letting her full breasts free. She looked at Brad and saw that he had sat up straighter on the couch, his eyes filled with desire.

"Don't stop now," he said, with a warning tone to his voice.

Julia tried not to think and tried not to be aroused by this, but in vain. She still felt shy stripping for him, even though she had to do it before. He loved to stare at her body first, always. She stepped out of her jeans slowly to increase the tension, the way he liked it. Her light blue panties went down next, revealing a shaven pussy. She closed her thighs tight, shy and couldn't help but breathing even faster. Brad's sharp intake of breath, made her look up. She saw now that he was fully aroused and in a mood for one of his games. Brad unzipped his light blue jeans and rubbed his growing dick through his boxers.

"On your knees, and your elbows touching the ground," he ordered.

Julia turned around and kneeled down. She complied quietly. Her long pale legs were dewy from the heat in the kitchen and her buttocks were tight and firm. Brad stopped rubbing himself and stood over Julia, he smelled of cologne. Julia couldn't help but inhale. He brought his hand down and smacked her hard, right in the middle. She felt the sting and flinched. She was expecting this. Well sort of. He smacked her harder between her ass cheeks, his fingers glancing off her pussy. He hit her again, this time directly on her pussy, her clit growing in response.

"Dirty lil girl. Already soaking for me?"

He outlined her vagina lips with the cover of a ball point pen he produced out of nowhere. Julia felt the smooth cold feel of it going around and around. Her breathing was harsh now, and when he immediately stuck two fingers in her pussy she gasped. The feeling was exquisite.

He grabbed her left thigh with his other hand and pulled her legs wider apart. Her pussy at his total control. He brought his face near her pussy and licked. She smelled a little of sweat and bodywash. He inhaled deeper and thrusted his fingers in and out. He stretched her a little wider and stuck in a third finger. Brad smacked her ass hard while his fingers were working inside her. At that impact Julia convulsed around his fingers and felt orgasn after orgasm run through her. Breathing hard she turned her face towards him and saw that he was pulling down his pants all the way. He had removed his fingers from her after the orgasm. He sat on the couch and his dick was fully erect. Julia knew what he wanted.

She slowly rubbed his dick with her hand from the top and lingering on the end of the shaft. She squeezed it and Brad let out a groan. Encouraged by this she brought her mouth down and trapped his dick between her lips. She sucked hard, going up and down, while he felt the edges of her teeth against his dick. She rubbed his balls while doing that and slid a finger in his buttucks.

"Oh fuck," he exclaimed.

His hips rose off the couch and thrusted in her mouth. He pulled his dick from her hungry mouth, and pushed Julia on the ground forcing her on her back. Julia was aroused once again and let him spread her legs for him. He wildly thrusted in her soaking slit. In and out. Julia gasping. Brad breathing harshly. He pushed all the way in her. Julia screamed and Brad rubbed her clit with a finger. She came and he exploded right after. He rolled off of her and looked at her evilly.

"We're going to play with lots of toys tomorrow sweetie. It will be my birthday and we will have fun," he declared, his hair over one eye, clinging to beads of perspiration on his forehead..

Julia didn't show her despair, but didn't give up in the hope that she would be free one day from this mind-controlling, crazy but hot monster.


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